Jump-Starting A New Race - BTR 6

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The sixth chapter in a series of nine!

Awesome cover by Riddle August
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Azra had been waiting as patiently as she could for Helena to get back, which was to say, not patiently at all. It had taken far longer than the red elf's original estimate to get there and back. When she finally called in, letting the two dragons know she was on approach, neither mother nor daughter knew just quite what they were in for. Helena's little change of plans had not been relayed. She thought it would make for a great surprise. And surprise it certainly did.


Elf, Dragon, Human, Pregnancy, Vore (soft), Cock Vore, Endosomatophilia, Hyper, Anal, Incest (mother/daughter), Cum Inflation, Oral, Unbirthing, Magic, Transformation, Gender Transformation, Lactation, Nursing

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

Azra lounged on her bed, sprawled out, staring up at the exceptionally high ceiling of the top room of the tower. She let out a long, noisy sigh, signifying how displeased she was with not having Helena around. Marta meanwhile was busy mixing up the same potion she had made her daughter drink that ultimately netted them their first red elf. After extensive review of what she had done the first time, she had come to the conclusion that she needed to replicate it exactly.

It wasn't required in order to accomplish the goal of making a human become an elf, both for teaching the use of magic and using them as a dragon breeder. However, she had been so taken with the result they had accomplished with Helena that she wanted to use her as the template all others would go by. She even experimented with the idea of adding in different colored attributes like those Helena had gained. It was just in case one of the six remaining dragons didn't want red. Regardless of the end result, she intended to keep calling them all 'red elves', not because of the actual scale hue, but because use of the color red suggested the existence of passion. Something high elves were decidedly lacking in.

It was such engrossing enough work that Marta had not noticed how quickly time had passed. It had been three days since the young lady had run off to go find her long lost boyfriend. It should have only been two days. There had been a call to let both ladies know their experimental elf was perfectly fine. She was just running slower than she expected and would be happy to explain when she arrived. Azra was not amused.

Sure she wanted the girl to be safe, but she wanted her breeder back. She missed cuddling with her every night. Not to mention the games they got up to in the bedroom. That was probably the biggest part of why the red drake was behaving the way she was. She let out another long, loud sigh, this time adding a groan of displeasure with it.

"Oh settle down. Don't be so dramatic. She'll be here soon enough. Then you can ruin her all you want. Or you can let her ruin you as much as you can stand." Marta snickered.

"How can you be so caught up in whatever you're doing that you aren't worried at all about Helena? Or at least how are you not completely consumed by your libido?" Azra complained, not even sitting up to speak.

"Because dear, I'm a lot older. I can control it better. I just choose not to a lot of the time. And as for why I'm not worried, actually I am. I'm worried about what's got her going so much slower. I'm worried that something might be wrong. I'm worried that she might get snagged by the high elf council and we might not see her again. I'm just not showing it because I've been through it all with you before. I trust both you and her to be able to take care of yourselves. It's all part of being a mother. You'll understand when the pups are born." Marta explained.

"Parents always tell their kids that." Azra sighed.

She flailed her limbs about in a childish gesture, then sat herself up. She breathed out another long sigh and let her eyes wander slowly across the room. There was a list of things growing in her head; a list of what she wanted to do to Helena as soon as she got back, and at the top of it was stuff her back in her womb and not let her out for a solid month. That would teach the girl for running off and not let either of them join.

Then again, two dragons walking down the street of a quiet little town might have caused more of a stir than might be desired. So there was some merit to the idea.

"So, once you've got your human in your tummy, on their way to being turned into an elf, are you gonna keep him as long as I kept Helena? Or will you let her out sooner, you know, once she's actually a she?" Azra decided it might be helpful to distract herself with conversation.

"I've been thinking about that. And you looked so happy to be hauling Helena around for so long, I'm thinking I might do that myself. I did enjoy carrying your brother a lot. And those four months where it was you and Helena, oh dear... it took everything I had not to just seal you two up in there permanently!" Marta laughed, running a palm over her trim stomach.

She thought back to those days, letting the memory of it wash over her and leave her thighs damp. If she could find someone who was willing to stay in there full time, she would likely jump at the opportunity.

"And people wonder where I got my greedy streak from." the younger dragoness laughed, sharing the thought about keeping someone full time.

Before either could say anything more, their conversation was interrupted by the sound of Azra's mobile slate notifying her of someone calling. With a wave of the hand, the slate flew to her and she peered at the screen. Her eyes widened, thinking something had gone horribly wrong. Neither Azra nor Marta had not intended to get another call from her.

"Mom, it's Helena. I'm putting it up on the big slate," the crimson drake made a gesture with her hand like she was pulling something out of the black rectangle in her hand, then 'threw' it at the bigger one mounted on the wall, "Helena! Where are you!? Are you okay!?"

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