Monthly Archives: January 2020

Saturday Ramble

Warning: this is not a happy post. It contains subjects that some might find triggering or upsetting. This is just a kind of stream of consciousness kind of ramble so there’s no real structure to it. Feel free to ignore.

Apparently, my sense of self-worth is really damn fragile. I mean, I kind of already knew this. Five minutes around my dad and I’m doing my impression of that emo kid on livejournal listening to Evanescence all the time talking about how dark and awful the world is. But today it only took one brief interaction to make me hate myself all over again.  ...

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Finding Courage

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18+ years old only please!

Long ago, before she met a certain blue dragon and helped him build a certain treetop resort, Shayna had something of a different life. She wasn’t as quick to trust. She had been hurt several times and developed a certain preference when it came to the company she kept. An elf by the name Ellissa had caught her eye and she found it impossible to stay away, even when her family did not approve of her consorting with a dragon.  ...

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