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Some random thoughts

Been having some thoughts about things lately

First up, I can't help but notice a trend with regards to my writing. Anything that demonstrates gender transformation tends to be male to female or something similar. More rarely do I show someone identifying as female gaining male genitals (though it does happen) and even then they do not stop identifying as at least mostly feminine. I don't think I have anything I've written demonstrating someone who identifies as female becoming a new form where they identify as at last mostly masculine.

I want to make it clear that I have no problem with this idea.  ...

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"Vore Day Celebration"

Shayna and Ivory had a curious little holiday they liked to celebrate, and they decided it might be fun to get Smokey to join in for the first time. Chances were good they would give him a terrible stomachache, but that was just part of the danger when one celebrated Vore Day.

There's a thing I wrote about in this story that… I'm not sure how to tag it. I think you'll be able to figure out what I'm talking about when you get there. If you know what to call this, lemme know. I'll remove this portion from the description and tag it.  ...

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Update - 11/1/2021

Previous job ended a good while back. I don't miss it, but the cash flow is definitely missed. I have--however--secured another job. I'm still in training (I've only been there for a week) and I was brought on as a contractor rather than direct hire... which... thanks for that... if I had wanted to go through a staffing agency, I would have... especially because the staffing agency I HAD been working through had been practically dead freaking silent since I started back up with them.

Go figure.

Anyway... you might have noticed that for a while, this site had been pretty blank.  ...

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