High Latitude Hospitality 3

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Cora had gotten bigger since last we'd seen him. Grace had moved in and she was keeping him very well fed. It meant he'd put on weight on top of adding Tora to his already impressive little family of passengers. On top of that, everyone had agreed to stay even longer than the usual length of time. Cora certainly didn't mind that at all.

It meant getting warm in the shower was a little tricky since turning around in a relatively small space was more difficult. So, Grace decided to take her roommate/boyfriend to a new hot spot (literally) that had opened recently, a place that was part sauna, part spa, part bathhouse, and part upper end bar. Surely nothing would go wrong with getting drunk at such a place… especially since they encouraged their patrons to go about in the nude.

This is a commission for Megido, a continuation from part 2.


Bull, Bear, Lizard, Dragon, Llama, Alpaca, Carakal, Cat, Wolf, Pregnancy, Male Pregnancy, Hermaphrodite, Unbirthing, Cock Vore, Endosomatophilia, Muscle gut, Muscle chub, Growth, Hyper

~ ~ ~ Story Sample ~ ~ ~

"I'm telling you! You're gonna love it here!" Grace said.

The great ursine lady had managed to drag Cora out of the house for once. Granted it was hard getting him to anymore. He'd gotten rather large since taking on all of his passengers. Tora and Dezzy occupied his middle while Anders and Wray were comfortably stashed down below--between his knees--sloshing around in his sac. On top of that, Grace had taken it upon herself to feed the bull as much as he could eat. Her reasoning was he was eating for five. Cora saw no reason to complain. Caring for all four of his passengers for so long had given him a much more motherly figure. As it happened, he was rather liking the look. Grace made it clear she liked it on him too. His broader hips gave her more to wrap her arms around.

Summer had come and was already on its way back out, but it was still fairly chilly out. But with more sunlight--near constantly for a few days in fact--it encouraged the residents of the sleepy little town to actually go outside for more than a few minutes at a time. What was ever so slightly out of the ordinary was that even though it was summer, Dezzy was in no real hurry to leave the confines of his husband's womb. Neither were the other three quick to evacuate. Cora wasn't entirely of the mind to kick them out either. Early on when it turned warmer out, he had sat down and had a conversation with his belly and his balls. Everyone agreed that the situation was too cozy and comfortable to give up. And so they all arranged for an extended stay.

"Are you sure it's okay? I've heard that pregnant women shouldn't spend prolonged periods of time in places like this." Cora said, moving more slowly than he used to.

With all that weight to carry around, not just his kids but the layer of fat Grace had given him with all her feeding, he had the starting speed of a tractor trailer. Thankfully, Grace was big and strong enough to get him on a roll, then help him put on the brakes. He was beginning to get the hang of it though. His legs were starting to thicken even further, growing dense with the muscle he would need to move the small mountain that was himself with greater ease and grace.

"Yeah, but that's regular pregnant women. And I guess guys who are pregnant the regular way too. Ya know... with an actual baby, not a husband and three boyfriends. Your kids are gonna be fine! And you're gonna be so relaxed!" Grace said.

"It's not like I'm really stressed out or anything. But, if you think it'll be fun, then I guess I can go along. But if anyone starts to complain that it's getting too warm, I'm out. Got it?" Cora shot back.

"Got it. Now don't turn all shy on me when we get in there. You'll be more comfortable without clothes, I promise. And it's kind of expected. It's one part sauna, one part speakeasy, one part nudist club." the grolar bear said, tugging her roommate-with-benefits in through the door of the establishment.

"Nudist? Club?" Cora asked, sounding nervous already.

"Hello and welcome to Fire-Water. How can I help you?" asked the receptionist, a brightly colored avian lady.

She looked like she belonged in some tropical jungle, which is probably why she worked in a place that was known for excessive amounts of warmth and humidity. The alcohol didn't hurt either. Grace took charge immediately, grinning a wide, toothy grin that somehow didn't frighten anyone that fell into the realm of 'prey type'.

"Yes! I believe there's a reservation for two. Should be under the name 'Grace'." she said.

"Grace, yes. I have you right here. You reserved a spot in one of the larger soaking rooms. I'll show you to your pool." the parrot lady smiled brightly and turned to guide the two very large guests down the hall towards their destination.

Within about five minutes, both bull and bear were undressed and showering as thoroughly as the sauna-bar requested of them. When they were as clean as they could manage in a foreign bathroom without their usual soaps, shampoos, lotions, and loofas, the pair was shown to the pool reserved for them. Really it wasn't so much that the pool itself was reserved, but more that they had seats in the steaming watering hole set aside just for them. It felt like they were visiting some beach-side resort where the pool butted up against the bar. Only this time it was a fabricated hot spring.

Cora marveled at the facility. It must have been quite the undertaking. They had drilled deep into the rock face of one of the neighboring mountains to avoid needing monstrous amounts of insulation. Then they had drilled down far enough to hit an area of geothermal energy. That meant they would never need to power a heating system. They just pumped water into the shaft and it came back piping hot, an artificial, mammal-made hot spring. Or perhaps avian-made. The receptionist wasn't the only one who was wrapped up in brilliant, startlingly colorful plumage.

"This place is pretty impressive." Cora mused.