Intimate Encounter - The Angry Yobs 2

Awesome covert art by Bobert Ottah
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This story and the artist's account contain adult content.

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Scarlett was having the time of her life. The two minds that made her up were utterly elated with the results they got from the joining. The crowd was loving it to. Her band mates were similarly impressed. It sounded like this was going to work out better than any of the previous pairings before. It just so happened that it went so much better that someone, a very enthusiastic fan, slipped past the venue's security to have a more private meeting with the band. Jimmy, Virgil, and Marvin knew how these kinds of interactions went, and Scarlett was terribly interested in keeping her reputation healthy.


Heyna, Red Panda, Deer, Merging/Fusion, Hybrid, Hermaphrodite, Mild Hyper, Cum Inflation, Oral, Cunnilingus, Autofellatio, Unbirthing, Endosomatophilia, Pregnancy, Messy, Facial, Anal, Male Pregnancy, Prostate Stimulation

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

The crowd was electric. There had been shows in the past like this, but there was something special about this particular performance. The Angry Yobs were on fire tonight. Every note was hit perfectly. Every beat came at the right time. And the vocals--the writhing masses who had come to see them had not the words to describe what they were hearing. The spunky young lady at the microphone rocking her punk aesthetic was absolutely crushing every song. She had been introduced as Scarlett Spitfire, and she was living up to the name. Her attitude had been enough to immediately endear the audience to her. Then her singing enthralled them.

This was why Roscoe had the policy he had. The blending wasn't just fun, arousing, or at the very least stimulating. It created a persona that would add to the spectacle. It had been for the benefit of the show. It just so happened that this time, Hallie had added more than just an alluring figure. Together, their voices joined in a two-person choir that amazed and enticed. Scarlett could hit the highs, she could hit the lows, and then when both Hallie and Roscoe sang together in a one-person duet, it left everyone in utter awe. The cleavage certainly didn't hurt, but that was just a happy, not-so-little bonus. Hallie's claim that her voice was better than Roscoe's wasn't a lie. She could scream like the devil. She could harmonize like an angel. She was the perfect complement to his abilities. The two of them together--as Scarlett--soared beyond all expectation.

As they finished a song, the crowd flew into a frenzy, demanding more, begging for it practically. They were just a little more than halfway through their set, so there was still more to come. The pause in the action gave the whole band a chance to rest, catch their breath a bit, even get a drink of water. Scarlett had insisted on only water being available. That had been the Roscoe side of her. Clear and focused, no dulling of the senses. That was how she wanted her band performing. What came after the show was over was a completely different matter.

While they settled between songs, Hallie and Roscoe were busy in their shared head riding high on the buzz provided by the roar of the crowd.

"Hey Roxie, I think they like us." Hallie said, teasingly calling her other half by a more feminine form of his name, unspoken so that only the two of them were privy to the conversation.

"I don't think I've had anyone call me that before, luv. I kinda like it. Maybe that'll be our middle name." Roscoe replied, grateful for the internal dialog in spite of the tremendous noise of the audience.

"Scarlett Roxie Spitfire has a nice ring to it," Hallie said, then dipped into a slightly more earnest tone, "Thank you for lettin' me be part'a this."

"I'd say you earned it at this point, lass. You wanna stay on for the second show? It'd be a real shame ta not get the most outta this partnership." Roscoe replied.

"If you'll have me, I'll keep on shreddin' for ya. But it begs the question of what about the next groupie you would'a picked ta replace me." Hallie said.

"Have a look around. We got lots ta pick from. See any boys ya fancy?" the hyena half asked.

"Boys?" the red panda said with a laugh, "I didn't know you were thirsty fer a fat cock. I'd'a brought a toy from home ta play with during my 'audition'."

"Boy, girl, in between, none of the above, it's all good ta me. I just figured a lass like you'd be more comfy with somethin' more masculine. Did I readja wrong?" Roscoe asked.

"Well, if I'd known you were so open minded, I'd be payin' closer attention to the fellas. As it happens, there are a few ladies who are lookin' quite lovely tonight. One or two've been havin' a bit of a hard time keepin' everythin' tucked away with all the jumpin' around and the like." Hallie answered.

There came a sharp spike in arousal in Scarlett at that thought. The sizable bulge in her panties pulsed, making the fabric grow even tighter around her shaft. The straining garment even turned slightly damp. Roscoe picked up on that, realizing it hadn't been from him. His other half was already so closely meshed with him that her arousal was having the same effect his own did. That proved to be unbelievably enticing. He loved the fact that she was so compatible.

"Well, looks like the lady's gettin' a bit of a chubby for the ladies. Good information ta have. See anyone in particular that's especially eye catchin'?" Roscoe asked.

"A few, but I'm sure you got more experience in makin' sure not ta stick yer dick in crazy," Hallie replied "Got any tips on how ta not land a psycho?"

"Oh you're already on the ball 'bout that, are ya? Great. This'll be loads easier then." the hyena replied.

Their conversation carried on for a while. Had it been verbal and aloud, it would have made Scarlett look like she had gone mad. It would have taken a great deal longer too. Thanks to the fact that both minds were able to bypass the need to use the mouth and ear when they could share their thoughts with such tremendous immediacy, they held their conversation in a rapid fire manner in less than a minute.

"You've been a great crowd tonight!" Scarlett screamed into the microphone, "You ready for more!?"

They roared with enthusiasm. Of course the audience was. They would have given anything to hear more from this gorgeous, demonic siren. Still, it was a question that helped to rile everyone up, and it never failed.

"Thought so, ya greedy bastards! You want more!? We'll give ya more! Boys!? Five, six, seven, eight!" the lead singer turned to shout back at her band, kicking them into gear for the next song.

As soon as the first few notes of the melody filled the venue, the room went ballistic all over again. They recognized one of the crowd favorites The Angry Yobs were known for. To hear it sung by this beauty's voice would be nothing short of heavenly. She would make it transcendent.