Finding Courage

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Long ago, before she met a certain blue dragon and helped him build a certain treetop resort, Shayna had something of a different life. She wasn't as quick to trust. She had been hurt several times and developed a certain preference when it came to the company she kept. An elf by the name Ellissa had caught her eye and she found it impossible to stay away, even when her family did not approve of her consorting with a dragon. Their relationship gave each other something more, something they both found they had been in desperate need of.

You'll find the use of something called a 'predscape' in this story. I've written about it a couple of times before, but I didn't come up with the notion. The concept of a 'predscape' was originally created by Kee. You can find his FurAffinity account here, and an example of his conjuring of the idea of a 'predscape' here.

There's a fair bit to unpack in this story, not just from the standpoint of Shayna's backstory, but also because it very much mirrors a problem I have in my own life. I've got family that very much expects certain things from me (read: being straight, finding a girlfriend, getting married, having kids so mom and dad have more grandbabies) and… well… I ain't straight, and I damn sure don't want kids. They don't know I'm not straight, and I've been worried over the last several years what would happen if they found out. I've fantasized about just telling them off and leaving. So… that's kinda where this might have come from. Maybe it will resonate with you too.


Dragon, Dragoness, Elf, Lesbian, F/F, Tail Sex, Vore (soft), Endosomatophilia, Digestion, Predscape, Pregnancy, Belly, Merging, Transformation

~ ~ ~ Story Sample ~ ~ ~

"I just don't understand why they have to be so closed minded about it!" cried Ellissa.

The elf woman glowered as she sat on the edge of her bed, dressed in nothing more than a simple silk tunic she commonly wore to sleep in. Though more often than not, she slept in the nude. It was just more comfortable that way. Behind her sat a dragoness of pearly white and great, feathered wings. Shayna sighed and wrapped her arms around the frustrated lady.

"Some people just don't like change. They want things to stay exactly as they believe they have only ever been. Anything that departs from that norm is seen as an attack. It's heartbreaking, especially when it's something like this." the scaled lady said.

"Well I'm tired of doing everything they say I should do. I want to live my own life how I see fit. I want to do the things that interest me, go where I want to go, and even love whoever I please." Ellissa said, lowering her voice towards the end as she leaned back into her dragon's embrace.

A sad little sigh escaped Shayna once again. She nuzzled fondly into the elf's cheek then draped her large, warm, fluffy wings around her shoulders. It had been a difficult week for the elf. Accusations had come forward that she was of a different sort of appetite when it came to whose company she preferred. It struck twice as hard being that she wasn't just interested in other ladies, but that her eye had been caught by someone who wasn't even an elf.

"If you are so tired of their rules, why not just tell them as much and walk away?" Shayna asked, "If they are indeed serious about how much they claim to love you, then they should know how serious you are about the kind of person you've discovered deep inside. If they decide to accept you, then you can come back. If not, then you don't have to put up with them any longer."

"I wish it were that simple," the elf said with a sigh and closed her eyes, losing herself in the dragon's feathers, "It isn't something so easily done as said. It requires courage that I simply do not have."

"I think you do have it, you just don't realize it." the winged lady replied.

"I don't know where you see that in me. I don't feel brave in the slightest. At the first sign of conflict, I run and hide in my bedroom. If it weren't for the fact that you can fly, I'd be in here alone, sulking, trying to think of how I could just submit and keep my head down to weather this particular storm." Ellissa said.

The angelic dragoness squeezed her beloved firmly and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She wanted so very badly to help her sweet elf. Unfortunately, high born families were not terribly fond of deviating from the previously discussed established norms, especially when one deviated so very far from them. So to her family, Ellissa's preference wasn't just intolerable, it was socially destructive. There had been mention of how the family would suffer such terrible shame if she didn't marry a 'nice elf boy'. Then came the rattling off of the lists of possible suitors.

