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Rachael had been dealing with a lot of crap at her work. You have some intense times when you run a huge, magical library/warehouse filled with mystical artifacts of all sorts. She wanted to go to the beach and she wasn't going to go alone. Bobert meanwhile was feeling lazy and wanting to stay inside where there was air conditioning. Good thing the big tiger lady had all sorts of ways to entice her boyfriend to join her.

This is a commission for Bobert Ottah, not specifically a sequel to "Drink Responsibly" but certainly related since it's the same characters. The image attached is by him, and it was kind of what inspired his idea for the story.

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Bobert and Rachael at the beach


Tiger, Otter, Size Difference, Hyper, Magic, Public Nudity, Nursing, Lactation, Anal, Oral, Cunnilingus, Cum Inflation, Unbirthing, Pregnancy, Endosomatophilia

~ ~ ~ Story Sample ~ ~ ~

Frustrated Tiger and Lazy Otter

"Ugh! I'm just so done with this week!" Rachael cried.

The big tigress flopped onto the oversized couch that was still slightly too small for her. As she dropped her bulky, muscular, and terribly impressive frame into her seat, a small otter was suddenly propelled upward into the air. It was a reaction akin to the inflatable 'bouncing bags' used to entertain children on a lake or similar body of water. One would be sitting on the bag, another would jump onto it, and it would send the first one flying off into the water. Bobert didn't have the luxury of a lake in the house to catch him. Thankfully, his trajectory was such that he didn't travel very far. He ended up landing right back where he was, though he found himself pointed the wrong way up. He had let out a loud yelp while flailing about in the air, then grumbled once he had landed again.

Rachael blushed a little seeing she had disrupted the poor fellow's state. She watched him work to right himself and offered a sheepish grin.

"Oh… heh, sorry about that. I thought you heard me coming so you could brace." she said.

"It's fine. My fault for not paying attention," Bobert said, putting his phone away since the treasure trove of online videos had been the source of his distraction, "Trouble in paradise? I thought you loved it at your job."

The tigress sighed gently in relief when she saw her boyfriend was unharmed and no worse for the wear.

"Ordinarily, yeah! I usually love it at the library! But this week has just worn me out!" the striped feline replied, terribly vexed, "It started off with needing to re-inventory one whole wing after it was decided that it wasn't 'organized correctly'. That set the tone for the rest of the week since a third of the staff had to be pulled from other projects to make it happen on time. Then we had a rookie mishandle a class three artifact."

Bobert lifted a paw to his face and sighed. He slouched in his seat, expecting to hear that they suddenly had a vacancy to fill, which would only bring more stress to the already taxed lady.

"Is he okay, at least?" the otter asked.

"I'll let you know as soon as he's able to pull himself into a solid shape again. The medical staff scooped him up in a bucket. For someone who doesn't have any bones in his jaw, dude sure can scream real good. He's freaked out, and honestly who wouldn't be. But otherwise, he's healthy… for a living, breathing, talking puddle. After that, someone misplaced the copy of the manifest we were working from so we had to request a new copy, which took a full day and raised a pretty big stink back in filing. It was all pretty much downhill from there. Nothing serious, no life-threatening or world-ending catastrophes; just a lot of paperwork and a lot of headaches. At least it's all handled now." Rachael explained.

"Okay, yeah, that does sound pretty awful. Gonna take it easy tonight?" Bobert asked, sympathetic to the big lady's plight.

"I'm thinking about going and doing something fun to relax. This whole week has been tedious and mentally draining. I wanna do something that doesn't require a lot of thinking, but isn't just laying around the house binge watching TubeFlix," the tigress answered, "The beach sounds like a damn fine idea if you ask me. Sun, sand, and surf. Just soaking it all in and letting the week melt away. Mmm, I can hear the waves already."

That wasn't quite what the otter had wanted to hear. He frowned a little and sunk back into his spot on the couch, leaning back against the arm where he had been reclined, watching his phone.

"I dunno. The beach is gonna be crowded and hot. I think I'd like to be somewhere that's got air conditioning." Bobert said.

"Oh don't be a stick in the mud!" Rachael chided, then grinned down at her boyfriend, "We could eat at that place right there on the beach that serves nothing but fresh seafood. I remember how much you liked their crab. You just walk up even if you're wearing a swimsuit. No real dress code. How's that sound?"

"Eh, yeah, I suppose that'd be nice but… I'm just not feeling being out in the heat right now. I hate feeling sticky and having all the life sapped out of me because of the sun." the otter replied.

Rachael frowned again, then pulled her lips back into a grin once more.

"I'll wear that sexy bikini I know you like. Everyone will be staring at me and you'll get to be the lucky guy at my side. Everyone will be super jealous of you." she said, trying to win him over however she could.

It was true that she was quite a sight to behold when she was in her bikini. Heads always turned when she was clad in something that left so little to the imagination. If someone wasn't leering at her nearly nude figure--as full and impossible to miss as it was--then either they weren't interested in ladies or they were blind. For a moment, it looked like she might have gotten through to the otter.

"I'd like to see that," Bobert said quietly as he slouched again, "Maybe… you could wear it… around the house?"

Rachael just stared down at him with an intense lack of amusement. Of course she would have to use the cheapest of cheap tricks. It never failed, though she was a little annoyed that the prospect of his girlfriend being nearly naked wasn't enough to stir him to life any more than the slight jostling she saw from him. Clearly the otter was feeling far too cozy for sex to drive him at the moment. It was rare, but it happened.

"There will be beer." Rachael said flatly.

"Okay, I'm in." Bobert replied immediately.

The tigress rolled her eyes and sighed. At least she knew that worked. She knew that it wasn't that he liked beer more than he loved her. It was more a matter of needing just that little extra nudge on top of all the coaxing and bribery. Still, she wished the prospect of her bikini had been enough. The timing of both moods was just terribly unfortunate.

"I'll get the ice chest ready. You go get changed and pack the beach bag. Don't forget the conditioner." Rachael said.

"Got it! Even picked up a brand new bottle of the stuff last week!" the otter said as he bounded out of the room headed to go do as he was told.

The tigress sighed and rolled her eyes once more, then headed to the kitchen. They would probably need to stop for ice to fill the ice chest the rest of the way, and pick up more beer to fill it with. There wasn't much of either to be had in the house. And she wasn't going to be made a liar of. At least the 'Sand Shak' would have plenty of libations, many of them cold and suitably mentally lubricating. Maybe once she got a couple of drinks in the both of them, Bobert would loosen up a bit and she'd be able to let go of the mood she was trying so desperately to rid herself of.

"Gotta promise him fish, crab, and booze… s'not enough that his girlfriend's legendary tits would be on display. Little punk is lucky I love him so much." she muttered to herself as she began her own preparations.