Not Going Extinct 6

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Harriet was nervous about an interview she was scheduled for the next day. Really, it was more an audition. Jenny had got her an in at Bump in the Night. And at her suggestion, the more timid of the two bunnies loaded back up on eggs from their resident egg-factory. Still, she was fretting about it quite a bit. Steve, being the big softy everyone in their shared household knew him for being, offered her all the comfort he could provide; a nice comforting tummy to sleep inside.

Ally took note of how sweet he was being and provided him with a little reward for being so kind.

This is part of the ongoing series I'm writing for Riddle August as ideas come to the both of us. Expect to see more. Also, expect to see some of these folks continue to show up in Bump in the Night.


T-Rex, Rabbit, Human, Pregnancy, Male Pregnancy, Oviposition, Eggs, Size Difference, Vore (soft), Endosomatophilia, Oral, Deep Throat, Cum Inflation, Anal, Belly Worship, expansion, Inflation, Male breasts, Lactation, Male lactation, Masturbation

~ ~ ~ Story Sample ~ ~ ~

"So, tomorrow." Steve said.

"Yeah, tomorrow." Harriet replied.

The two sat on a large, luxurious bed that had been custom ordered by the lady rex who owned the house. It was where Steve regularly slept. Harriet had joined on rare occasion, more so in recent weeks. Ever since the visit they all paid to Bump in the Night, their friendship had undergone a bit of a transformation. That combined with the shift that had occurred back when Ally introduced the group to her curious fascination with consuming someone produced a rather unique relationship between the egg-making fellow and his lapine companion.

In spite of everything they had done together though, there were still moments of hesitation in being open with each other. Harriet had difficulty expressing herself when she was nervous or frightened. She chalked it up to being a bunny. People always joked about how they were afraid of everything, so she tended to try to bury any sign of irrational anxiety. Steve had known her long enough where he could see when she was putting on a brave face.

"I know you're nervous. You wanna talk about it?" he asked.

"Can't imagine how it will help. It won't change what's coming. I'll still be nervous after." Harriet replied.

"I get it. It's something new. You've never tried it before. It's scary putting yourself out there like that. God, if you could have seen me on my interview back at the bad place." Steve said, adding a little chuckle at the end.

'The Bad Place' had referred to the dreadful time he had spent working retail alongside Harriet at the big box electronics store they both had ultimately been fired from. She had been the only part of the job he had really enjoyed. She had kept him sane in a place that was desperate to suck the soul out of him. When things had gotten rough, she had stood up for him. Because of that, he would do anything to help her feel better.

"Yeah, the bad place. I actually considered calling back up and seeing if I could get my old job back. I hated it there, but I was good at it. This just... feels... so foreign." Harriet said.

She ran a palm over her stomach. It was rather pronounced, not quite as swollen as the morning after she had let Steve fill her up in their drunken stupor, but she was still quite large. Her legs were still aching; not from the memory of what he had done to her that night, but from just moments ago. The 'brood mother' rex had just deposited another clutch of eggs in her. It had been at her hesitant request. The source of the hesitation wasn't so much that it was Steve that had done it. She had gotten used to that. It was that she was going to go for a job interview in this state, gravid. Jenny had told her it would look good and help her get in if she sported a pregnant-looking tummy. Bump in the Night was a curious place where being heavy of middle was part of the job, so going already loaded up increased one's chances of being hired.

"Tell me about it. I've been making eggs like this for what... nearly six months now? I'm still not used to it yet. It feels really good, but I can't help but feel weird about it still. And this is still really new too. I'm still reeling at the fact that we... you know..." Steve said, trailing off as he ran a palm over his stomach, then reached over to give Harriet's belly a light nudge.

"Well, yeah, that's all real new and I'm having a hell of a time wrapping my head around it. But I was referring to the idea of purposefully getting swollen like I'm pregnant for a job interview. That's just so bizarre to me. And then there's the fact that I suck at dancing." Harriet said.

"You're gonna do great. Jenny's already put in a good word for you. And if you don't wanna dance, she said you can be a waitress. They don't have to have the constant changes to belly size like most of the dancers. You said you thought food service might be better than retail. This might be really great for you. Just go be the you I saw when I first made friends with you and you'll crush it." Steve said, trying to be as supportive as possible.

As he reached out to wrap an arm around the smaller lady's shoulders, the sound of a high power blower system kicked on behind the closed door of the bathroom. The shower had turned off only a little while earlier. Ally was using the dryer booth Steve had finally gotten around to setting up last month. She was in love with the thing and used it whenever she got the opportunity. With it getting colder out, it was a marvelous way for all four roommates to warm up and dry off.

It meant that Ally was nearly done with her bedtime preparations and would be coming out soon. Steve and Harriet wanted to be ready for bed by the time she was as well. The tawny-feathered fellow lifted his gaze from his lapine friend and turned to look at the closed door. Chances were good Ally would want to get physical when she came out. Better to put Harriet to bed so she wouldn't end up hurt by any of it. He turned back to look at the bunny, still a little mystified by how everything in his life had turned out.

"She'll probably be ready in a few minutes." he said.

"Yeah, probably. I'm ready to be tucked in." Harriet replied.

Steve nodded and pulled the bunny closer, offering her a fond, one-armed hug to help ease her nerves a little. She pressed in against his side, wrapping both arms around him as far as she could reach. It wasn't quite as difficult as usual. He wasn't quite as round as he usually was. He looked like he had a small potbelly rather than his usual near-to-term look he had been trying to keep himself hovering around. That seemed to be the ideal size for enjoying rubbing and maintaining mobility. Since he had just given Harriet a decent portion of his clutch, he was feeling emptier than usual. Her hug warmed him through, giving him reason to wish he was still as big as he had been before Ally and Jenny headed into the bathroom to shower.

"Alright, let's get you put to bed then." Steve said.