Be Careful What You Wish For

Cover by Bonk

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This story and the artist's account contain adult content.

A while back, I was part of a telegram group that was centered around writing, specifically furry-themed writing. It was arranged to have some people write in a given month, and the rest would read and offer opinion/criticism on the work. There was to be no bashing, no hateful commenting, just honest and helpful constructive criticism to help everyone improve their writing. I was up as part of the group to write first immediately upon the formation of the group, so I worked feverishly to produce something. This is the result of that. It probably feels a tad rushed because of that, but I'm still alright with the result. I especially love the cover that Bonk created for it. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Unfortunately, that writing group rather quickly dissolved as only a few months in, it became clear that many of the people who had joined were unable to produce anything to be read by the others due to real world obligations. I don't fault them in the slightest. I just kinda wish it had kept going.

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Taban had not expected to need to chase after someone carelessly walking away from the caravan just before they left the oasis. He had not expected that person to be a genie either. Genies usually stayed in their lamps right? Turns out there was a lot he didn't know about genies. Sebu was more than happy to educate him. The jackal had been kind enough to show concern for him when he had no reason to. The tiger decided to return that kindness in his own special way.


Jackal, Tiger, Homosexual, Magic, Gender Transformation, Masculine Hermaphrodite, Cum Inflation, Unbirthing, Endosomatophilia, Pregnancy, Mild Hyper

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

"I still think this is kind of weird." Taban said.

"Why? You're enjoying it are you not?" Sebu asked.

"Well, sort of. It's just, I'm a guy, and you're a guy." the dark jackal replied. He was feeling a little awkward, pinned under the tiger. He wasn't used to receiving affection from another male.

"I told you, it's my job to make people happy. I asked you what would do that for you, and you told me that you have a hard time explaining things. Then you said the magic words." Sebu said, grinning up at the tall, dark canid.

"What magic words?" Taban asked.

"I wish," Sebu said, "You said 'I wish you could just read my mind.'. Yes, it was meant to express frustration, but a genie can't resist such an opening."

When the two had met that morning, Taban had no idea Sebu was a genie. It was only when the short, slim, striped feline clad in only a vest and a loin cloth had felt more at ease around the black-furred jackal that he decided to reveal who and what he was. It helped that they were miles away from anyone else, in a tiny little tent that Sebu just happened to magically create to protect them both from the heat of the day. That was how he revealed his powers.

Sebu had learned a very long time ago the asset and the skill of observation. Specifically, observing without being noticed. He enjoyed people watching sometimes. Though when surrounded by certain individuals who were less than kind, it just made the tiger want to distance himself. It made him quite glad that none of those odious people were his master. Their little caravan had quite a few of those types. Taban had not been one of them. He was quiet, shy, and showed what little kindness he could afford to those he could assist. After being around for so long, Sebu had learned how to size someone up quickly. A young person with not much to call their own offering what little they had to help someone else, like a child servant desperately needing water; that painted a specific picture. One that the tiger liked.

Once they were safely and securely hidden from the intensity of the sun, Sebu explained to Taban that the whole mythos around genies wasn't entirely accurate. The whole three wishes concept was really just to keep genies from being stuck with a really awful master. The lamp notion was also another 'rule' that was conjured up as a means to protect genies from abuse. It was kind of hard to do anything terrible to a genie against their will when they were hiding in a bottle or something. Of course, they could always destroy the container, but then the genie could just escape, feigning death.

Sebu had taken it upon himself to live life more like a mortal, learn more about them. They had gotten separated from their caravan. More specifically, Sebu had slipped away to see how the jackal would respond. If Taban didn't follow, then the feline would just disappear and to find other genies or jinns. Taban had spotted him wandering off and followed him, hoping to catch the tiger before he could get too far.

As a result, they both got left behind.

It had been a sweet gesture on Taban's part, and that solidified Sebu's impression of him. Here was a jackal who was more concerned about the well-being of others than his brethren were known for.

"So, you're saying you can read my mind?" Taban asked, sounding a little skeptical.

"Oh, nothing so gauche as looking through your memories or things like that. Mostly, it's just what you're thinking at the moment, and a few underlying urges and impulses. You let me in by making a wish." Sebu grinned.

"Okay, I get that, but where did the sudden cuddling come from? I'm not really looking for male companionship. Did you take that as some sort of opening to mess with my head?" Taban asked. He was feeling a mix of emotions, and among that mix was a strange sense of approval and longing for more. Clearly the genie had enchanted him somehow.

"I have done no such thing. And you are looking for companionship, any kind you can get, so long as you like the person, even if it's another male. It was there before I started getting to see inside your head. I'm just helping it bubble up to the surface. Are you telling me you truly do not wish for my company?" Sebu replied.

"No!" Taban shot back quickly, "No, I... I'm happy for the company. I'm just... new to boy on boy. Isn't it taboo though?"

"We are a hundred miles away from the nearest city. The caravan that left us behind is far enough away that for them to turn around and come back for us would waste precious time and resources they need to make the crossing. No one will be around to see us doing anything taboo." Sebu said.

Taban blushed powerfully. The genie was right. No one would be around to catch them if they did anything sordid. Suddenly, thoughts began to swirl about in his mind. Sebu picked up on them immediately, grinning wider as he peeled back layer upon layer of the images being fed to him.

"What... sort of things... would we do?" the jackal asked with a stammer.

"Anything your heart desires. I've decided that I like you. You showed kindness to someone you didn't need to. On top of that, that mind of yours is a special thing. I want to see where all it will take us. I think I'd like to make you my new master." Sebu said.