Bump in a Bottle - Santa Vaca Book 1

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The first story in a new series! This one's a little different from series I've written in the past, it's more like an anthology. That means each story in the series doesn't necessarily create a consistent through line. Instead, the stories may connect, but each one is its own tale, painting a picture of what life is like in the mysterious and seductive city of Santa Vaca. It's a magical place!

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Work is always such a drag. Greg understood the importance of being employed, but that didn't keep it from sucking. Thankfully, he had found something that helped him contend with the stress. He didn't take anything prescription to modify his brain chemistry, not that there was anything wrong with that. He just had something he preferred more. It was a common, over-the-counter 'supplement' that worked exactly as advertised, which was a rarity in the world all on its own. It just so happened that what it did was whoever took it would swell up as though they were pregnant. And Greg had a fetish for that, which had the practical up shot of helping lift his spirits and improve his mood.

If store-bought neurotransmitters were valid, why not a baby bump too?


Deer, Wolf, Cougar, Rabbit, Belly, Pregnancy, Male Pregnancy, Inflation, Expansion, Breast Growth, Femboy, Non-Gender Conforming, Mild Hyper, Lactation, Male Lactation, Nursing, Oral, Anal

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

"Finally." Greg said with a huff.

It had been a long day. Work had been troublesome and exhausting, but at least it was the end of the week now. The small buck was grateful for that. All the difficulties and aggravations of being gainfully employed were far away and could not reach into the sanctum of Greg's home. Greg didn't own the house, though. He only rented a room within it. The two who did own it were terribly generous to permit him to live there and at such a bargain of a rate. As it happened, the small deer had managed to get home before his two roommates. He went immediately to his room and flopped down on his bed.

A quiet groan eased its way out of the buck and into the dark, slightly too warm air of his bedroom. Now that someone was home, the air conditioning would be kicking in to cool things down a bit more. One of the troubles of living in a city surrounded by desert was that it tended to stay terribly warm during the day. At least Greg's office had sense enough to keep it cool enough for non-desert-dwelling species to be comfortable.

He hadn't bothered to turn the lights on as he made his way through the house. He didn't much see the point. There was still plenty of light seeping in through the cracks in the blinds elsewhere throughout the house, but not in Greg's room. It wouldn't be that way for much longer though. The sun was already on its way towards the horizon, casting longer shadows across the front lawn. That meant there would be no direct light coming in through his window. The canopy from the trees contributed to the darkness, making the room feel close and well concealed. He wanted to hide from the world for the time being.

Greg squirmed unhappily on his bed, eventually coming to rest with one paw on his trim, flat stomach. There was something terribly wrong with the moment. He knew exactly what it was and how to fix it, but that required getting up. He didn't want to move, and yet he knew how much better he would feel if he just went and did it. It would require so little effort. A new groan filled the room as he finally convinced himself to sit up. From there, he hopped off the bed onto his hooves. He was short enough and the top of the mattress high enough that he could let his legs dangle and he wouldn't touch the floor.

Without bothering to undress or change into anything more comfortable, the buck walked to his bathroom. He opened his medicine cabinet and pulled out a plastic pill bottle. As he was about to open it, he paused and frowned. The expiration date was drawing near, only a few days away. When he shook the bottle, it felt terribly full. He had to have only gone through perhaps two thirds of the contents. That meant there were at least forty pills remaining from the hundred-and-twenty it was listed to contain. The last few months had been more stressful than he had wanted them to be. He had come home almost every day after work too tired and too emotionally drained to think about anything other than eating dinner and going straight to bed.

As a result, he had let a large portion of his supply of pills grow so old they were nearly expired. It was just another example of how unfair life could be. Greg didn't want them to go to waste so he just returned to the bedroom with a sigh, bottle in hand. Maybe he could knock a good portion of them out before they went bad. Strictly speaking, it was like the expiration date on milk. It wasn't a hard limit where they were fine one day then completely unusable the next. He knew that, but he also didn't want to take the chance that he might ingest something that could potentially harm him. He had seen some of the reactions from taking expired over-the-counter medicine. It was unpleasant, not deadly, but unpleasant.

