Travel Liaison

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This story and the artist's account contain adult content.

This is the first ever erotic story I sold on Amazon. I was a little timid about selling there given my content having such a niche interest so I tried to go relatively vanilla with this one. It continues to be the most ordinary of everything I've written and published for sale.

Originally published: May 20, 2017

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Julius had been traveling all over the country for work. It was getting rather bothersome. Especially since it had been quite some time since he'd seen his wife. What's a dragon to do? He couldn't possibly entertain the idea of hiring the enticing escort who had spotted him at the bar... could he?


Dragon, Fox, Adult, Sex

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

The sound of an active airport made for an interesting mix of white noise; airplanes taking off and landing, people milling about, luggage wheels rolling across the polished floor. Julius had grown accustomed to it, having been shuttled just about everywhere across the country. The dark dragon sat at the bar of one of the many lounges the concourse provided. He ran his finger around the rim of a glass housing the last half of his highball. He didn't usually drink on business trips, but it had been a long, tiring week so far and he was treating himself. His pale yellow eyes watched as the ice cubes melted ever so slowly, settling lower into the amber liquid.

"Now you have the look of a man who could use some company." came a voice off to his left.

Julius turned to see a vixen, dressed far too elegantly for an airport. She was clad in a dark navy slip that stopped well above the knee. Any school teacher worth their salt would be very cross at her for wearing such a thing. Thankfully, this wasn't a school. Her glossy fur, orange and white, begged to have fingers running through it. She wore heals that seemed to defy the laws of physics. How anyone could balance like that was beyond Julius, but it sure completed the look. Her dark brown eyes met with the dragon's as she smiled, posed seductively with a hand on her hip.

"I'd certainly enjoy some. Pull up a stool." the black drake said.

"Don't mind if I do," the vixen said as she did exactly that, "Name's Vivian. Oh, and I'll have what he's having."

The vixen quickly shifted her attention to the bartender, requesting the same drink for herself, then turned back to the dark fellow who had caught her interest.

"Nice to meet you, Vivian. I'm Julius. If you don't mind my asking, what is a lady like you doing in a place like this, dressed like that? Do you travel looking like a celebrity on the red carpet often?" he asked.

The fox chuckled and collected her drink as soon as it arrived, taking a sip and hissing in satisfaction as it burned so smoothly going down.

"If you have to ask, then you're a bit more naive than I took you for." Vivian replied.

"Chalk it up to jet lag. Just got off my third flight of the day." Julius said.

"Third? Someone's busy. What's got you in the air so much?" the vixen asked.

"Business. Sales. Large ticket items. There's a huge re-tooling going on and... oh you don't wanna hear about this stuff." he answered.

"What makes you say that?" Vivian asked.

"Because even -I- don't want to hear about it. It's all I've talked about for the last three days straight. I'm ready to not think about it for a while. I wanna have a conversation with someone that's not about nanopolymer coated piston rods or anything else like that." Julius complained.

"At least your trip's almost over, right?" Vivian offered, trying to cheer him up.

"I'm only about halfway through this run. I've got a flight in twelve hours that'll take me to the west coast, then the day after that I'm headed up to the north. I'm gonna be bouncing all over the country for another week or so." Julius said, trying his best not to sound too worn out before taking another sip of his drink.

"Hmm, sounds pretty lonely." Vivian mused.

"You could say that." Julius agreed.

"You got anyone waiting for you after this trip of yours is finally over?" the vixen asked.

Julius looked back to his drink, pleased that the conversation steered away from work.

"I'm married," he lifted his hand to show the gold band around his finger, "But, she travels pretty much as often as I do. We don't get to see one another hardly at all. Just two ships, passing in the night."

The vixen nodded slowly, taking another pull from her own drink.

"I hate long distance relationships. They're awfully hard on you," she said, pausing for a moment before turning to move as if she were about to leave, "Well, I was going to offer to keep you company for the rest of the night, but I'm pretty sure your wife would be awfully angry if she found out you hired an escort. It's a shame, though. You're awfully cute, and I've got good rate."

A black hand reached out and gently grasped at the lady's arm, just trying to catch her attention, to stop her leaving.

"Just because I'm married doesn't mean you have to leave." Julius said.

Vivian stopped as soon as she felt his grasp. It was strong, but not surly. There wasn't anything about it that told her he was being forceful, just hoping to catch her before she walked away.

"So, you'd be willing to brave the wrath of your wife for a steamy night with someone you just met at an airport bar?" the fox asked.