Only the Beginning - BTR 9

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The final chapter in a series of nine!

Awesome cover by Riddle August
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The first dragon has been born! Helena ceded her place as the one to accomplish that feat, happy to be the second, but provide so many more. The world was about to see a rather sizable boom in the dragon population, and the high elf grand council was interested in learning the results from Vander's little experiment. Would they be pleased? Would they disapprove? And Vander was finding the role of parent to be more satisfying than he was expecting it would be.

With things moving along, the rest of the Court of Eight were moving in and making their presence at Azra's tower far more permanent. It was going to be dragon central soon. They were going to have a lot of work to do in order to prepare.


Elf, Dragon, Kobold, Hermaphrodite, Pregnancy, Male Pregnancy, Vore (soft), Endosomatophilia, Hyper, Hyper Pregnancy, Lactation, Male Lactation, Nursing, Goo, Inflation, Possession, Unbirthing

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

Vander sat in a chair with a tall back as he cradled a bundle in his arms. He had not anticipated so strong a bond with the little one he gazed down at. She was ruby red, just like Marta and Azra, but she was so small a thing. And she stared up at him with big, gold eyes. She even reached up towards him with her chubby, little arms. Her coos were strangely soothing to him. The process of giving birth had been an interesting experience. There had been some discomfort, but not anywhere near what he had expected. In fact, he would never admit it out loud to anyone, but he had found the process to be more than just a little enjoyable.

"She is absolutely precious," Azra said, peering down at her daughter from over Vander's shoulder, "The first new dragon born in hundreds of years. You must be a proud mother."

The high elf frowned and glanced briefly at his sister. He wasn't terribly amused by her implication. Technically she had been correct to call him the 'mother'. But he still preferred to think of himself in masculine terms. Really, in the grand scheme, it didn't much matter. He had successfully brought a new life into the world, a new dragon. He had helped begin to secure the future of his mother's and sister's people.

"She is indeed quite precious, being the first of a new generation. I suspect we will need to guard her carefully." the elf fellow said, still somewhat entranced by the child's curious nature.

If he had any say in the matter, he would see to it that she was raised to be much more restrained in matters of lust and focused on the study of magic. She could help him learn a great deal. And he could teach her all he knew. Something about that prospect sent a wave of pride through him. It wasn't a powerful wave, but it did ripple the usually glassy surface of his emotions.

"Guard? Honey, it's not like we're at war and someone is gonna come busting down the door to kill all our babies," Azra said with a snicker, "But, given that she's the only one we've got right now, and that we'll be keeping all the little ones that follow in the same place, I suppose it would be prudent to make sure that the basket we're keeping all our eggs in isn't that easy for unwelcome guests to get at."

"There is nothing imprudent about taking certain precautions. Speaking of the other young ones, where are Helena and Andrea?" Vander asked, "It was my understanding that they would be preparing to give birth this week."

"They're downstairs in the courtyard, practicing their magic. Probably keeping each other paralyzed with disabling spells. I swear, it gets to the point where you can hear them from the top of the tower." Azra said and laughed.

The high elf frowned and moved to stand, holding his daughter to his chest as he did so. Slowly, he made his way to the windows lining the outside wall of his private room. It had been made just for him since he had come to live at the tower for long stretches of time. It was still a work in progress, constantly being updated to meet his needs so that he could still do his work without necessarily needing to go to his actual office back in the 'big elf city' every day. He peered down at the grounds of the courtyard and spotted the two red elves. They were on their knees facing each other. They each had one arm pointed at the other. The other hand was shoved to one's groin, both of them clearly in the throes of lust, trying to fondle themselves. Azra had not been exaggerating. They were indeed using the immobilizing, pleasure-inducing spells they had wanted to perfect.

"It seems like such a waste of energy and time. But, if it makes them happy, and thus keeps them productive and active, then I suppose I have no reason to complain." Vander said.

"How are you feeling? Still tender?" Azra asked, following him to the window.

"The discomfort was very short-lived. I am as well as I was prior to conceiving. Your concern is unwarranted," the high elf said, trying to tone down his pretension, "But appreciated."

The red dragoness smiled and brought her gaze back to the dragon whelp in his arms. She was beginning to get sleepy, yawning and half-lidding her eyes. Within moments, she would be out and they would need to speak much more softly. At least until Vander could get her to her crib.

"Have you thought of a name for her yet? I know you wanted to make sure you picked one that was just right." Azra said.

"I have. After careful consideration and a great deal of research into a host of literature on the subject, I have concluded that the name I believe would suit her best is Leena." Vander replied.

"Leena?" the crimson lady said as she raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms under her chest, "I thought you didn't like it because I had suggested it, and now I'm quoting, 'on a whim'."

"Your reasoning was that it 'sounded pretty'. Such an inspiration is insufficient. However, after careful consideration given a great deal of the many alternatives, their etymological and taxonomical context, as well as the family lineage, I was forced to come to the conclusion that your instincts were correct." the elf explained.

"Wait... family lineage," Azra said, grinning a little, "Don't tell me you picked a name that ended in 'A' because mom's name and mine both do that. Marta, Azra, and Leena."

Vander frowned and a very faint blush filled his cheeks, almost imperceptible to a human, but it was like a bright, shining beacon to a dragon.

"That is not the reasoning, though it is a fortunate coincidence. Leena was the name of one of our ancestors from before humans learned how to use magic, before the creation of elves. She was the first born to the line after a significant period during which the family did not breed. The parallel seemed to be appropriate." he said.

"Oh wow, you actually studied the family history? I gotta get caught up on that." Azra said, lowering her voice as she watched the little one finally drift off.

The two began walking, aiming for an archway that appeared to lead directly into the room at the top of the tower. It was of course a magical portal, letting them move more quickly through the different levels that were being added. One of them held the nursery where they were headed. The others were intended for the rest of the Court of Eight to make use of. They were arranging for the rest of the dragon population to have quarters at the tower. After all, why have them all spread out all over the world? Instead, they could come live in one place where they would all have help raising the children they were all going to produce.

Once they reached through the 'master bedroom' as it had come to be called, they turned and entered a different archway, leading to the quiet, dark room where Leena's crib sat waiting to comfort the little one. With great care, Vander eased her down onto the cushion and stood back up. He waved a hand over the top of the crib and examined how warm or cool it was within the little bubble that protected his daughter. He found the state of things to be acceptable and backed away before turning to leave.

"You make a good mom," Azra said, "And I don't mean that in a teasing way. I really mean it. She has got you completely captivated. It's endearing."

"I confess there is a stronger sense of gratification in caring for a child than I had expected there to be." he replied.

The dragoness wrapped her arms around him from behind as they returned to the master bedroom, giving his cheek a kiss from over his shoulder. She was trying to show him genuine affection rather than be mean to him by exposing him to the 'mushy stuff' he had been so opposed to. As he approached giving birth to Leena--and in the few days that followed--he had come to be more accepting of her advances in that regard. Rather than scoff and insist she release him, even try to push her away, he simply stood there and let her have her moment. It was something he was going to have to get used to so that he might not alienate Leena as she grew up.

"I knew you'd be good at it. And I knew you'd like it more than you thought you would," Azra said, then grinned, "Wanna get started on another one? I certainly wouldn't mind having another crack at you."

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