Significant Other Stories - Study 2: Dragon Friend With Benefits

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Tom is back! So is Vhip! Of course, no one really gets to see Vhip, not when he's snug as a bug in a rug in his new boyfriend's belly. And with Vhip currently unavailable, it looks like Tom is going to have to fill in for him at work. Good thing Vhip's going with him, since it's all about laying eggs. Hopefully the boss doesn't have a strict attendance policy.


Human, Kobold, Dragon, Pregnancy, Male Pregnancy, Belly, Hermaphrodite, Eggs, Oviposition, Unbirthing, Endosomatophilia, Masturbation, Messy, Hyper, Impregnation, Cum Inflation, Size Difference, Breasts

~ ~ ~ Story Sample ~ ~ ~

I guess this is where I start the second chapter? I mean, it's not like I'm writing a novel or something. Hell maybe I could publish it as a novel. I don't know. I'm not really a writer. At least I don't feel like it. Doc says it's good for me to put all this down, helps me process it all. And boy have I got a lot to process. So yeah, chapter two. Hi, I'm Tom. Remember me? The only human in the world? Somehow magically ended up here and can't figure out how to get back? Okay well, that last bit is a little inaccurate. Doc and I have been talking. He says I need to be more accurate with my wording, and that 'can't figure out how to get back' suggests I'm still trying to get back. Honestly, if I went back as I am right now, I wouldn't mind too much. But it'd probably be better if I stayed put.

I've got a place to stay. I've got friends. I've got a way to support myself. And as it so happens, I'm not getting a bunch of weird looks anymore. People don't seem to be too freaked out by me like they did that first day I showed up. Granted, a lot's happened since then. More on that later. For now, where did I leave off? I had just showed up. I'd only been around for a couple of days. This little kobold guy, Vhip, took me in since I apparently saved him from being 'claimed' by a gang of raptors or something? I ended up overdosing on some weird sex-change pills because I'm nasty. And then Vhip decided to crawl in and make himself a little home in that new spot I had grown.

Weirder previous episode recap than anything you'd see on television. Maybe? I dunno, I've seen some weird stuff on TV here in this world. Maybe this is completely normal to the fuzzy folks who live here.

Anyway, I was just getting used to hauling Vhip around like that. I had spent the whole weekend like it, and I gotta say, I was really diggin' it. Seriously, I never thought I'd admit to liking being pregnant, but then this wasn't exactly your ordinary pregnancy. I just couldn't stop rubbing my stomach. And Vhip moving around felt really, like unbelievably good. Can you imagine if I just woke up back home with him still inside me? Geeze the scandal would be fantastic. Right up until the government decided they wanted to dissect me to have a better look at Vhip. God knows what they'd do to him. Poor guy wouldn't stand a chance. So, yeah, fuck going home. I know how they treat anyone or anything different and I'm not putting this little guy through that.

I kinda feel like I gotta protect him, like I'm responsible for him somehow. Which is really weird since he's the one taking care of me. Or at least he was, right up until he decided to call my gut home. Whatever, it works. I'm gonna just run with it. Or maybe stick to a light jog. I'm not up to running yet.

Like I said, I spent the whole weekend hauling this egg-filled lizard inside me. It was pretty damn great. I was getting worn out pretty easily, and I was getting really hungry a lot sooner than usual, but other than that, I was enjoying it. God, just showering with Vhip wriggling around in me was enough to make my knees knock. But, like the man said, all good things must come to an end. I woke up Monday morning earlier than I was known for waking up. I just laid there in bed for a while, staring at the ceiling. My hands were practically glued to my stomach. I could feel Vhip pushing down on me while he slept. I swear, I could even feel a sort of gentle rise and fall from his breath. That blew my mind. Maybe if I focused hard enough on it, I could use it to help me get to sleep next time he crawled in.

Eventually, I decided just laying there wasn't a good use of my time. I rolled over to the edge of the bed, trying to be as careful as I could not to wake my little buddy up and climbed up onto my feet. The weight settled in all those ways I had found I loved feeling and I was awake. Really awake. Like slap across the face, bucket of cold water over the head, stub your toe in the dark at three in the morning awake. Man, that shit's better than coffee for getting you going in the morning.

I checked the time and found I had a couple of hours before Vhip usually left to go to work. That had to be more than enough time for him to slip out. I thought about it for a bit and figured the best place for it to happen would be the bathtub. It would be a nice, contained space, and he could rinse off once he was out. And if his going in was any indication, I was gonna be hoarse from him coming back out.

I turned on the water and carefully eased myself into the tub. Trust me, you don't wanna accidentally slip and fall when something two thirds your body weight is throwing off your center of mass. If anything, I didn't wanna hurt the little guy because of a screw up of mine. I pulled the curtain shut around the tub and started to rinse myself off. God damn I loved feeling the spray hit my belly. This whole experience has given me an entirely new appreciation for what expectant mothers go through, but then I'm sure I was lucky enough to not have to contend with a lot of the negative stuff that comes with being pregnant. I wasn't sure why that was the case, but I wasn't gonna jinx it. And I still hadn't quite ruled out the whole delusion while in a coma theory or something like that. I was gonna enjoy it while I could.

After only a few minutes of standing there, constantly rubbing over my stomach, I felt Vhip start to twitch. I looked down at the big, wet dome, glistening under the showerhead, and gave my tummy a squeeze. I wasn't about to wake him up just yet if I could hold out a bit longer, keep it from ending too soon. But apparently the noise of the shower had done the trick for me. Oh well.

"Tom awake?" Vhip asked.

"Yeah, I'm awake. You alright in there, little guy?" that had been my usual way of saying good morning to him.

I didn't have any reason to think he wasn't, but I couldn't help myself. This was all still so new I wanted to make sure. And each and every time, he would answer and I would feel better.

"Vhip very comfy. Tom very comfy inside. Vhip feel good." he said.

"Good. Tom feel good too." I'd started talking like him, not like I was learning a new language or anything, but just because it felt kinda cute to answer him with how he talked sometimes.

"Vhip glad Tom feel good. Like stay in Tom. Tom like Vhip stay in Tom?" he asked.

"Oh yeah, Tom really like Vhip stay in Tom. But I think it's about time I let you back out. You've gotta head to work in a couple of hours." I wasn't looking forward to separating, but it had to be done.

After all, I had no idea how long I could actually safely hold onto Vhip like I was. For all I knew, it was dangerous to do exactly what we were doing and Vhip was just too sweet and innocent to know or understand. I sighed and gave my big, fat gut a squeeze, knowing I was going to miss it.