Romantic Dinner

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Seg and Agro were spending Valentine's Day in their own special way. This is just a fun, quick little story for the big gator and his owl hubby… because I like them and they're very sweet.


Alligator, Owl, Rabbit, Horse, Size Difference, Fat, Muscle Gut, Cock Vore, Oral, Vore (soft), Cum Inflation, Belly

~ ~ ~ Story Sample ~ ~ ~

"You ready for this?" asked Segremores, "I know you're still new to it."

"I'm as ready as I'll ever be. I don't see how waiting any longer will make it easier." answered his husband.

The barn owl had been a little apprehensive about what was planned. It wasn't that he was worried it would hurt or that something would go wrong. It was that he wasn't sure he would be as adept at it as he felt he should be. The big, alabaster alligator was well versed in this sort of thing, and having witnessed him engage in it so often, it left Agro a little curious and ever so slightly jealous. He wanted to share in the experience. Seg had done well to corrupt him.

"Alright. I'll help you do yours, then I'll do mine. Then we go on to the next phase." the muscular yet chubby gator said.

"Okay. Deep breaths, don't try to force it, just let it happen. Ready." Agro said.

The bespectacled owl sat on the edge of the bed the two shared. His legs were spread quite wide, letting his impressive, pendulous scrotum sag down near the bottom of the mattress. He was naturally well endowed, and he was about to see that endowment expand tremendously. Seg offered his husband a nod then turned to look at one of the other two present. It had been decided to start out relatively easy. So, the rabbit standing in front of the gator had been picked out special for tonight. He was only slightly shorter than Agro himself. It was only fair that he get something easy to try with.

The white alligator picked the bunny up with remarkable ease. There came no squirms or struggles. He knew what was coming. He had volunteered for it after all. A soft breath of exhilaration escaped the rabbit as he realized it was beginning.

"I hope I'm not too big." the lapine fellow said.

"You're just right." Seg said in a gentle whisper into one of his ears.

That made the bunny shudder and rub his thighs together. He was firming up swiftly from being manhandled and the anticipation of the coming event. Agro wasn't the only one who was well endowed. The rabbit was sporting his own impressive set of features. His shaft slowly rose as his arousal became more pronounced. Soon, his length was bumping up under his own chin. He could have serviced himself without trouble. In fact, he did rather often.

The alligator ran one of his large, powerful paws over the pulsing spire, grinning at it as he directed the rabbit's foot-paws to the waiting erection his husband was contending with. Agro was fighting the impulse to tend to his own needs. He desperately wanted to caress the aching mast, to smear its drooling ooze across his flesh to further lubricate himself. But he refrained. He wanted to save himself for 'the main event'.

"Here we go, honey. Deep breath in." Seg said just as he began pressing the rabbit's paws against the owl's shaft.