Life Update

So, if you’ve been paying attention to the feed here on my blog, you’ll no doubt notice I was on a pretty steep downward trend there for a while. Weeeeell… I ended up hitting rock bottom. I had me a full blown breakdown panic attack at work–there in the office–and handed in my notice.

That was more than a month ago. I’ve been unemployed for about a month. I’m looking for a job currently and I’ve got a bit of savings to live off of for a bit… but I’d like to get employed again pretty soon. But being away from that super stressful environment has been good.  ...

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I was right to be skeptical. Yesterday I struggled to find enough work to stay busy and just tried to run out the clock to leave at 5pm. Today… didn’t get out until 7pm, because the guy that does my previous job got completely hosed. I’m still doing my previous job, just… not until I’m done doing my new job. Lovely.  ...

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Thoughts on dunking

Assholes are like opinions. Everyone’s got one and it lets others know your full of shit…


Okay so that was funnier in my head but whatever, it’s my blog, you can close the window if you don’t like my dumb humor.

I was perusing twitter recently (in before someone says ‘well there’s your problem’) and I saw someone talking about the Orville and how it’s so much better than any actual Star Trek in the last 20 years. It reminded me that they–and several others I encounter online–have some pretty strong opinions of things like New Star Trek (Disco, Picard, etc).  ...

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General rambly update

It’s been quite a while since my last post, I should post more frequently so people who visit here know that I’m still alive.

I’m just kidding! No one checks here to see if I’m alive!

Anyway, wanna know what’s been going on with me? Well feel free to read on, just be aware it’s very ranty and very venty and work-stuff and I will not be charitable. I recognize plenty of people have it way worse than me, and I don’t want to minimize or trivialize what they’re going through, but this is my experience and I have GOT to get it out, otherwise I will just fucking explode.  ...

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Long Haul Carriage

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18+ years old only please!

Daisy was a trucker, trying to make a living hauling cargo from one city to another. Times being what they were, a side hustle was always helpful, and she found one with quite a lot of potential for serious monitary gains. The app HtchHkr had spread pretty widely among others in her profession and she could see why. After all, when as large as the big cow lady, why not rent out your body as a boutique long-distance taxi service?  ...

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Party Wipe – patreon story idea

===Straight copy/paste from the Patreon post==

Recently, I asked some folks–just because I was curious–what D&D class they thought I’d be if I were defined as such. A few different folks threw out bard or cleric, but most decided that–‘without a doubt’ they said–I would be a wizard. Personally, I find the concept a bit too grand for someone as minor a player in his own life as me… but I don’t really have much control over how people perceive me. People seem to think I’m pretty scholarly (which I’m most definitely not, I was a rather poor student, but I’m real good at parroting back things I hear if I like it) and that being one who crafts things with words is very wizard-like.  ...

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Realizations sometimes really suck

Do you ever have one of those moments that’s just like being struck by lightning, or you’ve been in a dark cave for ages and you finally found your way to the surface and that strong beam of light is blinding you with the clarity of direction?

Yeah, had me one of those.

See, I got me a lotta issues (which I’m sure you might be able to determine for yourself if you’ve read anything of this blog for any length of time) and working through them is hard. Doubly so when you know you need a therapist, but they cost an arm and a leg, and you’re already down a limb and a half covering your regular expenses.  ...

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And So the World Ended – short story

And so the world ended.

None who live today recall how it happened, or even that it happened. Therein lies the curious notion of ‘the end of the world’. How arrogant to assume the world ends when it is merely a world that ends. Another grows to replace it. Nature creeps back in to reassert herself in regions where she had been squashed. Once vast and shining cities crumbled. Monuments to the existence of those who built that ‘world’ now either stand completely concealed in vegetation, or have been reclaimed entirely by the earth.

The people who lived here have passed out of the memory of most all who have taken up residence.  ...

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Ring Fit, Physical Health, and Mental Health

I bought Ring Fit Adventure a couple of days ago, and immediately after, I had a serious mood crash where I just didn’t want to do a god damned thing. I ate only once that day (dinner) and then went almost immediately to bed. It SUCKED, but worse than that, I was beginning to fall into the trap I was afraid I would. I bought Ring Fit in spite of my concern that I would rarely use it, if at all, and it would end up collecting dust on a shelf somewhere, money completely wasted. Tuesday felt like a confirmation of that.  ...

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I’ve been dealing with a lot of self-doubt and shit like that this year. The pandemic hasn’t helped. Nor has our shit-lord of a president or his cronies and the extraordinary douchebags that support him.

I’ve questioned whether or not I belong anywhere, if my “skills” are really worthwhile, if maybe it would have been better if I hadn’t been born. Just your typical crisis of identity and purpose. You know… Tuesday.

And then I came across something on Twitter that really made me stop and think.

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If you aren’t in support of the protesters, if you support the cops, you are not welcome on this site. Unfollow me. Do not buy my books. Do not read my stories. Go away. Stay out of my life, out of my social media feed, and out of my society.  ...

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Birth Stones

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It is a common practice when buying jewelry for someone special in your life for it to contain a precious stone of some sort, and often that stone portends to the month that special someone was born in, their birth stone. In this case, Seg had spent a good while figuring out the setting for this piece of jewelry, but knew exactly what kind of stone to put in it. It didn’t have anything to do with what month Smokey had been born in, but rather would stand to symbolize his presence along the big gator’s waistline once he was in.  ...

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Just Breathe

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Rachael had been dealing with a lot of crap at her work. You have some intense times when you run a huge, magical library/warehouse filled with mystical artifacts of all sorts. She wanted to go to the beach and she wasn’t going to go alone. Bobert meanwhile was feeling lazy and wanting to stay inside where there was air conditioning. Good thing the big tiger lady had all sorts of ways to entice her boyfriend to join her.

This is a commission for Bobert Ottah, not specifically a sequel to “Drink Responsibly” but certainly related since it’s the same characters.  ...

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Gumroad account!

I’ve opened a page over on gumroad where you can buy my amazon stories! (only two are available at the moment, it’s gonna take time to get everything posted there)

You don’t need to buy SOLELY from Amazon anymore! You don’t need to buy direct from me through Ko-Fi anymore! You can go there instead! Their rules about what is considered “pornography” vs. “adult content” mean I can post my stories there! Woot!  ...

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Stage Magic – Santa Vaca Book 2

Cover by Violet Cannon

The artist has elected to not post.

This story and the artist’s account contain adult content.

After a lengthy gap in publication, I’ve gotten something written at long last! We get to see a slightly different view of the city, showing its more Vegas-like side.

You can buy on Amazon and Gumroad right now! Only $3.99

You can also check out my author profile on Amazon to see the rest of my library. Don’t want to buy on Amazon? I can’t blame you! You can buy me a coffee over on Ko-Fi and I’ll email you a copy!  ...

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