Birth Stones

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It is a common practice when buying jewelry for someone special in your life for it to contain a precious stone of some sort, and often that stone portends to the month that special someone was born in, their birth stone. In this case, Seg had spent a good while figuring out the setting for this piece of jewelry, but knew exactly what kind of stone to put in it. It didn't have anything to do with what month Smokey had been born in, but rather would stand to symbolize his presence along the big gator's waistline once he was in. They had been talking about the adoption ceremony for a while, and as soon as Seg envisioned a dangly piercing hanging from his navel with a brilliant blue gemstone, imagining how it would feel when the little dragon gave it a kick from under his hide. That mental image sold him on the idea and the two never looked back. Instead, they were more interested in planning the 'pre-natal party' the night before, the unbirthing ceremony version of a bachelor party.

This is just a fun, non-canon story idea Seg and I had been bouncing around. It started off as Seg attending someone else's ceremony, but while we were discussing how such a ceremony would work, we both agreed it would just make things super easy (not to mention really cute) if it was Seg's and Smokey's ceremony, beacuse why not?

Segremores is (C) himself
Agro Alba is (C) themself
All other characters are mine


Alligator, Owl, Dragon, Dragoness, Hermaphrodite, Pregnancy, Male Pregnancy, Cock Vore, Cum Digestion, Reformation, Hyper, Cum Inflation, Vore (soft), Endosomatophilia, Exhibitionism, Unbirthing, Age Regression, Impregnation, Messy

~ ~ ~ Story Sample ~ ~ ~


"Let's get another one over here for the 'birthday boy'!" shouted a large, inebriated, white alligator.

He had taken to using the slightly inaccurate moniker for the smaller, round bellied, blue dragon seated next to him. The party had been quite a hit so far. Even the gator's spouse was indulging. The barn owl sat on the other side of the blue dragon, appearing to be struggling with something that kept them moaning. A pair of paws, complete with webbed toes, vanished into their throbbing mast. A length of thick, muscular tail was slurped up shortly after. Their normally rather average sized sac had grown tremendously thanks to the otter sliding the rest of the way through their shaft. They landed in the bird's distended scrotum with a splash and a bounce. Agro sighed in relief. That was their third in a single night.

"Y-yeah," the owl said in a similarly intoxicated tone, "Lil baby blue needs another. He's gotta keep up with his parents if he's gonna be in this family."

"Cut me some slack, guys. I'm still workin' on these two," Smokey complained, "Also I'm kind of at a disadvantage. Alex is making it tough to focus on purpose."

The 'little baby blue' as Agro had called him sat in a large, heavily cushioned chair between the two that would be adopting him officially in less than twenty-four hours. He ran a paw over his gravid tummy. His fingers teased a small navel piercing hanging from the 'outie' he had gained upon taking in his vulpine passenger in a similar act. The ruby sparkled in the low light of the make-shift strip club that had been set up for the occasion. The two he mentioned he was 'still working on' were distending his sac just as both Agro and Seg had been burdened.

One was a white wolf with a black, five-pointed star over his left eye. The other was a silver-grey fox with two tails. They were married apparently, and where one went, the other followed. It just so happened that out of the three guests of honor, they had chosen to dive into the sac of the pregnant water dragon to help celebrate his big day tomorrow. Smokey was panting heavily as his scrotum churned and stretched thanks to the two amorous canids sloshing around inside him.

"I'm afraid the rules are you have to do what your daddy tells you to," said an angelic dragoness leaning in against the blue drake from behind, "Be a good little boy, do as your father says. Obedience is important."

"Shayna…" Smokey whined, drawing out her name as he arched his back and shivered.

The water dragon's grey tummy wobbled and shifted as his passenger continued to work on him from within. That devil fox in his belly certainly knew all the right spots to hit and tickle. He wasn't going to be able to focus on pretty much anything while they were all being so disruptive.

"Don't you 'Shayna' me," the lady said, nuzzling into the azure fellow's cheek, "They say you should get a third, then a third you will get. Elliot?"

Upon the utterance of her name, a rabbit slipped around in front of the blue dragon. What was curious about her was she possessed a pair of fluffy, feathery wings just like the angelic lady who was teasing Smokey. The bunny leaned in close and brushed her lips past the dragon's, teasing him with the possibility of a kiss but never quite getting there. Instead, she slipped along his cheek to give Shayna the kiss she had been suggesting to the blue drake.

"Anything special I should give the 'birthday boy', mom?" Elliot asked.

"I think he's already got a pretty good show going in there already. Maybe a little dance, then a quick trip in. I'd hate for you to get shot back out before you got all the way in." Shayna answered.

It was a curious thing, hearing the rabbit call the dragoness 'mom', but then Shayna had a rather interesting relationship with all her 'employees'. She had been hired to provide the evening's entertainment. A womb full of exotic dancers--strippers--made for easy transport and a very cohesive working environment. Thanks to the angel's unique abilities, it also opened up a whole host of interesting opportunities for entertainment.

