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Walking Serpent and Flying River

Cover by Fenrir Lunaris

Favorite the original here.

This story and the artist's account contain adult content.

This is my 40th book published on Amazon! And it's a big one! Over 105k words!

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Unusual Habitat

You’ll need to be logged in at SoFurry with your content filter set to allow ‘extreme’ content.

18+ years old only please!

Smokey was a zookeeper at an unusual zoo, and her primary responsibility was the care and feeding of one very unique creature. It was a sentient mass of goo that preferred to take the form of a large black leopard. Or was it a black leopard that gained the ability to turn into a sentient puddle of goo? It was hard to tell. Regardless of the circumstances of his gooeyness, Anima had special needs, and Smokey was well versed in them.  ...

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