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Just Breathe

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Rachael had been dealing with a lot of crap at her work. You have some intense times when you run a huge, magical library/warehouse filled with mystical artifacts of all sorts. She wanted to go to the beach and she wasn’t going to go alone. Bobert meanwhile was feeling lazy and wanting to stay inside where there was air conditioning. Good thing the big tiger lady had all sorts of ways to entice her boyfriend to join her.

This is a commission for Bobert Ottah, not specifically a sequel to “Drink Responsibly” but certainly related since it’s the same characters.  ...

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Gumroad account!

I’ve opened a page over on gumroad where you can buy my amazon stories! (only two are available at the moment, it’s gonna take time to get everything posted there)

You don’t need to buy SOLELY from Amazon anymore! You don’t need to buy direct from me through Ko-Fi anymore! You can go there instead! Their rules about what is considered “pornography” vs. “adult content” mean I can post my stories there! Woot!  ...

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Stage Magic – Santa Vaca Book 2

Cover by Violet Cannon

The artist has elected to not post.

This story and the artist’s account contain adult content.

After a lengthy gap in publication, I’ve gotten something written at long last! We get to see a slightly different view of the city, showing its more Vegas-like side.

You can buy on Amazon and Gumroad right now! Only $3.99

You can also check out my author profile on Amazon to see the rest of my library. Don’t want to buy on Amazon? I can’t blame you! You can buy me a coffee over on Ko-Fi and I’ll email you a copy!  ...

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Furry Fiesta post-con report

I’m writing this having just gotten home after attending Texas Furry Fiesta 2020 in Dallas (I live in Dallas, so I’m local, makes it super easy to attend). I feel like I need to get this off my chest in some fashion other than just talking about it piecemeal to various individuals online. There are things in this that are kind of embarrassing for me to share because I don’t want people to look at me like I’m a danger to myself or I require constant sympathy or everyone has to constantly try to keep me engaged and entertained or whatever.  ...

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New (sort of) story

Rather than publishing this somewhere, I decided this particular one will stay here on this site. There’s no paywall, no monetization, nothing… because it’s fanfiction and I don’t want to get sued by a very litigious property holder.

Anyway, for those of you who might be interested in something that isn’t kinky or sexual, but still has some adult themes (violence, death, loss, things of that nature), this is but chapter one and I intend to continue posting chapters until I’ve got the whole novel-length thing posted.

Chapter 1 – A Hero Falls  ...

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