Adventures in Elf-Making - BTR 3

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The third chapter in a series of nine!

Awesome cover by Riddle August
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It's hard to get any real progress made on magical research when you're at the mercy of someone who wants to constantly distract you. Even worse when they're somewhere you can't get away from. For Azra, it actually wasn't that bad. In fact, she was finding it difficult to bother picking up the pace on finding the tome she was after. Helena had no problem waiting where she was for a while, right?

It had been a month and neither seemed to be complaining. But, hauling a human around in you and not casting spells to make good on one's deal did not an elf make. Azra just needed some help. And as it so happened, sometimes, mother really does know best.


Human, Dragon, Wolf, Mild Hyper, Unbirthing, Endosomatophilia, Pregnancy, Hermaphrodite, Magic, Transformation (unseen), Incest (mother/daughter), Messy, Cum Inflation, Threesome, Oral, Anal, Canine Knot, Disembodied Phallus, Living Sex Toy

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

"Well hello! It's been so long I thought you might have decided to stay over there permanently! How was your trip, mom?" the dragoness grinned, looking into the moving image of another red drake smiling back at her.

"Oh no, I don't want to stay there, not for anything. They have the most backward policies about inter-species relationships. I haven't had a chance to enjoy any lovely company in bed almost the entire time I've been gone," Azra's mom smiled right back at her daughter, "What about you? Surely you've been having plenty of fun."

The two looked virtually identical, though Marta was taller, and possessed a more slender frame. She didn't have her daughter's generous curves, but there was a reason for that. Azra had been modifying herself for centuries, slowly crafting and sculpting a body she was pleased with. Marta had encouraged the exploration, but had little interest in doing so herself.

"Oh, the usual. Occasionally the cattle herds stop by. The wolves are always happy to trade and play. But, there has been an interesting development, pretty much right after you left," Azra lifted the slate upward, letting it capture a view looking down on her from above, revealing her large, gravid tummy, "I bagged me a really good one!"

Marta's eyes widened as she drank in the sight of her daughter's heavy middle. She grew larger in the image on the slate, likely because she had brought her device so much closer to her face to get a better look.

"Oh honey! I was starting to worry! It's been at least a year or two since last you had someone in there! Who's the lucky boy? Is it a boy? Oh! Is it that cute little lady from the publishing house!? I know you had your eye on her for a while! You know you and redheads!" the elder lady grinned.

"Actually no. This one just kinda fell in my lap! And before you ask, yes, she is a redhead!" Azra stuck out her tongue at the dragoness in the slate.

"How long have you been carrying her? Is she going to need to be let out soon?" Marta began blasting with questions, clearly too excited by what had transpired in her daughter's life.

"Slow down, mom! Slow down! All questions in due time!" the gravid dragoness closed her eyes, returning her vision to the human inside her, then opened them again, "Marta, meet Helena. Helena, this is Marta, my mom."

Helena gasped softly, amazed at how strong the family resemblance was.

"She's beautiful! Just like you!" the hidden girl practically shouted.

"Dear, I can hear you just fine. It is rude to speak of someone as if they aren't present when they are," Marta lifted her chin a little, then grinned, "But you are terribly sweet. I can see why my daughter likes you. Will you be staying long? Or do you plan on slipping out so I can meet you properly when I get there?"

"Oh!" Helena blushed, feeling a little silly for not realizing she was as big a part of the conversation as she had become, "Well, that all depends on Azra. She seems to have gotten rather greedy. She promised she would do something for me but has been dragging her heels on it because she likes keeping me in here. And I suppose I can't blame her. I have kinda grown fond of it."

Marta frowned and shifted her gaze back to Azra without ever changing where she was looking. Clearly this wasn't the first time she had spoken to someone in her daughter's womb before.

"Now, my sweet little girl, what have I taught you about keeping your promises? Just because you're enjoying carrying her around like that doesn't mean you should go back on your word." the motherly woman scolded ever so gently.

"I know, mom. But... it just feels so good. And she's loving it too. I plan on getting on with it. I'm just... not in a hurry. Besides. I can't find the book I'm looking for. It's got the details I need to do what Helena wants me to do. Maybe you know the title." the pregnant dragoness sounded like a teen girl being chided by her mom.

It wasn't that far from the truth.

"I might. What is it you're trying to pull off?" Marta lifted a hand, fingers curled, and rest her chin on the resulting fist.

"I uh," Azra looked away, her crimson scales hiding her blush, "I wanna make an elf."

She was sure the reaction she was about to get was going to be another scolding. No one had tried to recreate the conditions that created the first elves in so long. Many thought the knowledge had been lost. Really, it hadn't. It had just been buried by far more interesting books about magic that were written in more engaging ways. What came from the admission, however, was not what the younger dragoness expected.

"You what!?"

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