Stage Magic - Santa Vaca Book 2

Cover by Violet Cannon

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This story and the artist's account contain adult content.

After a lengthy gap in publication, I've gotten something written at long last! We get to see a slightly different view of the city, showing its more Vegas-like side.

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It's something of a gamble going to a magic show. Either you get a performer who just doesn't have a terribly good act--or maybe they're just not very skilled--or you find a show that is truly remarkable. The people of Santa Vaca would be hard pressed to think of Jasmine's act as anything other than the latter. Her introduction alone is something of a show stopper, a fresh spin put on a classic trick. And she doesn't stop there.

Being an attention junkie like most performers are, Jasmine likes to push the envelope. Hopefully, this won't be the act where she ends up in over her head.


Rabbit, Tiger, Magic, Size Difference, Vore (soft), Belly, Cock Vore, Anal Vore, Endosomatophilia, Hammerspace, Unbirthing, Pregnancy, Predscape, M/M, Gay, Anal, Masturbation

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

The show was sold out. Granted it was a small venue, but it was standing room only. That excited the audience. Seeing that many in the crowd meant the show had to be good, right? Well more than half the room was made up of tourists, but only those who weren't tourists themselves were aware of that fact. At least there would be enthusiasm. A local crowd was always harder to impress. The vacationing guests who had no experience with--and sometimes no knowledge whatsoever of--the nature of the show or even the city they were in always made for easy crowds.

"Distinguished guests, The Golden Sands Hotel and Casino is proud to introduce tonight's entertainment! Please give a very big round of applause for The Amazing Jasmine and the beguiling Montero Brothers!" announced a very energetic disembodied voice.

A powerful, bass-heavy thump pulsed through the room as the act's selected music began to blast from the speakers. The throbbing sound made the floor shake as a group of four tigers emerged from either side of the relatively small stage, two from each side. They moved in time with the beat, dressed in nothing but close-fitting shorts that ran almost down to their knees. Stripes of sequins twinkled in the stage lights, creating the illusion of the pattern that would be visible in their fur were the shorts not present. The four, large, well-toned felines put on an impressive display of choreography, taking firm hold of the audience's attention. It was making for a good show so far, but 'The Amazing Jasmine' had yet to appear. No one complained though, not when they had quite the quartet holding the room's focus so well.

The dance routine carried only for only a minute or two as the four tigers worked together to set up the next part of the show, confusing the crowd a little with their actions. They brought forth a sturdy looking stool, thick and heavy, but easily empty and providing a view directly through its legs to show nothing in between them. It was positioned to one side, roughly one third of the way across the stage from one of the edges. Then came a curious article indeed, a black top hat with a red stripe just above the brim. One of the tigers placed it atop the stool upside down, making the audience wonder if they were about to pull something out of it as was a common trope for stage magic.

The music reached a peak, then fell silent as a pair of white rabbit ears suddenly poked up out of the hat. A series of gasps passed through the crowd as they watched. The ears rose higher and higher, showing they were connected to a head, complete with smiling face. The rabbit winked at the audience as she reached up with both arms. The four tigers serving as her backup dancers reached out and took her arms. They lifted her up and out of the seemingly mystical item, but only so far as to let her take a seat on the brim of the hat. It left her legs still dangling down into the magical abyss from wince she had emerged. She sat there, not tipping the hat over by some unknown means. Her paws moved to her hips as the music whipped back up into a frenzy. It was her grand entrance, a magician rabbit being pulled from her own hat. It was quite a trick indeed.

Once The Amazing Jasmine had made her appearance and the audience had been given sufficient time to react, she lifted her legs the rest of the way out of the hat, spun to the side, and hopped down onto the stage. She was considerably shorter when compared to the four tigers that danced about behind her, making sure not to steal too much focus from the 'star' of the show. Of course, anyone might feel or look short compared to them. They were quite impressive to look at, easily more than two meters tall. Jasmine herself could not have been more than a meter and a half. Her slim cut coat with tails, crimson one-piece suit underneath, fishnet sleeves and leggings, and bow tie all gave her a very classical 'stage magician' appearance while still looking quite flattering on her.

"Good evening! How is everyone doing tonight!?" the rabbit cried in a terribly chipper tone.

The audience replied with a roar of applause and several cheers. The rabbit grinned back at the crowd, slowly walking her way across the stage in a very practiced strut. She was already soaking up the energy they were showering her with, letting it pump her up for the rest of the show. Her tigers all came to a stop as the music fell silent again. The poses they struck were somewhat provocative--again--not going too far to draw focus.

Patiently, the magician waited for the audience to die down before she spoke again.

"Oh I think we've got a good crowd here tonight! Lemme see a show of paws! Who here is visiting Santa Vaca for the first time!?" Jasmine asked.

Immediately, a number of paws shot into the air, well over a third of the crowd. Most of the tourists had never been to the city before. A few of them had. The rest were locals. Jasmine had developed a bit of an eye for pointing out who wasn't there just to do the 'tourist' thing. She had gotten pretty good at it too. With a wave of her own paw, she politely requested the group put their arms back down.

