Council-Mandated Growth - BTR 7

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The seventh chapter in a series of nine!

Awesome cover by Riddle August
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Dragons and elves didn't really mix much anymore. At least not until Marta and Azra started the new Red Elf craze. After that, elves and dragons mixed pretty well! Everyone was going to want one. Or five. At least among the other dragons. That much was pretty certain. And they would need quite a few to really kick the dragon race back into gear. Everyone was excited to be playing their part, ready to save an entire species from going extinct.

And then the council decided to step in. They were always really good at playing the wet blanket. Thankfully, they were about as slow as continental drift in getting new items added to the docket to be discussed. It had been roughly a year since Vander had been made aware of what was happening, and only just now were they actually doing anything about it. Marta intended to make sure they were all ready for whatever might get thrown at them. And they had plenty of time to practice.


Elf, Dragon, Pregnancy, Male Pregnancy, Impregnation, Cum Inflation, Hyper, Hermaphrodite, Oral, Magic

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

"I hafta say, Helena," Azra huffed as she rocked back and forth with great vigor, "Your boyfriend can take it like a champ!"

"She's not my boyfriend anymore," Helena replied, rocking away with the same enthusiasm, "Not unless she wants to still be called that."

"Good point, I guess she doesn't entirely qualify. It's just an affectation now," Azra added, then grinned, leaning down to look around the swell of her beloved red elf's tummy, "What do you think, sweetie?"

Andrew, who was now happy to be called Andrea, was trapped between dragon and elf. The crimson drake's spire was tucked neatly into her new petals, spreading her in ways she had never experienced before her transformation. Helena was up in front, her own throbbing mast occupying the dark-skinned lady's mouth and throat. Neither had been able to hold back in their desire to use the new elf only an hour after she had been birthed back out into the waking world.

A muffled groan came from underneath Helena's firm tummy, swollen and pushing out to cover not just Andrea's shoulders, but her shoulder blades and almost half her spine. It was impossible to tell what she was trying to say, but her fingers kept groping at the two vast swells that were slapping against her chin and throat, a throat that was bulging with her lover's pulsing spire.

"I think she said 'outlook hazy, ask again later'." Azra said with a smirk, adding a bit more of a twist to her thrusts.

It stole Andrea's breath away and she moaned again, content to remain precisely where she was. She had been there for at least thirty minutes, and her stomach was already quite swollen, pushing her up off the bed just enough to take the weight off her hand and knees. It had been the support she needed to feel confident enough to fondle Helena's scrotum. Just as she was settling in to be used as she was for the rest of the day, a roar filled the room. It had not come from Azra, but from Marta.

The older red dragoness was hilted in her own elf, swelling the lad's belly just as she had the other one laying on his back, gasping for breath. Malcolm was exhausted, having already gone two rounds. A large white stain could be seen between his legs, his 'mark of honor' as he had called it. His pale stomach was larger than he remembered it being with the aid of his necklace, and that was absolutely glorious. The fact that it would continue to grow, that he would actually feel movement under his skin in the coming months, and that it wouldn't all be just a clever illusion, left him tingling with glee.

"That's… two for Renee… and two for me." he said, his voice betraying his fatigue.

The darker-skinned of the two boys lay where he was held, on his knees, shoulders near the mattress, chin resting on the sheets. His belly was similarly bloated. His eyes were glazed over and a tired, satisfied smile was spread across his lips. He had taken to the new role quickly and easily, more so than his boyfriend.

"I… could go… another three rounds!" Renee huffed.

"Mmm, I like your spirit, but I think that's more than enough for now," Marta said, running one of her paws down the young man's back, "We don't want to overload you after all."

"No such thing!" Renee cackled, then shuddered as he felt his mistress pull herself from his grasp.

He clenched, trying to grasp her tightly enough that she couldn't escape. But he was too tired, and the deliciously thick invader too slick from their shared release.

"I'm afraid there is, sweetheart. Much as I would love to see just how big we can get you, we need to start out kind of slow. Maybe once we've got an army of adults who can raise your babies, then we can go for broke. Don't worry. You're gonna live long enough to gradually work your way up to being immobile." Marta said.

Malcolm managed to roll onto his side, then drag himself over to his boyfriend, flopping down tiredly with him, pressing his cheek against the smooth, pale dome he was so fond of. Renee offered the same act of affection, the two of them creating a sort of yin yang with their vastly swollen stomachs. It was too cute a sight to pass up. Marta summoned her daughter's mobile slate and clicked off a quick captured image, ready to share with the rest of the world, or at the very least for the group to enjoy later.

A happy cry rose up out of Helena as she unleashed a second flood down her lover's throat. Andrea swallowed the incredible deluge without hesitation. Azra clenched her teeth and snarled as she added her own contribution to the lake of seed she had filled the new red elf's womb with already. The two continued to rock and sway, only slowing when finally they felt they had nothing more to give; at least in that moment. The dragoness was the first to retreat, and only after several moments of simply indulging herself in the pleasant afterglow. When she slipped free of Andrea's new petals, the sound was loud enough to be heard all throughout the top of the tower. That wet slurp signaled the end of the lady's first breeding.

Helena took longer, not wanting to pull out of the girl's throat just yet. And Andrea was keen to stay right where she was, working her jaws about. It was too delightful to her, being able to fit the whole of that monster in her gullet. It was no doubt far more satisfying than the less-than-stellar attempt she had made back when she was still a boy the day they had reunited. She felt like she needed to make up for that poor performance. And Helena was certainly willing to let her.

"You two gonna stay like that all day?" Azra asked as she eyed the pair of amorous elf girls.

"Mmm, we just might." Helena replied.

Andrea nodded her head ever so softly, not realizing she wasn't in a position where anyone else could see it.

"Well, don't get too carried away. We've still got work to do. Try to keep her still for me." Azra said.

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