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Unusual Habitat

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Smokey was a zookeeper at an unusual zoo, and her primary responsibility was the care and feeding of one very unique creature. It was a sentient mass of goo that preferred to take the form of a large black leopard. Or was it a black leopard that gained the ability to turn into a sentient puddle of goo? It was hard to tell. Regardless of the circumstances of his gooeyness, Anima had special needs, and Smokey was well versed in them.  ...

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Changing Stripes

Awesome cover by Riddle August
You can find him on FurAffinity or on DeviantArt

Riddle's FA Page    Riddle's DA Page

This story and the artist's account contain adult content.

Finally got me a piece of cover art for this one! Took long enough. Riddle's awesome. Go check him out. He's got a lot of great stuff.

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You can also check out my author profile on Amazon to see the rest of my library. Don't want to buy on Amazon? I can't blame you! You can buy me a coffee over on Ko-Fi and I'll email you a copy!  ...

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