Changing Stripes

Awesome cover by Riddle August
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This story and the artist's account contain adult content.

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Dr. Eileen Taluhra was always enthusiastic about planetary surveys. The more isolated and on the fringe of known space, the better in her opinion. This particular trip wasn't going as well as she would have hoped. Her three interns weren't nearly as excited as she was. One of them was even being an outright problem. All the difficulties with inspiring those she was charged with instructing had started to get the poor zebra down.

None of the four, the only intelligent beings on the planet, expected to find a creature that just might make their trip a great deal more interesting. After all, it isn't every day one encounters a sentient goo monster, let alone gets infested by one.


Zebra, Gecko, Mink, Cat, Goo, Symbiote, Infestation, Corruption, Tentacle, Mild Mind Control, Inflation, Pregnancy, Body Modification, Breast Growth, Lactation, Nursing, Unbirth, Vore (soft), Endosomatophilia

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

Eileen continued her trek deeper into the wilds of the unknown planet. Her negativity was still gnawing at her, but she was putting up a good effort to fight it off. She had almost completely filled her collection of sample containers. She had one left, so it would need to be something special. And with the sun beginning to set, she would need to be heading back to camp soon. It was one thing to wander an unknown world alone. It was completely another to do so in the dark. That was a lesson she had learned the hard way on her third survey.

The zebra sighed as she looked over the small clearing she had made her way to. The odd trees, if they even qualified as such, had created a nest of tendrils and vines overhead that acted as a sort of canopy. It wasn't the first time she had seen such a feature on this world, but she still took scans of the occurrence, finding it quite intriguing. Maybe she would discover something deeper when she had a chance to analyze her sensor logs.

From what she could see, there wasn't anything unusual about this spot, at least compared to other such groves. It possessed a great deal of the same flora that she had found in several other hikes. Maybe she had found all there was to find about this particular region on the planet. If she wanted new samples, she would need to schedule a return trip and select a landing spot in a different climate. And it likely would be with different interns.

Eileen was sure she had a sample of each unique form of plant in the area, but she wasn't about to go back to camp with even one empty container. She hated heading back with empty containers. A duplicate would have to suffice. She looked around and found a fine specimen of what could have passed for a flower on this world and began to capture it inside the last remaining vessel. She had seen it many times before, but she wasn't going to discount the possibility that something about it could be different because of the grove. Just as she was finishing sealing the capsule, she felt something drip onto her arm.

It startled the equine woman, making her jump softly. She kicked herself for the foolish reaction and examined the site where she had been made damp. What she found was an odd, black, shiny discoloration on her fur. Eileen furrowed her brow and rubbed at it with her other palm, thinking it might be a simple secretion from the overhead vines from one of the 'trees'. The substance smeared across her fur, spreading thin, then it drew back to cover her with a certain degree of thickness. Eileen tried to rub it off again, but it refused to release her.

"What the devil is this?" she muttered to herself.

Another drop of the sludge landed on her, this time on her shoulder. It brought her attention away from the first. She began trying to rub that one off, but it was similarly stubborn. When a third landed on her, this time on her muzzle, it finally dawned on her that she might be under something that was drooling down on her exact location. That was when a hard lesson she had learned on her fifth survey clicked in her head.

Slowly, the zebra lifted her eyes and tilted them skyward. She didn't have much time to see it. What glimpse she did manage to catch was of a large glob of black ooze that was descending down upon her rather rapidly. If she didn't know better, she would have thought it was lunging at her, as if it had been lying in wait for prey.

A shriek of surprise and fear split the relative silence and Eileen fell onto her back. The ooze landed on her, pouring across her body, pinning her in its sticky mass. It swallowed her form, preventing her from struggling to free herself. When she was sure she was in serious trouble, she tried to scream, hoping someone back at the camp might be able to hear her. Before she could raise her voice, her head was consumed. It was over. She had been engulfed entirely. The black substance pulled itself into an orb, drawing the exobiologist into a ball within itself. Then it reached out for the vines and tendrils above, seeking its refuge. It hoisted itself up and returned to the protection of its hiding spot.

All that remained behind of Eileen was the single sample container she had not managed to stow in her pack before she had been taken.

The zebra tried to fight, terrified of what had become of her. None of the orbital scans from either probe or shuttle had shown any sign of a creature like this anywhere on the planet. Her own scans had not detected such an entity, and yet here she was, wrapped up inside one. Her squirms were futile, leaving her to grow more panicked. She could scarcely move, which meant she was using up precious energy.

Eileen's analytical mind kicked in and she stopped fighting. She tried to open her mouth to take a lungful of breath, but she couldn't even do that. And when she tried, she felt pressure from the ooze against her lips. Was it trying to force its way into her mouth? Was it because of some strange internal pressure or was it due to some other mechanism? She could feel movement around her, as if something was pressing against her. And it was uneven, like hands pushing in on her through the bottom of a hammock. It felt as if she were being examined. Was it trying to find a way into her elsewhere? Was it intelligent?

The heat was beginning to wear on the poor lady. She couldn't fight, she couldn't breathe, and she couldn't call for help. It wasn't looking good for her. At least she wasn't in pain. Surely if she was to be food, she would have started to feel the sting of digestion. That may yet come, she realized. It may be waiting for her to pass out before expending the energy to do so. Slowly, Eileen felt her strength drain out of her, and she began to feel dizzy. When she could not hold out any longer, she gave herself to her fatigue.

Whatever this thing was going to do to her, she could not fight it. This was going to be how her career came to an end, as well as her life. She was sure of it. As soon as she fell limp, the black ooze that matted her down and coated her completely began to worm its way into her mouth. Surely it intended to suffocate her. And yet, the sensation of burning lungs never came. She felt as though she was able to breathe just fine, but she never inhaled. As a matter of fact, she never felt the need to inhale.

What she felt was the ooze trying to seep down her throat. She couldn't fight it. She was so tired. The experience cast her mind back to a certain genre of adult entertainment she had--on the rare occasion--viewed but only while alone. In her bedroom. With certain mechanical assistance on stand by. She began to wonder if this creature was going to make her live that out as well.

Almost as if recalling the lewd imagery triggered the act, Eileen felt her thighs being spread open and pressure applied between them. A powerful shudder raced up her spine as her clothing did little to guard against the inquisitive blob. It pushed in under her shorts and found its way to her groin. The heat was surprisingly pleasant against her, and she found herself actually hoping it might go further. If she was to come to an end here and now, then at the very least she could maybe get one last jolt of joy out of life. As if on command, the ooze began trying to part her nethers just as it had her jaws. As soon as it started to flow in, Eileen let out a muffled moan. That was when she lost all sense of the world around her.