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Promised Landing

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Smokey ends up the subject of an experiment being run by Shayna, Liz, Jia, and Celeste--basically, the biggest, heaviest hitting magic users in the Inn. They were intrigued by what happened with Smokey and Shayna, specifically with Shayna's otter twins and how they leaped from her to Smokey by leaving her predscape and entering Smokey's. Since Liz is involved, and things don't go quite to plan, things end up driving into the realm of excess.

…poor Smokey…

So, this was supposed to be a relatively short little fic… and then it kinda blew up a bit.  ...

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Bump in a Bottle - Santa Vaca Book 1

Awesome cover by Riddle August
You can find him on FurAffinity or on DeviantArt

Riddle's FA Page    Riddle's DA Page

Favorite the original here

This story and the artist's account contain adult content.

The first story in a new series! This one's a little different from series I've written in the past, it's more like an anthology. That means each story in the series doesn't necessarily create a consistent through line. Instead, the stories may connect, but each one is its own tale, painting a picture of what life is like in the mysterious and seductive city of Santa Vaca.  ...

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