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End of the Tour – The Angry Yobs 3

Awesome covert art by Bobert Ottah
He has two accounts over on FA if you’d like to see what else he does.

Bobert's Male Art      Bobert's Female Art

This story and the artist’s account contain adult content.

And so the final chapter in the 3 part series comes to a close! Man this took a lot longer than it should have! Burnout is a mother-fluffing bench! (it’s funnier if I censor the swears). I hope you read and enjoy! If so, please leave a rating and review!

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High Latitude Hospitality 3

You’ll need to be logged in at SoFurry with your content filter set to allow ‘extreme’ content.

18+ years old only please!

Cora had gotten bigger since last we’d seen him. Grace had moved in and she was keeping him very well fed. It meant he’d put on weight on top of adding Tora to his already impressive little family of passengers. On top of that, everyone had agreed to stay even longer than the usual length of time. Cora certainly didn’t mind that at all.

It meant getting warm in the shower was a little tricky since turning around in a relatively small space was more difficult.  ...

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