Helena and the Dragon's Tower - BTR 1

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The first chapter in a series of nine!

Awesome cover by Riddle August
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Helena was interested in learning about magic. Humans didn't seem to have the ability to use it, so she decided to seek out an expert on such matters. Elves were too stuck up and closed off. They never wanted to share their knowledge of the mystical arts. So, Helena decided to pay a visit to a dragon. She knew it was quite possibly a bad idea, but she was not to be dissuaded. She couldn't begin to imagine just what this ancient creature was like or how angry they might be that she had intruded on their domain. Hopefully she'd be able to survive the encounter.


Human, Dragon, Mild Hyper, Hermaphrodite, Magic, Stomach Bulge, Cum Inflation

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

Helena stood before the tower, torch in hand, feeling quite nervous. The dying rays of daylight had long since stained the sky a collection of reds, oranges, and purples. Night was well on its way and she would need to seek shelter for the evening. It just so happened that the tower was all there was now that she had come so far. All the stories she had heard of this place had been tall tales, of course, but she could not shake the notion that they were in some way based in truth. Quietly, she went over those truths.

First, she knew there was a dragon that lived here. That was the whole point of coming. She had sought the only dragon she knew of in the region. They had become rather scarce over the last two or three generations, and even back then they weren't terribly prolific. But this was why she was here, to seek the dragon.

Second, she knew the dragon had powerful magic at its disposal. Again, that was the purpose of her coming so far. She was interested in this magic. Elves were the only human-like folk who could use magic. Sure orcs could but they weren't usually considered 'human-like' by most humans. Helena thought that to be rather backwards and at least a little racist. But the magic was the important part. Maybe this dragon might know how she could get around the rules. Humans had it imbued into them, the rule that they could not use magic. That didn't seem fair to her.

Third, she knew that this dragon did not enjoy visitors. Usually, those who returned did so in the grasp of intense fear. Many could scarcely recall what happened, simply waking up in the forest miles away, as if dumped there. Some where never heard from again. There were those who made regular visits, usually delivering goods requested by the beast. But that was strictly business and they never made mention of ever laying eyes on the scaled creature.

These were all facts that she knew. Surely she would have some protection if she went under the banner of student seeking a master. Maybe at the very least she would only be turned away without being eaten or maimed. Or whatever else the dragon might decide to do to her.

Helena looked up along the tower, seeing lights in its windows. It was made of stone, carved smooth as if polished, creating a graceful curve, tapering up towards the peak and fanning out into what could only be some sort of observation deck. It was actually rather beautiful, an architectural marvel. Its refined appearance somehow seemed slightly impossible. Especially given even the grandest of human castles still looked rough on the surface in comparison. It suggested that magic had been used in its construction, boding well for the young lady's quest.

Quest might have been a strong word to use here. Obsession was more accurate. Her drive to learn all she could about magic had made her something of an oddball among her village. She wasn't ostracized or looked down on and reviled. But the people did tend to give her a few extra paces wider berth when approaching. She was just a little... funny.

"Well, I've come this far. There's no point in stopping now that I'm this close." Helena said, took a breath, and continued walking.

It was at least a couple hundred meters to the base of the tower, which stood up from within the center of a three story wall that ringed it. There was clearly a broad space between the wall and the spire in the middle, likely an open area to be enjoyed without having to leave the confines of the dragon's home, or even be seen. The lady could only imagine what it might be like to peer over the ramparts.

No one who had been within could say what lay beyond. Either they were too terrified to remember, had somehow been relieved of any memory of it, or--and Helena put the most stock in this theory--they were feigning ignorance. Why? She could not say. It was a mystery that tantalized her.

The woman walked up the long, gentle hill leading to the tower and its bordering wall. Nothing stood nearby for at least a mile in all directions. The hill gently sloped upward from the edge of the forest that surrounded the entire clearing, ensuring that no one could just climb atop the tallest one and peer over the top of the wall.

As Helena drew closer, the wind picked up slightly, blowing her fiery red hair all about. She sputtered a little as a few strands managed to get caught in her lips, making her look and feel terribly undignified. If the dragon was watching, surely her fearless expression--or the best one she could put on--had been broken. So much for first impressions.

The vast wooden door stood before her, making her crane hear head up to see its pointed arch top standing several meters taller than her. Was it so big to accommodate the beast that lived within?

There was a smaller door set into the larger one, clearly cut out of the main face of it for people her size. There was even a small window for someone to peer out through, should there be anyone to do so on the inside. Helena approached the door within the door and rapped her knuckles hard on the aged wood. No answer came even after several moments of patient waiting. So she knocked again, as loudly as she could without hurting her hand. Again, there came no answer.

Just as Helena was about to knock a third time, this time preparing to bash the side of her fist to make as much noise as she could without scraping her knuckles, she received a response.

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