We'll Need A Bigger Tower - BTR 5

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The fifth chapter in a series of nine!

Awesome cover by Riddle August
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When you're attempting to help save an entire species from extinction, it's going to take more than one person doing the heavy lifting. That was why Helena thought it might be a wise idea to bring on a volunteer or two. And what better place to start than with her old boyfriend, Andrew? Sure, their relationship had not been terribly deep or serious, but they were still very good friends. There wasn't any reason to think he would be averse to at least coming to help out around the tower.

Of course, the offer she had in mind went a little beyond just being a live-in helper. There were a lot of dragons they had to make after all. And Marta was champing at the bit to get her claws on her own red elf.


Elf, Human, Dragon, Pregnancy, Hermaphrodite, Hyper, Oral, Vore (soft), Endosomatophilia, Magic, Belly Worship, Male Pregnancy, Cock Vore, Masturbation

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

Helena turned heads easily as she wandered down the side of the street. Granted, an extremely pregnant elf-dragon wearing only just enough to cover her shame would turn heads pretty much anywhere. The fact that it was a small town just ensured that word would get around that a newcomer had blown in from somewhere far away. She knew the streets well, recognizing the shops, finding it amusing that no one could identify her in spite of very little having changed about her face. Then again, there were a few people she didn't want to be recognized by. Such was the life in a close-knit community. Small towns had a nasty habit of having bullies and gossips. And she was sure to bend the ear of anyone who would listen to the story of her arrival.

Still, it was kind of nice being back home, even if only for a short while.

Marta and Azra had wanted to come with her, fearing that letting their little experiment get too far away might mean she might get hurt or some imprudent high elf might decide to snatch her up. It took some convincing, but eventually, Helena put their fears to rest. She was a powerful magic wielder now. It meant she was going to be a difficult target to pin down. And a pair of dragons walking down the sidewalk might make people run in fear. Or they might stop to worship them. Neither was the reaction Helena wanted. And while worshipers might be fun, the two dragons decided it wasn't worth the trouble that might follow.

As the gravid lady strolled casually, she had to stop and tuck herself back into her top from time to time. She had foolishly left the tower without getting her clothing resized to fit. Since her pregnancy had started, she had continued to grow steadily; slowly but steadily. And her bust had simply refused to stay put in the skimpy, scant little bikini-like top. Back in the tower, that wasn't a problem. In fact, it was enjoyed. Out in public, it tended to cause issues.

Sure, she could use magic to address the size concern, but it turned out she found it rather amusing. The locals, the authorities especially, might not share her sense of humor though. So she tried her best to stay at least somewhat within the bounds of decency.

It didn't matter to her that much. She wouldn't be staying in town but a short while. She was there on a mission, and she wasn't interested in lingering too long. Either she would get the answer she was looking for or she wouldn't. Her stay would be far too short to become much of a problem with the locals. Without saying more than a few passing words of greeting to those she passed, Helena made her way through the small town to a workshop known for making repairs to various forms of personal conveyance. The magical mechanic shop looked rather quiet from the street, and she couldn't see the person she had come to speak to.

Rather than walk in and ask the owner--who was a notorious womanizer and likely would be too distracted by the lady on the verge of spilling out of her top--Helena continued on, changing her destination. When she reached a complex of shared housing not far from the edge of town, she marched herself up to one of the smaller units and knocked on the door. Many passing by just stared at the curvy half-dragon as she waited for someone to answer. And when that answer came, it was one of confusion and surprise.

"H-hello? C-can I help you?" asked a young man of dark complexion.

"Hey Andrew! Long time no see! How've you been?" Helena smiled brightly, not showing any of the outward aggressive motions she truly wanted to, trying to restrain herself and not come on too strong.

For a moment, the young man squinted at the red elf, wondering just how it was this strange woman knew who he was. Then, in a moment of revelation, his eyes widened and he clapped his hands over his mouth.

"Helena!?" his shock was rather profound.

"That's me! The one and only! Can I come in? My feet are killing me." the lady continued to smile just as brightly as ever.

"Sure! Sure! Yes, of course! Come in! Sit!" Andrew immediately stepped back and to the side, letting her enter.

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