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Gumroad account!

I’ve opened a page over on gumroad where you can buy my amazon stories! (only two are available at the moment, it’s gonna take time to get everything posted there)

You don’t need to buy SOLELY from Amazon anymore! You don’t need to buy direct from me through Ko-Fi anymore! You can go there instead! Their rules about what is considered “pornography” vs. “adult content” mean I can post my stories there! Woot!  ...

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Updating posts

I’ve been going through updating the posts advertising my stories, both Amazon and SoFurry.

I’ve been wanting to shorten the advertisements telling people where they can go to buy my stuff, but wanted to somehow retain enough of the information that it still feels… well… informative enough. I’ve this weird feeling that if I get too long winded explaining where you can go, what you can do, how you can support… people lose interest and skim past it.

Maybe I’m just self-conscious or paranoid or whatever… but I did take a couple of marketing classes while I was in college so, there is a notion in my head that brevity is more effective.  ...

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