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"Hippie Nude Deer"

Azerith—the druid buck—had been planning this for a while. A number of very close friends had been offered a very interesting albeit odd opportunity. Why Az wanted to share the experience in question with them during a private new year's party puzzled them, but they didn't really seem to mind. Maybe he just liked the pun.

This is a little gift story for a very good friend, the person who created Azerith. They deal with a lot of shit in the reg and I decided they needed a little something to help cheer them up.  ...

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Long Haul Carriage

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18+ years old only please!

Daisy was a trucker, trying to make a living hauling cargo from one city to another. Times being what they were, a side hustle was always helpful, and she found one with quite a lot of potential for serious monitary gains. The app HtchHkr had spread pretty widely among others in her profession and she could see why. After all, when as large as the big cow lady, why not rent out your body as a boutique long-distance taxi service?  ...

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