Unusual Habitat

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Smokey was a zookeeper at an unusual zoo, and her primary responsibility was the care and feeding of one very unique creature. It was a sentient mass of goo that preferred to take the form of a large black leopard. Or was it a black leopard that gained the ability to turn into a sentient puddle of goo? It was hard to tell. Regardless of the circumstances of his gooeyness, Anima had special needs, and Smokey was well versed in them.

This is a gift story for Anima. Pamfer's a big cuddly puddle of sweet and I wanted to show some appreciation for his friendship and encouragement over the years.


Dragon, Black Leopard, Size Difference, Non-Anthro, Hyper, Goo, Hermaphrodite, Cum Inflation, Inflation, Unbirthing, Endosomatophilia, Pregnancy, Breast Growth, Cock Growth, Ball Growth

~ ~ ~ Story Sample ~ ~ ~

The visitors had all left. The front gates were closed. The zoo staff was beginning the process of closing down shop for the night. There was quite a lot to do, but there was one enclosure in particular that required special attention. That could only be provided by one keeper with the required expertise. The blue dragoness unlocked the gate that led into the indoor section of the habitat. It was closed and locked behind her by the other two who had followed but only that far. She was going in alone.

It wasn't bravery or stupidity that compelled the dragoness. It was merely an understanding of what this particular occupant required. He was friendly, under the right circumstances. It just so happened that he was in a decent mood today, so the azure lady was not at all nervous. Granted, she was never nervous when coming to see this rather unique specimen. He had a penchant for being eccentric, but never aggressive. Since he wasn't plainly visible in the indoor portion of his enclosure, it stood to reason he was likely in the outdoor portion. So, the lady turned and made her way out into the open where visitors could see the exhibit. There was no one watching currently.

"Alright sweetie, time to come out. You know what this is about." Smokey said.

She adjusted her light tan button down shirt, emblazoned with the zoo's logo just above the left breast. Hers had been designed to go without pockets on the chest since she already had enough weight there to contend with. As it was, the shirt had to be one of the few that were special ordered. The blue drake wasn't the only one who was so specially endowed. As it stood, she was just about too big to fit that size. Part of her wanted to order the next size up, but she had decided against it. She kind of enjoyed having a bit of cleavage popping out of her collar. It was why she left the top button undone.

A rustling of leaves came from off to the side, drawing her attention. The dragoness turned and put her paws on her broad hips, sighing a little. He was feeling playful apparently. That was only going to make this all take longer. Smokey didn't mind taking longer, but usually only once the whole thing actually got started. This toying with one's prey was a little tiresome.

"Come on. I know you're there. You might as well just show yourself so we can get started." Smokey called out.

The rustling continued, this time visibly within the center of her gaze. She frowned softly and walked her way over towards the bushes, her thick-soled shoes making the loud, heavy 'clomp' noise they were known for. It was a sound every animal in the zoo--keepers included--could identify. The dragoness leaned forward and began parting the shrubbery to peer under the cover to see if she could find her target. He wasn't there. Instead, there was a puddle of black ooze, thin and sticky. The branches had been lightly coated in it as it descended down, dripping into the puddle.

Smokey furrowed her brow for a brief moment, then was startled as the black puddle suddenly darted out of view as if dragged or slurped up. It was then that she noticed a prickling along the back of her neck. It was an old flight-or-fight response, triggered by a sense that there was a predator watching, waiting to strike. She had made a cardinal mistake. She had assumed the motion had been her target. It had been a distraction and nothing more. A new rustling came from somewhere behind the lady. Her heart rate jumped and her ears swiveled about, trying to pinpoint the source. In the back of her mind, she knew it was already too late.

A warm, wet sensation began to slip around Smokey's ankles, seeping down into her shoes and running up her calves. She couldn't move them. Whatever it was that was wrapping around her was holding her in place with incredible strength. She grunted and struggled for a moment in utter futility. It took her only seconds to understand it was pointless. By then, the moist heat had washed up over her knees and was quickly rushing up over her thighs. There was a tingle associated with the contact suggesting whatever it was spreading over her was reacting with her smooth hide. It felt akin to a massage, but on a finer scale and all over whatever the substance covered.

A gasp was forced out of the blue lady as the black ooze worked its way up into the legs of her shorts, far too short to be truly appropriate for public display. But then the zoo wasn't known for modesty. That was how she got away with showing so much of her chest. The ooze dove for her groin and began sinking in against all the crevices and features found there. The bulge in the groin of her shorts suddenly twitched and squirmed. Her length was already working on expanding outward, but with the added mass, it made it look like she was far better equipped than she was. That was something she might have to toy with later. As soon as her petals were spread and 'kissed' by the odd ooze, a moan filled the area.

"Oooo okay... mmm, you caught me," Smokey said, "Now what are you going to do with me?"

A rush of warm, humid breath washed over the back of the lady's neck. Her mane should have stopped it from getting to her hide so easily, but then she could feel a muzzle pressed oh so gently against her neck. It had spread the grey locks out of the way so that the creature she had come to visit could run his tongue along her spine and take in her scent.

"You were more foolish than usual. I could have just snapped you up whenever I wanted." answered a voice, deep, husky, and seductive.