Den Mother 2

Cover by Riddle August

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This story and the artist's account contain adult content.

The story about the horny wolf and her two favorite bunnies continues! It would appear it's just more of the same, though with a slight change of setting! You know, the timing can be so terribly inconvenient sometimes!

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A little more than two years have passed. Timothy and Marcus have changed places a couple of times. It's just about time for them to do so again, only today, the timing was less convenient. It wasn't ideal but Yvette would have to sacrifice hir lunch break to make the switch. And it would have be a quick exchange.


Hermaphrodite, Pregnancy, Size Difference, Mild Hypertrophilia, Anal Sex, Cum Inflation, Birthing, Homosexuality, Unbirthing, Endosomatophilia

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

27 months later
Monday, August 12
11:09 am

"Have marketing send me a copy of the specs they have for the latest campaign. I'd like to have a look at it by the end of the day if possible." Yvette said, leaning back in hir executive chair behind hir expansive desk.

"Emailing them now. Would you like a digital copy or a hard copy? Hard will take longer to prepare." Marcus said as he stood just off to the side, tablet in hand, operating it with impressive efficiency.

"Digital is fine. And please let them know that I'm aware they're very close to reaching the limit of their budget. They need to find a way to scale back operations. No more personal expenditures and reimbursements on this project. If they can't do it within the budget, then they shouldn't be spending their own money on unnecessary 'business lunches' and the like. And if someone gets laid-off to 'fix' the situation, the team lead is going to have to come talk to me." Yvette said.

"Alright, I believe I have all of that in here. I'm sending to your display for you to approve." Marcus said.

The rabbit swiped across his tablet and the message he was composing appeared on the screen the wolf was looking over. Shi expanded the window, blocking out a sheet of statistics, and read the message.

"Looks good. Go ahead and send," the gravid lupine said just as hir phone chimed, "And if that's what I think it is, we might should take a lunch and clear the early afternoon."

Yvette reached over and collected hir cell phone, running hir thumb across the display to unlock it. The alert that had popped up was exactly what shi had expected it to be. It was time yet again.

"You'd like to go ahead and make the exchange here in the office?" Marcus asked.

"I think so. I don't think I can wait until the end of the day. That's not an issue for you, is it?" Yvette asked.

"No, it isn't. I was just concerned about you." the light tan lapine said.

The grey wolf eased hir way onto hir feet, arched hir back softly--which made hir already expansive tummy stick out further--and closed the distance between them. Shi wrapped hir arms around the short, slim bunny, pressing him against hir swollen middle, which he leaned in against fondly.

"You're awfully sweet to worry about me, but I'll be just fine. It's not the first time we made a quick swap. And I'm pretty sure Timothy is itching to get started. He's already awake, and squirming pretty good." Yvette said, shivering in delight as shi felt the movement of the other rabbit under hir fur.

Shi loved it when they woke up early or took a while to go to sleep. Of course, if they didn't wake up early, it helped hir hang on to them for just a little bit longer. Marcus pressed his cheek against the gently writhing dome, running a palm over a subtle lump that pressed out from the otherwise smooth dome, then moved to another lump, caressing anywhere he found evidence of his counterpart's presence within the lady's womb.

"I'll try my best to stay awake as long as I can. Since it's so early in the day, I've got plenty of energy. But once you're in there, it all kind of melts out of you. You're just too comfortable inside." Marcus said, letting a quiet little trill slip out at the end.

"That's what I hear. Now let's head to the shower. I'd rather it happen there than out here on the ridiculously expensive rug. Still can't believe the board thought that was a good gift idea." Yvette said.

The odd pair crossed the large office and stepped through a door set off to one side. It was Yvette's executive washroom, and it had been renovated a few years ago to meet hir 'special needs'. The door was wider, the shower was bigger, and there was a fairly decent sized open space in the center big enough for four or five people to stand in comfortably. It was well more than enough for one very pregnant wolf and hir adorable little rabbit companion.

The door closed and locked behind them. Marcus tapped a few instructions into his tablet, flagging the lupine CEO as unavailable with 'do not disturb' activated. No one should be barging in unannounced. While he was busy with ensuring they wouldn't be interrupted, Yvette was stripping out of hir clothing. Already shi could feel the gentle tensing of hir middle, and hir occupant was trying his best not to accelerate it until shi was ready. How he knew when to 'help' was an interesting little quirk. The wolf chalked it up to those large ears they bunnies had, always listening in on the world outside hir belly.

Marcus set his tablet aside once he was done with it and began collecting the lady's clothing, folding it neatly or hanging it up as needed. He showed great restraint as shi disrobed, desperately wanting to simply mash his face in against hir silky fur and lose himself in it. And he had to admit shi looked marvelous in nothing but hir pantsuit's skirt, leggings, heels, and nothing else, not even a bra. Shi knew he liked the look on hir so shi turned to look over hir shoulder at him, slowly swaying hir tail back and forth.

"Is my sweet little bunny getting excited by business wolf getting undressed?" the lupine said huskily.