Breakfast with a Sorceress - BTR 2

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The second chapter in a series of nine!

Awesome cover by Riddle August
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The night with Azra had gone far better than Helena had expected it to. When they awoke the next morning, they found they were more kindred spirits than they had first imagined. Hopefully now was a good time to reveal what Helena's real reason for visiting the dragoness. Surely, after a night like the one they shared, Azra wouldn't possibly be angry with her, would she? Helena would finally get to learn something about magic, right? As it turns out, she had quite a lot to learn, specifically about why humans are so hopeless when it comes to the mystical arts. But there's always a loophole around almost every rule.


Human, Dragon, Mild Hyper, Hermaphrodite, Magic, Cum Inflation, Unbirthing, Endosomatophilia

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

An unhappy growl woke the red dragoness. She yawned and lazily opened her eyes. There was no intention of moving from where she lay. She still had Helena pressed against her. They had not separated all night, including keeping the dragon's length nestled comfortably between the human's legs. The crimson woman breathed a slow, deep sigh as she let her eyes drift shut again, deciding that she would just go back to sleep so long as the human was still out. She was enjoying keeping an arm draped so casually across the gravid swell she had given the redhead the night before.

And then came the unhappy growl again.

Azra was awake enough now to know what it was. She was hungry. In all the fuss the night before, she had not bothered to eat dinner. And neither had Helena, she assumed. Breakfast did sound quite lovely. But in order to make that a reality, she would need to actually get up. And in truth, she didn't want to. Not while she had this lovely, smooth, soft creature in her arms; a creature that had practically thrown herself at the dragoness when it became clear that no harm would come.

"You've got a spell over me, even though you don't have any magic of your own." Azra snickered, then pressed the end of her muzzle into the sleeping girl's hair.

She inhaled the scent and held the breath for as long as she could. She wanted to keep the memory of Helena as strong and vivid as she could. It would be a fond recollection, one she would return to frequently. But she also had other reasons. A scent memory that powerful could possibly be used to trigger a full sensory flashback. How lovely would it be to just close her eyes, lift a small square of cloth imbued with Helena's scent to her nose, inhale, and relive the entire glorious night? It wasn't the first time she had done such a thing, but it had been a long while. And the scents she had collected over those many years had faded.

Helena's would be the first new one she had collected in ages, and the only one strong enough to leave her writhing in the sheets all over again. The rest were just too far gone.

Still, in spite of relishing the prospect of a new re-playable memory, Azra needed something to quiet her stomach. And Helena might as well. And why was there any reason to get up when she could have the food come to her? The dragoness lifted her arm and snapped her fingers, continuing to laze there next to her human guest. A place far across the room came alive with activity. It looked just as empty as Helena had thought it was the night before, but then a small kitchen appeared as if a cloak had dropped.

The stove was lit. A pan floated over to sit upon the flame. A tall white box opened to reveal all manner of provisions within, all kept well chilled for preservation. Four rather large eggs--each the size of an orange--drifted up out of a small cubby in the door where they had been nestled. An assortment of other items joined them, drifting through the air before they began the task of assembling themselves into a meal.

Soon, the smell of food cooking and sizzling began to waft across the room. It prompted another growl from the red drake's empty belly, making her squirm unhappily. She knew that would be fixed soon enough, but sometimes 'soon enough' just wasn't soon enough. A yawn caught her ears and she opened her eyes once again to watch her human companion stir back to life.

"Mmm, what's that I'm smelling? Bacon?" Helena managed to finally say in spite of her groggy mind.

"Breakfast will be ready in a moment. I figured something simple would be better than a big, elaborate meal. Especially if you're going to be heading out soon." Azra squeezed the lady in her arms before leaning in to give her a kiss on the cheek.

The human cooed happily at the show of affection. She shifted her hips and pushed back against the red lady she was wrapped up in. A sharp intake of breath was drawn from her as she felt the still rigid length twitch inside her. It was still there! In spite of the two of them being asleep, it was still there! And just as rock solid as it had been the night before!

"Yeah, about that-" the redheaded lady started.

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