Recreation and Reproduction - BTR 8

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The eighth chapter in a series of nine!

Awesome cover by Riddle August
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With the council's permission, Azra and Marta were allowed to continue with their plan. The next step was to gather the Court of Eight, the other dragons still living. Of course, they also had to abide by the council's wish to see further investigation into what gave Helena such a ridiculous boost in magical power. That was where Vander came in. He was somewhat less than thrilled to be part of the experiment, but he kept to his usual detached analytical mindset. It had to be done.

Of course, once the other dragons learn about Helena and the other red elves, things might get a lot more crowded in Azra's tower.


Elf, Dragon, Human, Hermaphrodite, Incest, Cum Inflation, Impregnation, Pregnancy, Male Pregnancy, Naga, Goo, Inflation, Vore (soft), Endosomatophilia, Possession, Oviposition, Eggs, Insertion

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

The gentle sounds of slow, tender passion drifted about the highest room of the tower. Azra gasped softly and cooed, her arms wrapped around the slim, toned form of the high elf sent to live with the two red dragons. Vander shuddered, trying his best to remain composed. He wasn't fond of intimacy, but he did admit that the younger drake's efforts had been far less unpleasant than he had once assumed they would be. He called it a 'fascinating experience', referencing the curious tactile reactions that came with sex. Though he would never outright say he enjoyed it. Instead, he simply deflected saying it was what had been requested of him.

Azra had no problem whatsoever confessing to him that she enjoyed their sessions together. And this was no different. She pressed in against him from behind, keeping them both on their knees. She made no attempts to force Vander into any sort of outlandish scenario, no games or roles to play. She knew he wasn't at all interested in that, and likely wouldn't cooperate if she tried. The fact that he allowed himself to be filled was something of a minor miracle. The two siblings rocked slowly in time with one another, taking their time in slowly approaching the latest climax.

Vander had been living with the dragons and the red elves for almost a month. Only a handful of times had he engaged in any sort of sexual play, wanting to make sure he had not been impregnated before attempting again. He saw no reason to engage in it otherwise. That was how he felt initially, at least. After the third attempt, he found the physiological responses to be a point of interest for him, wanting to understand them better. He had even begun researching the matter. It was rather clinical, but it afforded Azra the chances necessary to help him honor the council's wishes.

And since he was so mild mannered in bed, their sessions usually took quite a while. Not that Azra minded in the slightest. She did think he was rather cute, and for all her teasing, she had fantasized about doing this exact thing. Helena and Andrea were patient, keeping each other occupied as their dragon mistress attempted to breed with her brother. They whispered back and forth to each other, giggling quietly as they conjured all sorts of images of what Vander might look like once they were successful.

Marta sat in a chair just a short distance from the bed, reading through a large tome that hovered before her. With one hand, she waved her fingers slowly about, kneading the magic she had gathered to shape it into something. It looked like some sort of idle habit, like twirling a pencil, but there was a purpose to it. She simply wouldn't say what. And the tome she was reading wasn't her usual fare. It was a book of lore, myths, and legends.

Malcolm and Renee sat nearby, reading through a number of periodicals--newsletters and the like--looking for something. They kept stopping and pointing at a listing for the other to see. From time to time, they would circle something and set it aside for later use. They had grown quite comfortable with their firm, round bellies, idly stroking across them from time to time. To the unwitting viewer, it might have looked like they didn't have quite the libido that Helena possessed. That was most certainly not the case. They were just better at controlling their urges, largely due to their desire to indulge themselves in a hobby they had not been able to afford in the past. Under the table they sat at, the two boys had intertwined their tails, coiling them together in an adorable little embrace.

Life seemed to be quite relaxed, and everyone appeared to have settled into their roles nicely.

"Almost… there… brother." Azra cooed, squeezing the elf in her arms.

"Take your time," Vander replied, having been practicing a breathing technique he had learned to help himself stay focused, "There is no need to rush. Let's make sure this is done properly so that it takes root this time."

"Mmm, it'll take root, but only if you let it. You have to want it to happen. That's what's been missing," Azra whispered into his ear, thrusting smoothly against the pale-skinned fellow, "You have to have the desire for it, not just accept the idea because it's what you were told to do."

"I do not… understand." Vander replied, grunting a little as he shifted his hips.

Azra was exceptionally well endowed. Given that the elf had not much experience in being stretched around anything, he was doing very well to not let his voice fill the room in the form of a loud shout. He was a testament to the elven discipline he had learned as a child. Vander moved against the dragoness behind him, feeling her breasts press against his shoulders, her thighs against his, and her tail curled around his waist. She wasn't letting him escape until she had finished inside him. One of her hands moved to his groin, stroking over the stiff spire he was ignoring.

"You have to want the child. You've been trained all your life to ignore and suppress your desires, your urges. Just let go, just for a little while. You're holding back. I can feel it." Azra thrummed deep in her throat.

"I… I am afraid… if I did… I might not… be able to shut them out again." the elf gasped, slowly losing out to the sensations racing through him.

"Then it's not going to work. Just let yourself go. I'll keep you grounded. I promise." the dragoness nibbled softly along his neck ever so softly, wrapping her fingers more tightly around his shaft.

Vander shuddered and groaned, lowering one of his hands to grip at the crimson palm holding his manhood. Maybe she was right. Maybe he just needed to let his mental guard down. Just for a little while. He closed his eyes and took stock of the muscle in his mind he had been keeping clenched all his life, just as he had been trained to do. With great effort, he began to relax it ever so gently. It amazed him how tightly wound he had been around that construct, and how much he had to ease the restraint to let the door open, even just a crack.

The instant he did, the elf's entire form went rigid and he sucked in a deep breath. He made no vocalization, but his quivering nethers spoke volumes. They squeezed and clenched, soaking the dragoness' length parting them. A sticky burst immediately coated the two hands working on his length. The pulsing continued for several seconds while Azra smiled, offering her brother a loving kiss on the cheek. She plunged deep into him, trying to be as gentle as she could, just as she finished. A hearty gush flowed forth into him, swelling the elf's womb. It wasn't anything he had not experienced before. This was only the latest attempt. It gave his abdomen reason to stretch, holding in the copious contribution.

The two lovers' chests rose and fell rapidly as they began to relax. The brief moment Vander had let the door in his mind open had passed and he slammed it shut again, tightening the 'muscle' that held it shut. It had been more than enough for one day, and it gave him a new perspective he would need to record in his notes. Azra nuzzled in against his cheek and slowly brought them both down into a seated posture, still embedded in him.

"Mmm, I think that's the first time I've actually made you cum. You're making progress, brother." the red scaled lady cooed.

"Perhaps… your advice… will finally yield… the desired result." the elf leaned back against her, finding her support rather helpful.

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