It didn't help that Shayna would occasionally tease the young lady and look through the images and 'love letters' sent by all the 'nice elf boys' wishing to court someone so uninterested. Occasionally, the dragoness would even attempt to encourage her to actually meet one of them, if only to see if her suspicions about them were right, or because she joked that perhaps one of them could be 'turned'. Shayna wasn't opposed to bringing a third into their games. Ellissa was less enthusiastic about the notion, making it all the harder for her.

It was all quite backwards, frustrating the lady and subsequently her girlfriend. They had kept it deeply secretive for as long as was possible. Now, it sounded as though there was no way of hiding it any longer. Either she would deny it and continue to hide for however much longer she could keep up appearances--which wouldn't be terribly long--or she would take the plunge and admit to her 'deviancy'.

"If you didn't have to worry about your family's judgment, what would you do?" Shayna asked.

"I don't know," Ellissa replied, "I suppose I would go traveling. Your stories make it sound so wonderful. I can just picture the two of us going from town to town, seeing other countries, immersing ourselves in different cultures, experiencing life more fully than anyone in this stuffy old palace."

'Palace' had been too strong a word, but it was used somewhat disparagingly. Her family lived well, holding residence in the nobles' quarter of the city. Of course, that came with all the social stumbling blocks she had been tripping over for years. It led her to feel like a princess being held against her will in some lofty tower.

"And I suppose if I just kidnapped you, then they would put a bounty on my head." Shayna said with a chuckle.

"Honestly, I can't imagine anything more wonderful than being kidnapped by you. We could find an old run down castle or tower somewhere far away, fix it up, then live there quite happily, shooing away all the princes, knights, suitors, and adventurers sent to 'rescue the princess'." the elf lady said with a chuckle.

"That does sound quite amusing. But I think I would prefer the traveling to being anchored to a single place for too long." Shayna replied.

The dragoness had been something of a free spirit ever since she left her homeland. It had been a less than reasonable leaving. She had gone through a scenario not unlike the one Ellissa was going through presently, though it was to a much lesser extent. She had been permitted to leave, and there had been no conflict about who she was permitted to associate with or draw into her bed. The only sticking point was that she was expected to have children, as many as possible, and very soon. Her father took that particular point very seriously.

Shayna intended to become a mother some day, but she still feared her ability to fill the role adequately. Maybe with Ellissa's help she would be able to approach the matter with less trepidation. It was ironic. Both were high born women, one elf and the other dragon. Both were well educated, possessed not insignificant power, were expected to be very long lived, and commanded a healthy degree of respect in their respective communities. And yet, they were both still weighed down by their own insecurities and fears.

"You know what I would very much like?" Ellissa asked as a grin slowly spread across her lips, "I'd love to shock my parents to their core. Maybe I'd have you kiss me in front of them, and not a chaste little peck on the cheek I've seen plenty of ladies give one another. I would show them a deep, passionate kiss, one that would wipe out any doubt as to how I feel about you, and how you feel about me. Then, in the middle of the kiss you would just get 'carried away' and swallow me up right in front of them. You'd burp, rub your belly, then waddle out with me and we'd be off to have our adventures together."

Shayna giggled quietly, running one of her paws down across her lover's trim, flat stomach. Ellissa had the form of such a delicate thing, as was what many elves wanted for themselves or their children. A very elf-like appearance was almost tied to one's status. It belied the strong, fierce woman hiding just below the surface.

"You know... if it's courage you need... I think I might have a solution for you," Shayna said, "Since you're feeling adventurous."

"Does it involve you swallowing me? If so, does it also involve making sure you get a thorough tasting on my way down?" Ellissa asked.

"Yes, and yes but only if you ask nicely." the dragoness replied, her lips pulling into a broad grin.

"You swallow me, then you waddle down to see my parents and I scream at them from in your belly? Is that your plan?" the elf asked.

"No, but you're not terribly far off." Shayna answered.

"Well, if that's the case, then would it be at all possible to convince you to permit me the chance to enjoy that other little trick of yours I'm so fond of? A little fun first, then your high elf snack?" Ellissa asked.

"I'm still learning how to do it just right, so please don't judge too harshly if I don't perform as well." the dragoness cooed.