Seg shuddered and tipped his head back as he let out a happy groan. His own sac churned about firmly as the sizeable horse that had landed inside him was slowly melted down. Within a few minutes, the movement stopped, leaving the alligator with a vast supply of seed waiting to be dumped somewhere, preferably a waiting belly. He didn't need to request someone help him make that into a reality. Within seconds of his passenger losing cohesion, a jade cobra of no small endowments made her way under the big fellow's hefty gut. Her jaws slipped around him easily, and she began suckling.

"Mmm, I'll need another one in a minute. If I could get the same lady, that'd be fantastic." the alabaster alligator moaned out.

"I'll make sure Nichole sees you swollen back out just as soon as she's solid again." Shayna said.

The dragoness didn't have to wait long. She stood back and put her hands on her gravid tummy. The heavily pregnant dragoness shivered as the magic of her little operation took effect, coiling around her core and cinching tight. She moaned loudly and her belly swelled right before everyone's eyes. What had been a modestly comical size for such a dome grew rather tremendously and rather quickly. Hand prints pushing out from under her scales became visible, as did the impression of the new occupant's lower extremities. There were no feet-paws. Rather, what could be seen were hooves pushing out against the 'manager's womb.

All had happened just as the angelic lady had arranged it to: the return of each 'employee' or 'child' to her caring, possessive womb as soon as they lost their physical form. Usually that was due to being turned into a vast load to be ejected somewhere, though other methods were popular tonight. Now all the businesswoman had to do was let the equine back out.

With skilled practice, Shayna spread her legs and relaxed herself. In only a few precious moments, the very mare that had vanished down Segremores' shaft came emerging from the dragon's nethers. The whole trip Nichole had taken--from gator sac, melted into spunk, and restored like new in her 'mother's womb--had only lasted moments. It was a terribly efficient setup.

"That was quick!" the mare said, still hanging from between Shayna's legs, only roughly a third of her free.

"Mmm… oooo yeah it was. Mr. Dad-to-be over there has a pretty aggressive sac. He says he wants you back in it once Liz has drunk him dry." the dragoness explained.

"Can do." Nichole replied just as her ample breasts slipped out of the lady who was both mother and manager to her.

Seg had not lasted terribly long under the snake's attention. Liz had a rather talented tongue, which she used to explore down the slick, salty passage the busty mare had vanished moments into earlier. The alligator grimaced, lips curled and teeth bared as he fought to hold out as long as he could. In the end, the cobra was just too skilled. He tipped his head back and loosed a deep, bass-filled bellow. A sharp gush of thick, rich seed poured down Liz's throat, which she slurped up greedily and readily. Her belly began to swell within seconds, and it wasn't going to stop until she had all the mass that had once been Nichole gurgling around in her stomach.

While this was going on, Elliot had taken to dancing for the blue dragon as she had been requested. She leaned in against the drake's squirming tummy, running her paws across it before pulling away and showing him her back. The pert, shapely rump now in his field of view jostled and jiggled about as she moved with the grace of a ballerina and the sensuality of primal beast in heat. Soon, she was down on her knees, cupping the drake's throbbing mast against her chest. The lady's luxuriously soft pelt teased and tickled the dragon while her cleavage kept him thoroughly trapped between her impressive breasts. She even leaned in to give the tender head a brief, teasing lick. That made Smokey tip his head back and groan.

Unlike Seg, he didn't have a tremendous load made from broken down 'pole dancer' to launch forth. Sirius and Brian were still very much solid and making a ruckus deep in his sac. What Elliot received was a much more modest jet of seed, though it wasn't insubstantial by any stretch of the imagination. She closed her lips around his member and suckled as he came, painting the inside of her muzzle with pulse after pulse of thick, viscous ooze. Below, the cushion he sat on was already thoroughly soaked thanks to his vulpine occupant keeping him riding wave after wave of climax. Another splash of nectar oozed from between his legs and dampened the cushion that much further.

"Ooooh god… I… I feel dizzy." Smokey said.

"That just means Elliot's doing a good job, and so's Alex." Shayna said as she leaned forward once again, resting her chin atop one of the blue drake's shoulders.

Nichole slipped the rest of the way free of the angel dragon's grasp. Shayna shivered, showing little sign of being inconvenienced by the experience as she reached around in front of her husband, giving his plump, writhing belly a tender caress. It was a show of affection that didn't necessarily come with the package she had sold the three boys who had hired her. She was giving them a 'family discount' at any rate. She knew all of them quite well, so it didn't much matter to her if she broke even or took a loss on this job. It was for a joyous occasion after all.

"Naughty fox… I… I haven't been able… to breathe properly… for at least… half an hour," Smokey huffed, "I… feel like… I'm gonna pass out."

"Oh now don't do that. Then you'll miss out on all the fun." Shayna said.