Classic Over-Achiever - BTR 4

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The fourth chapter in a series of nine!

Awesome cover by Riddle August
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Are you interested in making your own elf? If so, you need a willing subject, a dragon you can use as an incubator, a bit of magic, and some patience. In nine months, presto! You have yourself a brand new elf! Disclaimer: may not appear entirely similar to previous models of elf. Your mileage may vary.

Helena is finally reborn as an elf! But, there was more added to her than just the bits needed to make the bargain work. She came out looking a touch more dragon-y than expected. That was not part of the plan, but it wouldn't keep everything from working out the way it ought to, right? There's really only one way to find out, and everyone involved had already proven they were more than willing to do their part in the fight against extinction!


Human, Dragon, Elf, Unbirth, Endosomatophilia, Pregnancy, Birthing, Hermaphrodite, Transformation (unseen), Gender Transformation (unseen), Mild Hyper, Breast Growth, Body Modification, MILF, Incest (mother/daughter), Messy, Cum Inflation, Hybrid, Oral, Anal, Impregnation, Eggs, Oviposition, Threesome, Lactation, Nursing, Magic, Hyper Pregnancy

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

"You're doing great honey, just breathe!" Marta said while crouched between her daughter's spread legs.

Azra was leaning back against the pillows on her bed, panting for breath. She was resting both her hands on her stomach as it shifted and squirmed about. The smooth dome of her abdomen flexed, clenching up and turning firm in a steady rhythm, trying to urge its contents out. The crimson dragoness was hesitant to go through with the process, but it had to be done. There wasn't any point in having an elf of your own that you could get pregnant if they were unavailable to get pregnant.

Sure they could make use of the little disembodying ring like they had so many times, but it didn't seem to have the impact either party wanted. Sure, Helena could probably end up pregnant from it if Azra was actually trying, but they both wanted to go about it a more 'traditional' way. To that point, Helena needed to come out. She wanted to see the new 'her' in the mirror anyway.

As the two dragons worked to get the human-turned-elf out of the belly she had been concealed in for better than nine months, Marta decided to take more direct action. The older dragoness slipped her hands into the quivering cleft before her, hoping to reach in and pull the girl inside towards freedom.

"Oh god! Mom! Be careful!" Azra shivered, suddenly clenching up around the hands sliding into her.

"I know, baby. It's easy to get sucked up. Just try and relax," Marta replied, then lowered her gaze to the steadily shifting belly right in front of her, "Helena, honey... feel around for my hands and grab'em. I'm gonna pull you out. Azra's tummy doesn't seem to really wanna let you out even though I've been trying to induce for the last two hours."

It had been a difficult two hours. The pregnant girl wanted so badly to do something about her libido. The act of inducing had not been painful, but rather it had left her wanting attention. And because of that, Helena was having a difficult time gaining traction. The woman hidden away did as she was told, trying to shove her hands through the cervix that had kept her locked away for so long. With some difficulty, she managed, and took hold of Marta's hands.

"I... I can feel her! She's got a hold on you!" Azra panted.

"And I've got a hold on her. Just try and relax everything, sweetie." Marta explained, then turned herself to lean backwards, planting her feet against the other red lady's thighs.

The older dragoness had been sporting a sizable belly of her own, though for a different reason than her daughter. Sirius had spent a week or so riding around against her hips, but eventually said he wasn't interested in a lengthy stay. After he was released back into the wild, Marta found she wasn't ready to go back to being trim of stomach. So with Azra's help, she was stretched back out to look like she was expecting. It wasn't to produce offspring, but it was a good simulation of what to expect. She had a good sized clutch gently rattling around in her belly. While it didn't mean they would be seeing any new children from it, it did mean they would have fresh eggs whenever they had need of them.

And dragon eggs were something of a delicacy.

Marta pulled firmly, hindered hardly at all by her gravid tummy. She grimaced and flexed, pulling her hands free of her daughter's impressively strong grasp, then kept going. A pair of smooth, pale hands followed, though they were slightly different than they were before diving into the red dragon. The fingernails, which had been entirely natural before, were now a beautiful shade of ruby and each came to a fine point, giving the illusion of claws. Or perhaps it wasn't an illusion. Helena had gone through a few changes indeed.

The lady's arms followed as Marta continued to pull. Azra began to cry out louder as she felt something larger enter her canal. She could feel it coming, the girl's head. With a hearty stretch, the younger drake's petals bloomed open and out emerged Helena's skull. Her fiery red hair blazed just as it had before, slick and matted down by her 'mother's very moist folds. Her ears were now pointed, standing a fair bit taller than they had prior to the transformation. With the proof that she was indeed an elf finally shown, Marta could not help but smile gleefully. But there was something that gave her cause to be concerned. Two little horns protruded from Helena's head, and when the elf girl gasped, the older dragoness could see a pair of longer, pointed teeth amidst the rest of her pearly whites.

Something had not gone quite as expected. The question was would those unexpected alterations interfere with everyone's plans? It was too early to tell. And there was still the matter of pulling Helena the rest of the way out before Azra's greedy folds dragged her right back in. It was a very real danger. It happened once or twice with Sirius while their roles had been reversed, Marta giving birth and Azra playing midwife. And since Azra had gotten her libido from her mother, it was pretty certain that she was going to be just as greedy.

"Push, honey! Push!" Marta cried out as she dragged on Helena.

Azra growled and gave it her best effort, clenching the muscles she knew she needed for just such an endeavor. She had laid eggs before just like her mother was doing pretty much every morning lately. She had even spent some time before Helena's arrival carrying Sirius about like Marta had, among other guests. The effort paid off as more of the elf girl was permitted to slip through her canal, out into the world beyond. Helena's figure had changed since disappearing into the womb she had been calling home. It was difficult not to see the resemblance; the wide hips, broad chest, thick and strong thighs, not to mention the shapely rear. She had picked up some of Azra's proportions. That was a lovely little surprise.

What concerned Marta further was that the horns and fangs weren't the only additions. A pair of little wings, red along the bone structures with a lighter hue for the membrane--just like both mother and daughter--fluttered about as the elf girl wriggled her way towards freedom. And just at the base of her spine, draped down across her backside, was a long, thin, elegant tail matching the crimson of the creature she had been inside. There was no denying it. Helena wasn't just an elf. She was also part dragon.

As her legs slipped out while Azra screamed in orgasm, painting her stomach and chest in sticky white ooze, Helena was revealed to have scales running from her knees down to her feet, which looked more like paws matching those of the two ladies she now lay between. It was indeed a concerning alteration to the plan. Marta quickly sat the girl up and began toweling her off, having summoned a very warm, soft, fluffy cloth just as Azra might summon her mobile slate. During that drying off, another feature was discovered, making for less concern about the plan and more concern about sex drive. Helena was now in possession of a very impressively sized shaft and two heavy swells of apparently appropriate size. And they seemed to match Azra's own endowments.

Marta just shook her head and grinned. Already she was imagining pinning the girl down and riding that beast she now felt slapping at her thighs. Surely the elf had to know that had been added while she was in there. Otherwise it would make for a very big surprise. Then again, that might be fun to explore.

Once she was mostly dry, Helena was moved quickly over to lay against the still gasping 'mother' she had emerged from. Both girls wrapped their arms around one another, clinging tightly to each other. Marta smiled and gave then both a tender kiss, restraining her more lecherous proclivities for the moment.

"Congratulations. It's an elf!" the elder dragoness laughed.

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