She was still a little self conscious about the matter, but she would have moved heaven and earth to make her sweet elf happy. What she was asking was something they had done before, but only a handful of times. As she had explained, Shayna was still working on this skill, but Ellissa certainly adored the curious little practice. If that was the elf lady wanted, then Shayna didn't see any reason to deny her. She very much enjoyed hearing her beloved's voice when she did it just right.

There was much that Shayna had learned in her travels, and quite a bit she had learned from her sister. That had been part of why she and her father disagreed. No children could come from that particular union, specifically one of two females--the fact that they were sisters played no part in the conflict. Such sibling joinings were quite common where the dragoness came from. Still, Shayna held a powerful fondness for her sister and intended to find a way to change the rules somehow, find a way for them to satisfy her father's need for grandchildren. Then perhaps the old dragon would stop trying to pair her with suitors just as her elf lover had been suffering. She pushed such thoughts away and focused on Ellissa. The lady was anxious for contact beyond just a simple touch or kiss. Shayna had learned a special technique from Ivory--one she was still trying to master--some years ago, and it just so happened her elf was terribly enamored with it.

With great care, the dragoness turned her lover to face her. Ellissa obeyed, already trembling in anticipation. Lips brushed past one another as fingers worked to part tunic and robe, exposing both ladies to one another. As soon as was possible, they pressed together. The air between them was forced out of the way as supple skin glided against smooth hide. The full swells of their chests gave gently as they embraced and shared a kiss. It took no time at all for fingers to begin dancing across one another's gentle curves. A gasp escaped the dragoness as Ellissa showed how eager she was by focusing her attention on one of Shayna's breasts. The elf had sampled such tenderness from other ladies in the past, but the angelic dragon in her grasp had proven far too exotic and generous in her actions for anyone else to hold a candle to her. That when combined with Shayna's deep empathy, kindly manner, and tender comfort left Ellissa helpless against the dragon's power.

Shayna cupped one paw along the elf's cheek. The other moved to the small of the pointy-eared lady's back. A subtle push just above Ellissa's hips forced her to mash just a bit harder against her lover. It was a small thing, but it was an act one might consider possessive. Shayna wanted to demonstrate her claim over the young lady in her arms, and Ellissa was all too happy to let her. While the fingers of both ladies remained otherwise busy, a new limb was slowly coiling about, preparing to make itself known. The dragon's tail--long, sleek, graceful, and slender--slipped along the surface of the bed between her knees. She let the tip oh so gently prod against Ellissa's legs until she slowly found her way to the desired crevice. Then, she slowly lifted the inquisitive tip upwards, angling it towards the elf above.

A smile began to pull on Ellissa's lips, even as she remained locked with the dragon in a slow but passionate kiss. She carefully wiggled her legs apart, then brought a hand down to her nethers. She casually stroked along the delicate folds, reveling in the heat radiating forth from them as they had already begun to glisten. As soon as Shayna's tail found its way to its target, the elf graciously helped direct it to where it was aiming. She parted herself open with two fingers just before her dragoness eased the dexterous limb into the warm embrace of her flower.

Ellissa was made to gasp by the sudden presence within her. The sharp inhale forced her to pull back from the kiss purely as a reflex action. The hand near her groin stroked slowly down along the pearly-white extremity, hoping to coax it deeper still. Shayna let an amused grin appear on her muzzle and she pressed forward. Slowly, centimeter by centimeter, the dragon eased herself into those deliciously inviting petals. She twisted her tail one way, then another, going about the whole matter rather methodically. She was in search of something rather specific. The noises her elf made were far too marvelous, suggesting that she just take her time in her little exploration. Eventually, Shayna folded her tail over on itself, giving Ellissa a slightly greater stretch. That made the elf lady's eyes open again as she tensed.

"Oooh yes... that's exactly what I've been waiting for. Don't you dare stop." the fair-skinned woman said in a breathy voice.

