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"Boys Will Be Boys"

Smokey, Sirius, and Brian finally managed to get some time to themselves. It just so happened that it had been so long since last they were able to indulge that they were all particularly eager to get straight to it. Even Smokey—usually more reserved in his desires—was finding it difficult to not get carried away. Hey, sometimes a switch has just gotta get their needs taken care of—even when they're in a bottom mood.

Yeah, this is a bit thirstier than we usually see Smokey, and more of a power bottom than he's normally portrayed.  ...

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Birth Stones

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18+ years old only please!

It is a common practice when buying jewelry for someone special in your life for it to contain a precious stone of some sort, and often that stone portends to the month that special someone was born in, their birth stone. In this case, Seg had spent a good while figuring out the setting for this piece of jewelry, but knew exactly what kind of stone to put in it. It didn't have anything to do with what month Smokey had been born in, but rather would stand to symbolize his presence along the big gator's waistline once he was in.  ...

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Travel Liaison

Still in need of a proper cover

This story and the artist's account contain adult content.

This is the first ever erotic story I sold on Amazon. I was a little timid about selling there given my content having such a niche interest so I tried to go relatively vanilla with this one. It continues to be the most ordinary of everything I've written and published for sale.

Originally published: May 20, 2017

Amazon price: $2.99 - Buy it here

Or buy it on GumRoad!

Given how Amazon royalties work, I get to keep a little over $1 of the purchase price.  ...

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