The buck unscrewed the cap, took out two capsules, popped them into his mouth, and swallowed. He didn't bother with needing water. The cap was put back on and the bottle set down on the nightstand. There it would be easily spotted and remind him to take more as soon as this dose wore off. That would take hours. Likely, he wouldn't be free of the effects until morning. Greg flopped back on the bed and sighed, waiting for the medicine to kick in. He didn't have to wait long. That was one of the benefits of this particular delivery system; it was fast acting.

A soft sense of tightness formed in the cervine's abdomen. He brought both paws to rest over his flat stomach as he felt the sensation. With a soft inhale, he arched his back and tipped his nose upwards towards the headboard. Thankfully, his antlers had been dulled enough so that he wouldn't tear into his pillows or scratch up the wood frame. He had spent significant amounts of money replacing or repairing things when they were too pointy. It made him learn his lesson the hard way.

The tightness grew ever so gently as he began to feel a slight swelling under his fingers. The white button down shirt covering his torso began to draw close around his middle, forced to by the gradually added girth. It wasn't a tremendous change, but it was certainly noticeable. Greg exhaled as he felt the buttons start to strain just a little. It was a marvelous sensation. He knew it would make everything better. Rather than take anti-depressants or mood elevators, this was what he used when he was stressed and needed to relax. It had the same effect, just in a more indirect manner.

The expansion of his middle continued, but only for a short while. When the swelling finally came to an end, the deer was in possession of a figure that some might mistake for chubby, but his extremities were incongruous with that assessment. The only other word to describe his appearance now was 'pregnant'. That was in fact the desired effect. A softly euphoric wave washed over the tired cervine and his entire form finally relaxed. It wasn't that the pills had delivered the euphoria, at least not directly. The expansion they provided resulted in the rush of exquisite bliss. Greg liked feeling like he was pregnant. When he had first seen the pills come commercially available, he was skeptical that they worked as advertised. Unable to pass up the chance to try them, he bought a small sample and tried it. Much to his delight, it actually worked.

Now, he was running up against a not insignificant amount of the wonderful capsules going bad before he could use them. He hated the thought of them going to waste. At least he would get to enjoy the feeling through the weekend. Then he would have to throw out the rest and go buy more. If he remembered to do so. When he wasn't feeling this good, it was easy for him to close up and want to just stay a shut-in. These 'Bump in a Bottle' pills were a safer alternative to anti-depressants in his mind. At least with these there was no serious crash in mood if he didn't take them on time. Without them though, he would just mope around hating life. He had to make sure he got more.

As the buck lay on his back, both paws roaming over his rounded tummy, he traced his fingers between the buttons on his shirt, feeling how tight they had been pulled. It made him giggle. He hadn't really grown that much. By normal standards, he looked somewhere between five and six months along. He was showing enough that he wouldn't be able to easily hide it, but he wasn't so large that he would have difficulty dressing. It was a nice, small jump in size and weight. Oh the weight. It was wonderful. He adored the sensation of it, as well as the firm yet softly yielding dome. He could squeeze it gently and feel his fingers depress into the curved surface, but not terribly far. Of course, the act of squeezing brought with it a whole new array of exhilarating signals.

It would all feel so much better once he was undressed, but for now he just wanted to bask in the sense of it all. And he intended to, right up until he heard the door to the garage open and two voices drifted through the house. Nathan and Ash were home. Greg sat up as he heard his roommates enter. He climbed to his hooves again and emerged from his bedroom. Each step was marked with a tiny little jolt of glee thanks to the rotund shape of his middle. Both paws were practically glued to his tummy, moving in slow circles across the whole surface.

It was perhaps a good thing that he had 'taken his medicine' before Nate and Ash got home. At least now he wouldn't seem so distraught. He hated feeling that way around anyone else, especially his roommates. 'Bump in a Bottle' had helped, but so too had the couple he lived with. And since his mood was already better, he would be able to find even more comfort in their company.