Den Mother 1

Cover by Fenrir Lunaris

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This story and the artist's account contain adult content.

Like with Broodmother Boyfriend, I made this one similarly kinky. It is but the first in a series, the first series I published on Amazon. It was a simplistic idea that I wanted to write about because I like this kind of thing. I'm weird. I get to like weird things.

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Yvette Shanks didn't care that the board of directors knew that shi was involved with hir assistant, a slender, smallish rabbit named Timothy. Shi was a tall, imposing wolf who could just snarl at anyone who gave hir grief about it. Shi did, however, keep something related to hir involvement with Timothy quietly under wraps. The powerful CEO had a secret shi was keeping. Largely it was because shi enjoyed the idea of it being scandalous. And Timothy was happy to play along. He rather enjoyed that sizable belly of hirs. But what secret did that belly hold that shi was so keen to keep between the two of them?


Hermaphrodite, Pregnancy, Size Difference, Lactation, Mild Hypertrophilia, Oral Sex, Cum Inflation, Birthing, Homosexuality, Anal Sex, Unbirthing, Endosomatophilia

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

Friday, April 22
5:18 pm

"Is there anything more that needs to be discussed before we adjourn?" a tall grey wolf asked as shi scanned the table, checking the eyes of each member of the board.

Most of the others seated at the table didn't appear to have anything to add. One young lady scooted forward in her chair, lifting a paw.

"Actually, Miss Shanks, I do have something to add. It's just a matter of housekeeping. It shouldn't take too long." the smartly dressed feline said.

"Very well," the wolf said, leaning back in hir seat, looking down at hir phone as it chimed to hir, "Since it's only housekeeping, you shouldn't need me for it. I've a prior engagement that can't be ignored. Cynthia, if you would close out the board meeting for me."

"Certainly, Miss Shanks," the feline said, then turned to address the rest of the board, "If I could beg everyone's indulgence for just ten minutes longer, I'll be as brief as possible."

The wolf pushed hir chair back and stood, revealing a significant curve to hir middle, all nicely concealed under hir pantsuit. The lady turned to walk around the end of the table and motion to a slender rabbit covered in dark fur and dressed in a white button down shirt, dark slacks, and a red tie. He was a little less than two feet shorter than the lupine CEO, at least when his ears were loosely tied together and dangling down the back of his head, creating a 'slicked back' appearance that he preferred when in the office.

"Let's go. Things to do," the lady paused, looking back at Cynthia, "If you could, please email a copy of the minutes to me when the meeting is over."

"Of course, ma'am. Enjoy your weekend." the cat replied.

The wolf and rabbit, took their leave, reaching the elevator and waiting until the doors were closed until they said anything more. As soon as they were certain there were no prying eyes, the dark rabbit pressed in against the lady's side, an arm reaching around behind hir back, the other palm resting against hir ample stomach.

"I heard your phone go off. Is it time already?" Timothy asked. He couldn't help but let his paw roam over the taut dome.

"It sure is. Unless I've made a grievous miscalculation, I should be feeling it once we get home." Yvette said.

"Like clockwork. Is he awake yet?" Timothy asked.

"If he is, he's staying awfully still. I wouldn't bother trying to wake him until it starts." Yvette answered.

Shi hummed quietly to hirself as shi slipped an arm around the slim rabbit's waist, keeping him pressed firmly against hir side. Already the dark lapine had rest his cheek against hir chest, quite comfortable with the wolf's somewhat possessive nature. The rest of the elevator ride passed in silence for the most part, save for a few details Timothy had to run by his employer. He was hir assistant after all, and it was his job to make sure shi was kept up to date on all hir important appointments. It just so happened that he had scheduled things so that Yvette wouldn't have anything terribly pressing or demanding for the coming week. That had been by design.

The elevator doors opened and Yvette walked out with the rabbit still pressed against hir side. Shi had long since given up trying to keep hir relationship with him a secret. Putting it out in the open helped to silence rumors and dissent. The two walked through the tastefully lavish lobby of the building before stepping out to climb into the back of the waiting car. The wolf eased hir way in, followed by hir long-earred assistant. The car pulled away from the building, leaving the business district as it headed out into one of the wealthier boroughs. The two, huddled together in the back seat, tried very hard to not give in to their desires then and there. It would have been quite rude to the driver to distract him. Not to mention potentially leave a mess for him to clean up.

Yvette had avoided the neighborhoods where the ultra-rich congregated. They were usually the sort shi wanted nothing to do with. Instead, the wolf had opted for a more restrained housing situation. It was still a neighborhood that was well to do, but those who lived there were more practical. No gaudy two story fountains or lawns large enough to require an entire zip code. The property was still fairly good sized and had a small team of lawn care specialists that kept it in good repair, but what Yvette was most interested in was the vast, sprawling forest shi had a view of beyond the back yard. Shi was a wolf after all, and on more than one occasion shi had gone running through those woods.

The house itself was warm and inviting, blending in nicely with the surrounding homes. There was no point in trying to stand out, at least on the outside. Inside was a different story, however, and Yvette had taken great care to ensure that outside viewers would not be able to see the stark contrast. The driver pulled into the pristine, well organized garage, helped his passengers out, then bid them goodnight, giving his standard 'please call if you need anything'. They likely wouldn't. Timothy was quite capable of driving Yvette wherever they might need to go over the weekend. Shi was too large to fit behind a wheel anymore. That was a fact that tickled hir.