Broodmother Boyfriend

Cover by BodBloat
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This story and the artist's account contain adult content.

The second story I ever published on Amazon, and the first where I delved into the sort of stuff I'm known for. I wasn't too sure how lengthy my stories should get so I was still kind of trying to feel out the market.

Originally published: June 19, 2017

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Zai wasn't a very good dragon. He wasn't aloof, domineering, or rude to those he might see as beneath him. He wasn't quite as big as regular dragons either. On top of that, he had a little secret that he usually didn't share with the rest of his kind.

To Jason however, Zai was the best dragon. He was kind, loving, attentive, and shared his appreciation for all things nerd. The human couldn't believe he had managed to nab himself a dragon for a boyfriend, and Zai was all too happy to dote on him.

Having a dragon for a boyfriend did come with a few interesting quirks. And it just so happened that Jason, open minded human that he was, had explored some of them, and decided to see how far they could push the envelope. Little did he know that Zai had a trick up his sleeve he was saving for a special occasion.


Dragon, Human, Homosexuality, Interspecies, Masculine Hermaphrodite, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Oviposition, Male Pregnancy, Inflation, Unbirth, Endosomatophilia

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

Scale and skin brushed against one another. Lips sought each other out. Soft moans filled the living room as the pair pressed against one another, unable to restrain themselves too much longer. Jason and Zai had been lost to their fevered kissing for a good fifteen minutes. They wanted to do so much more, but they had to save themselves. There was a plan after all. The tall bronze dragon broke the kiss to surface for air as he wrapped his arms around his human lover. Jason panted quietly for breath as he lowered his head to rest against the smooth chest of his boyfriend. He wasn't sure how he had managed it, but he had landed a dragon. And a cute one too. Usually they weren't that interested in mating with humans.

That wasn't entirely true. Dragons mated with humans all the time. But it was usually only a spur of the moment act of passion that never went anywhere. And it never resulted in children. At least no one knew of any that came of such pairings.

Zai was a different sort of beast. He wasn't the same domineering apex predator most dragons had come to be known as, and he preferred it that way. The slim bronze fellow was 'too geeky' for other dragons to really respect him. None of them shared his passion for nerd culture. But Jason did. They played board games, read comics, watched bad movies and made fun of them, and even went to conventions together. Zai had some really amazing costumes when he walked the floor.

This bonding of mind and heart had led them to becoming an item. The drake had no intention of going anywhere, and Jason couldn't see himself finding anyone he wanted to be with more. It had been rather quick to come out, the 'I love you's. And both had meant it. When it did come out, it opened up a whole new world for both of them. They could explore more than just their shared love of all things nerd. They could let their sex-life go wherever it might. And it took them somewhere they both found they absolutely adored.

That was where the plan came in. Two white plastic bottles of pills sat on the coffee table, both reading 'fertility enhancement' on the label. One was for males, the other was for females. Jason had taken the former while Zai had taken the latter. It had been a higher dosage than normal for both of them. Over the last several months, they had been incrementally upping the amount they each took, wanting to see how far they could take this little part of their fun.

A chime sounded from Jason's phone, prompting the human to reach over and collect the device. He slid a finger over the surface and tapped the 'silence' button to end the timer.

"Okay, that's fifteen minutes. I'm done waiting." the slightly chubby boy said.

The dull-orange dragon grinned, running his clawed paws over the naked human's figure, thrumming powerfully as he relished the contact and anticipation. He could already feel his boyfriend's stiff length pressed against his stomach. His own rest right along side it, dwarfing it ever so slightly.

"That's usually my line." Zai said with a smirk.

"I know. But what can I say? I wanna slay the dragon." Jason said, grinning right back.

"Oh is that so? The mighty human knight thinks he can bring down the terror of the skies?" the bronze fellow asked, altering his voice to give the line gravitas. It ended up sounding just as corny as he was hoping it would.

Jason laughed and silenced his dragon with another firm kiss, then pulled away just far enough to start getting into position.

"Just shut up and gimme your butt." the young man said.

"Butt comes later. You know where to aim first." Zai said, gasping softly as the human hoisted him up by the hips.