Long Haul Carriage

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Daisy was a trucker, trying to make a living hauling cargo from one city to another. Times being what they were, a side hustle was always helpful, and she found one with quite a lot of potential for serious monitary gains. The app HtchHkr had spread pretty widely among others in her profession and she could see why. After all, when as large as the big cow lady, why not rent out your body as a boutique long-distance taxi service?

This story started off as a small idea, just the opening scene which was supposed to end with Daisy getting back in her truck, leaving the rest up to the imagination of the reader, but then I had the problem I tend to always have. I just kept going. So it grew into a longer story with more meat on its bones. Not that I'm really complaining. I hope you like it too.

Also, quick little cameo spot for Segremores and Agro referencing an earlier story. Said story is going to get an editing pass to swap Swala with Agro since it was written before Agro made an announcement about themselves. I wanna bring that more into alignment with what what's going on between the two of them.


Cow, Cat, Raccoon, Squirrel, Red Panda, Tiger, Hyper, Muscle, Size Difference, intersex, Cock Vore, Endosomatophilia, Oral, Cum Inflation, Unbirthing, Pregnancy

~ ~ ~ Story Sample ~ ~ ~

The rest stop bathroom was about as one might have expected: grimy floors, dirty stalls, sinks that didn't work quite right, and the soap and paper towels were either empty or nearly there. But that was what was unremarkable about it. What made this particular rest stop bathroom special was the loud, very bovine bellow echoing through the tile-lined space. A series of thick, heavy splatters coated the inside of one of the stalls occupied by a large, crimson-hued cow. She made no effort to conceal what she was doing. She didn't really care. She was getting paid good money for it.

Daisy kicked open the stall door as gently as she could. She was quite large and her muscular physique suggested that perhaps any additional strength would have knocked the door off the hinges. She was breathing a little heavily, but she would calm down soon enough. She stepped out towards one of the sinks to wash her massive hands, forced to lean forward a good deal so that she could actually see what she was doing. With a bust as generous as hers, it made seeing down below something of a challenge.

A groan rose up behind her from inside the stall. A short feline stood there, slumped against the flimsy partition. He actually wasn't that short, but then everyone was small compared to the cow. She was something of a giant in the opinion of most, easily two and a half meters tall. The cat wasn't but a meter and three quarters himself, which certainly made him a good deal shorter. He was completely naked and drenched from head to paw in a thick, viscous white ooze that soaked into his fur. His expression was one of dazed exhilaration. Whatever he had just been through, he certainly had a positive opinion of it.

"This concludes our business. Please be sure to leave a five star rating. Tips are greatly appreciated." Daisy said in a neutral tone, devoid of any sense of aftercare for the poor feline.

Then again, he didn't really seem like he was that interested in aftercare. He was still riding high from the experience and struggling to keep from slipping in the pool of spunk he was standing in. There was a shower, blessedly, though it would take something with a great deal more pressure than that sad excuse would provide to really get him clean. That wasn't Daisy's problem. She had a job to do and that meant she had to get back on the road as soon as possible.

Once the big red bovine lady had dried her hands, she pulled out her slate. It was comedically small in her grasp but she operated it quite deftly. She swiped through various screens before opening the HtchHkr app she used, finding her next customer was already waiting for her. That meant she would have to go out and find them, drag them into the bathroom, and get the job done. She hated doing that. Rushing through the job meant she wouldn't get to savor it.

"Um... hello?" asked a small, meek voice.

Daisy lifted her gaze from her slate to peer over at the source. It was a raccoon, a little shorter than the cat she had just finished with, and a bit chubbier. He stared up at her in absolute wonder, marveling at her absolute mammoth size. It wasn't hard to tell that she was the user from the app he had selected.

"You Jerry?" Daisy asked in a perfunctory voice.

"Y-yeah... that's me! I guess that means you're Daisy? Headed to Marksborough?" the raccoon asked.

"I'm headed that direction, yeah. App says yer lookin' for a ride," the big bovine lady said, "You understand how this works?"

Jerry nodded, glancing over at the still dizzy feline, though he was finally coming around. It would be an interesting story for him to tell later, that was for sure. The raccoon brought his gaze back to the cow, making sure to keep his eyes locked on hers for fear that drifting lower might offend.

"Y-yeah, I've read through the app's explanation of the system, and I read your profile. Never heard of a lady doing this sorta thing before." Jerry said.

"Well yer about ta get a firsthand account, that is if you agree." Daisy said.

"Oh!" Jerry said with a mild tone of shock, pulled out his slate, and tapped away to complete his end of the transaction, "Yes! I agree! Sorry, I was just a little... distracted."

The bovine woman grunted softly as she widened her stance. She was still dealing with a couple of other clients and it left her in a bit of a mood. She lifted one palm to cup at her chest while the other lifted her skirt to reveal a massive, bloated sac dangling against her thighs and a throbbing, drooling shaft large enough that it rivaled one of Jerry's legs. The pendulous bloat hanging from between her legs gently churned and squirmed. The other two clients were acclimating to the sudden loss of their 'roommate'.

"Which was it that had you distracted? The tits? Or the junk?" Daisy asked, wanting to know so she could move forward accordingly.

"Well to be honest," Jerry said, trying very hard not to stammer, "It's kind of... the whole package. I knew you'd be big from your profile. I didn't realize just how big!"

"Yeah, I get that a lot," she replied, "You ready? I'm kinda on the clock."

"Oh! Right! Yes! I'm ready! I've got all the stuff I'm bringing in a watertight pouch and that's strapped on tight so I won't lose it. I should probably put my slate in with the rest of my stuff too." Jerry answered.

"Your clothes too, unless you want them to smell like cow jizz for however long it takes to wash it all out." Daisy said.

She grunted again as one of her passengers kicked. The motion created a visible print in the shape of a foot-paw that stretched outward from the rest of her ponderous scrotum. It pushed out slowly, then gradually sank back in, making the big woman huff a little. Jerry was mesmerized by the sight of it. Clearly this was his first time using HtchHkr, or at least it was the first time he'd opted to select a carrier that preferred this style of transport.

He slipped out of his clothes--a simple t-shirt, shorts, underwear, and flip-flops--and tucked everything into his watertight pouch. It scarcely bulged any bigger than it had prior to the addition, suggesting to Daisy that he had picked up one of those fancy, 'bigger on the inside' contraptions. She would need to look into getting something like that for herself if this kept up, otherwise she might get a stern talking to from the cops about indecent exposure. At least the skirt did a decent enough job.

Once Jerry was completely naked, covering himself out of modesty, he bit his lower lip and looked around, unsure what to do next.

"So uh... how do we um-" he cut himself off as he heard the sound of the cat slipping and falling in the shower just before the water was turned on, "get started?"

"C'mere, I'll show ya." Daisy said, lifting a vast palm, curling a finger in a beckoning gesture.