Tonight would be easy. It was always easy when so many newcomers were present. They had a tendency to produce an infectious energy that would even get the locals stirring more than usual.

"Well I'm glad to see so many of you decided to visit our fair city, and decided to come see my show! I promise you a night you will never forget! After all, what kind of visit to Santa Vaca is complete without a trip to see some magic? My name is The Amazing Jasmine and I thought we would start off tonight with something kind of simple, get you all comfortable with the mystical arts," the rabbit said, working her arms and paws in a gesture that emphasized 'mystical', "Then work our way up to something more impressive. You probably noticed my magic hat already. It's kind of required to have one of those when you're a magician, and of course, you have to pull a rabbit out of it. Lucky me, I happen to have one that's just the right size!"

Jasmine gestured to herself, getting a laugh from a goodly number of the members of the audience. Her comedy game wasn't terribly strong, but then that wasn't what the show was necessarily about. She strolled back over to the hat and lifted it off the stool. With a practiced hand, she flipped it about in the process of landing it on her head, right square between her ears. Now, it looked as ordinary as when it had been brought out initially. How she had managed to fit inside it, or even through it, was suddenly a mystery.

The show proceeded with a couple of standard tricks; pulling cards seemingly from nowhere, a wand that she summoned from within her hat even though it appeared to contain nothing, and a simple levitation demonstration. It began with the hat itself, lifting off her head without the use of her paws. Then it went on to moving the stool across the stage to the other side. It ended with Jasmine herself lifting her legs up into a crossed, meditative pose with nothing holding her up. She hovered there, 'seated' in the air as the crowd applauded. The rabbit shot her legs back down and bounced on her paws in excitement, energized so entirely by how well the show was going. They hadn't even gotten to the 'good stuff' yet.

Jasmine moved on to a couple of the more complex and impressive 'illusions'. To the audience, that's what they were, nothing more than clever ways of fooling the crowd. For her though, they weren't illusions. Of course, she would never reveal that to them. She had to maintain a degree of mystery, otherwise no one would come to the show. The most impressive trick of the whole set to that point had been something that usually didn't get too much of a reaction. Her twist on the old idea breathed new life into it. She entered the crowd and had someone sign a handkerchief she provided. Then, she stuffed it into her hat. After that, she proceeded to use the classic 'endless scarves' routine, complete with the signed handkerchief appearing somewhere in the middle. She made them come from her hat, from one of her ears, from an ear belonging to one of her tigers, and even from the pocket of someone in the crowd.

She was absolutely knocking everyone dead with how she seemed to be able to do so much with so little. Then it came time for what was referred to as the show stopper. A tall cabinet, oblong with nothing but right angles all around, was wheeled out onto the stage. It was raised up on a rolling stand that gave the spectators a lovely view through to the back of the stage, proving there wasn't a trap door for someone or something to slip through, either in or out. All four sides opened and the cabinet was spun to show that it was truly empty, just as easy to see through to the back curtain as the stand holding it up.

"For this, I'm going to need a volunteer from the audience. Anyone feeling brave enough to trust me with their safety?" Jasmine asked.

A few paws sprung up from the crowd. There had to be a dozen or so. That was a better reaction than the rabbit had expected, which pleased her. It meant she had her pick of the room essentially. Without missing a beat, Jasmine was out on the floor, moving through the room. She let her gaze move slowly across the group, ignoring the paws that were raised. It was a lovely little means to build anticipation. The rabbit worked her way to the back of the small room where a row of tables stood, each one occupied by two or three guests each. She stopped in front of one that was populated by a very large, very muscular horse with a shimmering mane and a brilliant horn crowning his forehead, accompanied by a slim, timid, bespectacled dragon of the Lung variety.

Jasmine paused and grinned at the 'noodle dragon' for a moment. She thought he might do nicely if she could convince him. He had not lifted his paw, and he looked terribly nervous. Sometimes she could coax one of the less adventurous types up onto the stage and have a little fun with them. The unicorn put on a broad grin as he watched her take note of his companion.

"Hey there, you look like you might enjoy a quick little adventure. Whadaya say? Wanna give the magic cabinet a whirl?" Jasmine asked.

"Oh… I… but… I didn't raise my paw. I'm… oh… no I don't think… no… no I wouldn't… I'm too nervous… I get terrible stage fright!" the poor blue dragon said with extreme difficulty.

The rabbit frowned sadly. She understood that kind of fear all too well, and she wasn't about to force him into it if he was about to end up paralyzed. So, she moved on, opting to select someone who actually had a paw raised.

"It's alright, don't worry about it. I just thought I'd offer," the lapine magician said before turning to a lioness practically vibrating in her seat, "You, Miss! You look like you're about to burst if I don't pick you!"

"Yes! I love magic shows! I've always wanted to get pulled up on stage!" the feline cried with glee.

"Well then come along, we've got a show to keep going! Let's give these fine folks something to gossip about for the rest of the week!" Jasmine said, leading the lioness back up on stage.

