Promised Landing

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Smokey ends up the subject of an experiment being run by Shayna, Liz, Jia, and Celeste--basically, the biggest, heaviest hitting magic users in the Inn. They were intrigued by what happened with Smokey and Shayna, specifically with Shayna's otter twins and how they leaped from her to Smokey by leaving her predscape and entering Smokey's. Since Liz is involved, and things don't go quite to plan, things end up driving into the realm of excess.

…poor Smokey…

So, this was supposed to be a relatively short little fic… and then it kinda blew up a bit. This seems to be a running theme with me. Go figure. It ties in loosely with the events found in chapter nine of The Treetop Inn. It's also a silly idea that's opened up a few additional possibilities for where the main story could possibly go. Hope you like it!


Dragon, Snake, Vore (soft), Digestion, Reformation, Endosomatophilia, Pregnancy, Male Pregnancy, Hermaphrodite, Masculine Hermaphrodite, Hyper Pregnancy, Size Difference

~ ~ ~ Story Sample ~ ~ ~

"Okay, walk me through it again. I'm still kinda fuzzy on the details." Smokey said.

"Alright, let's see if I can break this down a little more clearly," Shayna said, "You remember how Lisa and Levi managed to jump from my predscape to yours, then suddenly, they weren't in my belly anymore because they just appeared in yours?"

"Yeah?" the blue dragon said, though it sounded as though he was asking, uncertain exactly what that incident had to do with today's experiment.

"Well, Liz, Celeste, Jia, and I have been talking about that little accident. It got us to wondering about just how far a predscape can reach. Our resident sex-demon, Celene, has shown it can have a pretty impressive upper limit. We guessed that yours and mine have a connection because of how long we've known each other and how often we end up inside one another. Our little pocket dimensions are kind of interwoven now. They even think yours sprang up because of your exposure to mine." Shayna explained.

"Okay, sure, that makes sense. Kind of like catching a cold." Smokey replied.

"Slightly more complicated than that," the angelic lady corrected, "But for the purpose of this discussion, sure, that works. Now, because of that, we started wondering if it was possible to create a predscape for people who don't have one of their own, perhaps while they're visiting a certain resort run by a certain blue dragon. See where I'm going?"

It took virtually no time for Smokey to make the connection. As soon as Shayna said 'for people who don't have one of their own', it led him down a series of questions and answers. Why would someone need a predscape? For when they eat someone. What would happen if they didn't have a predscape? Provided they were at the Inn, The Promise would catch whoever was eaten. The elegant resurrection enchantment would bounce them right back into existence as though no harm had come to them.

"You want to give the Inn a predscape." Smokey said.

"Effectively, yes. I think this would be a fantastic addition. For one thing, it will expand the Inn's usable space in ways that don't require physical laws to be followed. For another, it gives someone a bit of a gap between being eaten and bouncing back so they can process what happened, maybe even pick where, how, and when they come back. Think of it like a buffer." Shayna explained.

The blue drake nodded, finding the whole concept intriguing. There hadn't been much in the ways of advancing The Promise since it was established, and he didn't like the idea of something remaining static for too long. If anything, not regularly re-examining something could open it up to problems, especially something as important as the protective enchantment that made the Inn famous for its less conventional pastimes. Neglecting such a critical system sat poorly with him. This seemed to encourage a more regular investigation of how everything worked.

"Okay, say we pursue this. Where is the predscape? Whose do we use? Yours? Mine?" Smokey asked.

"We would make one from scratch specifically for the Inn. The logical choice would be to tie it to the Magna, which means in a way, it would be Carmel's predscape. And if I can get Ivory's help, we might be able to incorporate some element of time manipulation. If someone wants to spend a prolonged period of time in 'the buffer'--for lack of a better name for it--but they don't want to be gone very long relative to the world outside, they can speed up time for themselves. Or maybe they want to only spend a few minutes in 'the buffer' but have a few hours or days pass out in the waking world." the snowy-hued dragoness said, sounding like she was getting rather excited.

"Whoa now, slow down!" Smokey interrupted, "Let's hold off on the time aspect. That sort of thing can get us into a lot of trouble. Just look at how Ivory's tent messes us up when we spend too long there. I end up forgetting what's been going on and I have to get briefed about operations. I'm not rejecting the idea outright, just… let's proceed carefully, shall we?"

"Honey, you know I wouldn't just jump in without considering all the angles. I just think it's really interesting how this opens up a whole host of possibilities." Shayna said.

"Okay, I just wanted to make sure. I would be derelict in my responsibilities if I didn't voice the concern," Smokey said, "So, we're gonna start making a predscape for Carmel?"

The angelic dragoness winced ever so softly, having been worried a little about this particular part of the conversation.

"No. Not yet at least. Making a predscape is something of an involved process. At least… when you don't have a head start like you had. Carmel's got a lot of complex things going on, a very intricate interconnected network of trees throughout the gardens and out into the preserve. She's connected to it in a way we never intended so we need to take a closer look at how she, the Magna, and her arboreal network function together. It might be that we need that kind of connectivity, like adding hard drives to a computer to store more information." Shayna said.

"So, we're not making a predscape for Carmel." the blue dragon said as he raised an eyebrow.

"No, not as of yet. That will come later. Liz is investigating that with Jia. Celeste suggested we experiment first with seeing if we can actually connect The Promise with a predscape at all. Theoretically, it should be possible." the angelic lady said.

"And that brings me back to a question I asked earlier: whose predscape are we using?" Smokey asked.

"About that… Usually we wouldn't operate like this but… we decided anything that might happen would be harmless enough so we just went ahead and started experimenting." Shayna said.

"Dear," Smokey said, drawing out the word as he started to get a familiar feeling, "You're evading. Why?"

"I know I promised that we'd stop just doing whatever without at least consulting you first." Shayna said.

"Is this why you insisted we talk about this outside?" the blue drake asked.

He lifted a paw to gesture out towards the open clearing they were sitting in. Shayna had selected a spot in the summer quarter that was big enough to hold a small concert. He had been uncertain as to why, but now the pieces were starting to fall into place.

"Normally, we would have selected one of us to be the test subject, but it was decided if something needed adjusting, or if we needed to put a quick stop to it, we would all need to remain unaffected so we could focus." Shayna explained.

Smokey opened his mouth to speak again, then stopped himself. It wasn't that he couldn't find the words. He knew exactly what he wanted to say. Something had caught his attention, and that something happened to be down in the core of his being. He lowered his gaze to his trim, flat abdomen. It felt strange, as though his stomach was growling like he was hungry. He had just eaten lunch, so that couldn't be it. Then the curious sensation sharpened, like adjusting the focus on a telescope. He felt that odd sensation down lower from his actual stomach. Before he could voice his curiosity, the unremarkable tummy bulged outward.

A gasp escaped the blue drake as his stomach suddenly swelled. It was a relatively slow process, akin to blowing up a balloon using one's lips and lungs rather than a pump or a tank of compressed air. He gradually inflated outward, gaining size and weight, but only about the middle. Smokey brought both his paws to his belly as it grew, shivering as he found himself too stimulated to be cross in any way. Within minutes, it had come to a point where one could mistake the blue dragon for having swallowed a beach ball. He huffed and panted, groping over the dome.

"F-fuck…" the innkeeper stammered.

"That shouldn't have happened." Shayna said with a frown.