"Just let me know when you need to rest. I don't want to overwhelm you." Shayna replied in just as soothing a tone as she always used during such sessions.

Her tail coiled about, turning and twisting, feeling a little like a snake trying to figure out how to turn around and retreat from a dead-end. The effort was fruitful. As soon as the dragoness felt a rough patch right where she had found it before, she began to slowly and sensually assault it. The elf gasped sharply as that most tender spot was located and made use of, not far in, but tucked up and out of the way such that any man would never be able to make use of it by way of his 'usual technique'. A finger or a tongue could reach it, but not the rigid, masculine formation neither Shayna nor Ellissa possessed or had much interest in. The dragon's tail, meanwhile, was flexible enough that it could turn about and apply pressure wherever it needed to.

As the dragon found her stride, she turned her attention to adding her own pleasure to the equation. Rather than be left out, Shayna angled the dexterous limb such that she could trap a portion of it between her thighs. The grasp was not powerful, only enough to feel the slender extremity move across her own quivering petals. A satisfied thrum, low and quiet, followed as the angelic dragoness joined with her beloved in shared passion. She worked her tail about in a steady rhythm with the elf, taking care not to neglect her own needs.

Coos, cries, gasps, and pants swirled around the room as the ladies writhed against one another. It was almost too good to let it end. But they could only hold out for so long. Barely a few minutes into their shared bliss, both could feel the fatigue begin to grow in their limbs. It screamed for them to stop, but they refused. All that mattered to either of them was the passion they shared. Unfortunately, it was fast approaching its end. Shayna wanted to make Ellissa fill not just the room but the hallway beyond with her cries of elation, and the elf certainly did not object. The dragoness withdrew her tail only so far to be but the width of a couple of fingers, then plunged back in, deeper than she had been thus far.

Ellissa arched her back and slammed her hands down onto the bed. Ellissa's fingers curled as she grasped the sheets. A scream was there on her lips, ready to escape, yet the elf had not the breath. Shayna had stolen it away. The elf often called the lady her 'dragon thief'. It was an adorable nickname that had been born out of Shayna's ability to spirit the lady away to go get into mischief on a regular basis. Now, she was spiriting away Ellissa's ability to breathe.

The angelic dragoness twisted her tail about within the delicate folds of her lover's flower, pumping smoothly into the moist flesh. She slowly pressed deeper and harder, taking care to listen to her beloved for any sign of pain or discomfort. None came. Instead, the elf rolled her hips forward against the intruding limb. She wanted more, to the point she lifted her legs and one after the other wrapped them around Shayna's waist. The dragoness provided without hesitation. Each plunge saw her press onward even further, right up until she felt the barrier at the far end of the elf's tunnel give way. Her tail slipped through, giving Ellissa's belly a gentle swell. It also forced air back into her lungs so that she could squeeze it back out in a mighty shriek.

The sound did indeed reach well past the walls of the bedroom and into the hall beyond. A few passers-by slowed and peered at Ellissa's door in concern. It wasn't that they thought she was in danger or that something malicious was happening. It wasn't the first time such a noise had been made. They were worried that she might have found her limit and gone just past it. The elf writhed about hard on the bed, trying to press against Shayna's tail as best she could. She was in the throes of an intense climax, clamping down firmly on the intruding limb, and yet she was eager to take more. The lady was insatiable.

Slowly, the peak began to wane and Ellissa was able to find her breath once more, taking it in deep, loud gasps at first. Shayna slowly relaxed herself down on top of the elf, wrapping her arms and wings about the poor, exhausted lady. The mental strain of controlling her tail in such a way had left her slightly worn out as well.

"I think that's a new record. That had to be almost half the entire thing." Shayna said.

"Yeah... it... it was incredible... I... I kinda wanna see... if I can fit it all in." Ellissa huffed through her pants.

"Soon enough, dear. Soon enough," the dragoness cooed, "Now, do you think you're ready to disappear for a little while?"

"Absolutely. I'm ready to feel you all around me." the elf replied, slowly recovering her composure, but unable to help but grin like a fool.