The tiger dancers all flocked to the new feline's aid, guiding her towards the cabinet and making sure to treat her as though she were terribly important, maybe a celebrity or perhaps royalty. It made the lady blush and giggle as she was brought towards the mystical article of furniture that was supposed to make her vanish.

"So, I just climb in?" the lioness asked.

"Hold on, I know you're excited but we need to cover a couple of things first!" Jasmine answered with a cackle, enjoying the lady's enthusiasm, "First of all, can you please confirm for the audience that this cabinet is indeed as it appears, open all the way through, no trap doors or gadgets that might make for an impromptu form of cover?"

The feline volunteer nodded and began inspecting the cabinet, all four of its doors still open as she looked about. She ran her paws up and down the four supports in the corners, worked the doors back and forth, and inspected the bottom and the top. She found no reason to be suspicious of it, and she had been really trying.

"It looks pretty ordinary to me!" the lioness said, making sure to raise her voice so the whole room could hear her.

Jasmine appreciated that little touch. So few people understood the difficulties that came with volunteers that didn't project when they spoke. Maybe this lady had been on stage a time or two in the past.

"Excellent! Now, I need to ask that you step inside the cabinet, centered as best you can. We're going to close all four doors around you. It might get a little cramped. You're not claustrophobic, are you?" Jasmine asked, pretending as though she was concerned about forgetting to ask before selecting the lioness.

"No! Not at all! I can handle closed spaces just fine! Am I gonna disappear? Be whisked away to some other plane of existence or far off land?" the lioness asked.

That prompted a few giggles from the audience. They all felt like they were being brought in on some kind of joke, which Jasmine had hoped for. She loved making sure the audience felt like they were part of the show, even in some small way.

"You'll disappear, then reappear. Where you'll go, I cannot say. Some say it is a dark and mystical place. Others say this cabinet serves as a portal to a world of monsters and fantastical creatures!" Jasmine paused, then changed her tone, "You're sure you wanna do this?"

Again, the audience laughed. So did the lioness. She nodded vigorously, far too excited to be part of the show to back out now.

"I don't care if you send me to Garden State so long as you bring me back!" the volunteer cried, then cackled.

"Oh! No, my dear! I would never send you to such a place!" Jasmine fired back, happy to keep in line with the good natured slight to the region in question, "Now, please make sure to secure any belongings you might have in your pockets. We wouldn't want anything getting lost while you go on your little trip!"

The lioness patted down her jeans and gave the rabbit a thumbs up. She was then ushered into the cabinet as the doors were closed around her. The one at the front was left open for a moment longer to offer the audience one last view of the intrepid volunteer, and one last view for the volunteer of the world she was leaving behind, if only for a few moments. The last door was closed and Jasmine waved her wand, made a grand gesture as if she were summoning some sort of magical power, and then stabbed both arms forward as if she were casting. In that instant, the cabinet doors all flew open, revealing it was empty once again! The lioness was gone!

The audience gasped and made all manner of noises of astonishment. The cabinet was spun about to show that there was indeed no sort of trick involved like a curtain that had dropped in place to hide the woman. It was truly empty! Jasmine grinned out at the crowd, then motioned for the tigers to close the cabinet back up again.

"Shall I bring our fearless volunteer back from the beyond?" she asked.

The crowd cheered in unison, giving their answer in the affirmative. As if she were submitting reluctantly to their collective will, Jasmine rolled her eyes and pretended to be disappointed.

"Okay, if I've got to! I suppose I could!" she said, drawing a few chuckles from the crowd.

The rabbit waved her wand again and went through the same motions, stabbing her arms forward once she had performed her routine sufficiently. The cabinet's doors didn't fly open this time. It remained perfectly still. Instead, there came a knock from within. Jasmine leaned towards the cabinet, lifting a paw to her ear as if she were having trouble hearing. The tigers moved back to the cabinet and opened the front of it, revealing the lioness who had vanished just seconds earlier, returned, whole and unharmed. The audience cheered the instant they caught sight of her, some even leaping out of their seats to applaud.

"That was incredible! Where in the world was I!?" she cried.

"Now if I told you that, I might end up spoiling the trick!" Jasmine said with a wink.

"Well it certainly wasn't Garden State!" the woman replied, cackling all over again, and even prompting the audience to join in on the laughter.

The lioness was escorted off the stage by the rabbit's four tiger dancers, one of them lingering at the edge of the stage as he helped her down. He offered the woman an enticing smile and a wink, flirting with her as she walked down onto the floor below. The lioness giggled, blushed, and hurried back to her seat. Jasmine took note of this and raised an eyebrow.

"Slow down there, tiger! The folks aren't here to see you, they're here to see me!" the rabbit said, then turned to look back into the crowd.

She struck a pose, one paw on her hip, the other lifted high over her head. One leg was lifted, bent at the knee, keeping her ankle pressed against the other leg keeping her standing. It was a lovely pin-up pose, meant to ensure all eyes turned to her. The tiger turned to look at her, not taking kindly to such a scolding. That was when things took a bit of a turn.