Den Mother 3

Cover by LustBubbles

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This story and the artist's account contain adult content.

The conclusion of the three-part series! Given this was the first multi-part story I published on Amazon, I'd say it turned out decent. It still gets a few sales even a couple of years after it's publication, which pleases me. It means others are enjoying it.

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Time passes. Things change. People come together and drift apart. Yvette lost a driver, but gained a new one, and in doing so, a new partner in the bedroom. Timothy and Marcus were not at all opposed to this. It was kind of nice having someone as big as the tall wolf lady around to help scoop hir up when shi wasn't able to stand on hir own.

They had a vacation coming, one that had been planned long, long in advance. A promise had been made, the two rabbits would get to spend all two weeks of their trip together, out and about, able to spend as much time in each other's arms as they could get. Yvette would remain unburdened.

But, the closer to time it got, the more anxious Yvette became. Could shi really go two weeks without one of hir boys in hir? Or would shi have to go back on hir word?


Wolf, Rabbit, Deer, Hermaphrodite, Pregnancy, Size Difference, Mild Hypertrophilia, Anal Sex, Cum Inflation, Birthing, Homosexuality, Unbirthing, Endosomatophilia

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

Almost Four Years Later
(45 months to be more precise)
Saturday, June 17

"In short, we've seen growth in almost every sector, most departments are operating under budget, and our latest project is well on its way to completion. It's been a good quarter." Cynthia said.

The board room watched the feline as she gave her usual presentation this time of the month. Really it was just more of the same, so much so that a couple of the board members had checked out, reading through messages and email on their phones. Yvette was not one of them.

"Excellent news. I'm happy to hear it. How's employee morale?" the wolf asked.

"It's good. The new policies about overtime restrictions and the vacation incentives have helped create a more positive environment overall." Cynthia responded.

"Wonderful," Yvette said, looking down at hir phone as it chimed, telling hir it was time again, "I expect more ideas like that when I get back. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've been planning to take advantage of those vacation incentives myself. I'm confident enough to leave everything in Cynthia's capable hands while I'm gone."

The lupine lady rose to hir feet. The rest of the board followed suit.

"Have a wonderful vacation, Mrs. Shanks. We'll keep the empire running for you while you're gone." the feline said with a smile.

Yvette gave hir 'second-in-command' a slight nod before turning to the dark rabbit standing just off to hir left. Timothy was busy tapping away on his tablet, taking notes and creating reminders. He looked up as soon as the grey lady stood, then moved to stand next to hir, ready to follow. The midnight lapine wasn't the only one to move to the wolf's side. A tall, quiet deer dressed in a smart, black suit rose from his seat in a nearby corner. He ran his paws down the front of his jacket to smooth it out, straightened his red tie, then fell in line with Timothy.

"Our itinerary has us wheels-up at four in the afternoon. Two hours and forty-five minutes from now. We should have time to stop by the house to collect the luggage. Since it's a chartered flight, it shouldn't be an issue if we're not on time but the later we leave, the greater the chance we have of getting caught in bad weather." the rabbit said.

"Since we don't have to fight rush hour, I can get us there in twenty minutes." the tall deer said, his hooves clopping softly over the short carpet.

"Good. I'd like to get home quickly. It might give us a chance to take care of a few last minute things before we head to the airport." Yvette said, moving with purpose. Shi left the board room behind and navigated the short walk to the elevator bank. Once inside one of the cars and headed down to the lobby, the wolf reached out with both arms to pull the rabbit and deer to hir sides, growling quietly, but happily.

Timothy leaned in comfortably against his lover's warm, round stomach, resting the side of his head against hir chest. Winston, meanwhile, remained upright. He wasn't much for displaying affection publicly. He did however slide one of his arms around the lupine's waist until his paw was cupped against hir far hip. This had been a rather significant upgrade from his previous job. His predecessor was forced to bow out a few years ago, almost four exchanges between Timothy and Marcus. He was relocating with his family when his wife managed to get a job she was after. Yvette didn't pay much attention to it, something about a residency in a prestigious hospital. It was going to pay well enough that he could be a stay at home dad. The wolf couldn't begrudge him that in the slightest. The job had been so good to him, working for Mrs. Shanks, that he couldn't simply leave hir without a driver shi could trust. That was how shi had been introduced to Winston.

The deer was an excellent driver, and he was completely unattached, able and willing to go wherever the job required. Right now, it required they leave the office and head back home to collect their luggage. The group had been planning this little vacation for quite some time. Tropical beaches, blue waves, pristine white sand, and a private luxury condo for all four of them to enjoy. The idea of it was a little too much for the bunnies to sit still about. Timothy walked with an added spring in his step, and when he wasn't distracted with keeping the tall, pregnant lady on track with hir schedule, he would fidget and bounce in excitement. He would have two whole weeks to spend with Marcus, both of them outside of their lovely wolf partner. He could barely stand how close they were to it.

The elevator opened and the three stepped out. Winston pulled away, not for fear of being seen cozied up with the boss, but to walk ahead of hir and the dark lapine still clinging to hir side. He pushed the lobby doors open and moved aside, letting Yvette and Timothy through. He must have sent word down to the front desk that they were on their way because just as all three approached the curb, Yvette's car pulled up, dark, sleek, and elegant. The valet climbed out, gave the deer a firm handshake, then moved out of the way. Winston climbed into the driver's seat while the doorman helped Yvette and Timothy into the back seat. Ordinarily, the deer would have handled that himself, but they were in a little bit of a hurry.

The doors closed, seatbelts were buckled, mirrors adjusted, and Winston set off. How he managed to get in and out without ever scraping his antlers on the ceiling or the door frame was an impressive display of grace and skill. As the car pulled away, accelerating to prepare to merge with the flow of traffic, Timothy leaned in against Yvette, sighing quietly as he relaxed in the comforting embrace of his 'mother wolf'.