Breakfast of Champions

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This is just a fun little short involving some vore, endo, and even a little egg-based mpreg. I wrote it for Degyn who has himself a small streaming audience that's building. Go check him out: Inkra Gator on Twitch


Dragon, Male Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Eggs, Oviposition, Belly, Fat, Vore (soft), Endosomatophilia

~ ~ ~ Story Sample ~ ~ ~

The snow was coming down hard. If it had been able to make noise, it would have been deafening. It was too much for a certain water-loving blue dragon to put up with. He was not at all fond of the cold; no matter how pretty it looked when the world was covered in a blanket of white. It just made him want to burrow into a blanket with only his muzzle sticking out for air. Thankfully, work had sent him home early and informed everyone to not come in for the next two days.

Smokey climbed out of the car and wrapped himself up as best he could for the short walk to the front door. The quaint little house stood by itself amidst a few trees. The lights were on in the windows and steam was wafting from the vents on the roof, signaling that the heat was indeed on and working. It made the whole thing look terribly cozy. The neighboring houses all had similar appearances, though many had no lights on or only very few. It was fairly late after all. Many were likely in bed by this point.

Not Degyn though. He was likely only just getting up. Seeing the lights on was something of a comfort other than the idea that there was power. It meant he wasn't going to disturb the green drake. It took Smokey perhaps only thirty seconds to get from the car to the door. It was unlocked, shoved open, then immediately shoved closed again once he was on the habitable side. A powerful shiver ran through the blue dragon as he shook the thin layer of snow from himself.

"Smokey? Is that you?" called Degyn from his bedroom.

"Yeah! They let us go early, and they're gonna be closed until the weather lets up. How long have you been up?" the blue dragon replied.

"Not terribly long. Just finished up in the shower, was thinking about getting something to eat. Did you have a chance to eat lunch?" the green asked.

Lunch was a relative term. In this instance, it meant the meal Smokey would get to eat in the middle of his shift at work. He often kept it relatively meager so he wouldn't have to carry quite so much with him.

"Yeah, finished just before they sent everyone home. If you can avoid it, don't go outside. It's freezing out there. Thought my tail was gonna break off on the way to the car." Smokey said.

The jade fellow emerged from the bedroom while his roommate was busy shedding clothing. He had thought ahead and wrapped up in a couple of extra layers. It was a little tricky finding sweaters and coats that fit such an odd shape. The blue fellow was slender for the most part, except for a rather pronounced, rotund stomach. He was just as big coming home as he had been when he left.

"Oh dude, they didn't even give you time to lay your latest clutch?" Degyn asked.

The green drake closed the distance between them. Unlike his roommate, he had opted to wear virtually nothing at all. He had just gotten out of the shower after all. He was similarly built to the blue, though he wasn't quite as thin all over. He had a layer of pudge to him that was amplified by the vast swell of his own stomach. Only he wasn't carrying a clutch of eggs, or anything else for that matter. He was just fat, and he was proud of it. Both scaled fellows often enjoyed doting on that plump tummy of his.

Smokey sighed and leaned back into his friend's attention from behind once he managed to get his two outer-most layers off. Two pairs of paws moved to his heavily laden stomach. The gentle caressing was a lovely thing indeed. He closed his eyes and purred, just enjoying the contact.

"Yeah, didn't get a chance. I managed three clutches before lunch, then I ate, and they sent us home before I could lay this one. So I guess we get that much more time to enjoy both tummies." the blue dragon said.

"I'm okay with that. Who was the 'stud' today? Shrou?" Degyn asked.

"Yup. Big guy got me all to himself all day. They were down a couple on both sides." Smokey said, and then shivered again.

He hadn't quite gotten the deep chill out of his bones. Not even the heater in the car on the ride home could wash it away completely. Another fifteen minutes and it might have done the trick, but Smokey didn't want to be out that long.

"You poor thing, you're like ice. We need to get you warmed up right away." the jade dragon said.

"I could go soak in a hot bath. That would do the trick. But..." the blue fellow said, letting his voice trail off at the end.

"But... you'd rather curl up somewhere else equally warm?" Degyn asked with a grin.

"You said you hadn't eaten anything yet." Smokey replied.

"That's right. First meal of the day is the most important." the green shot back.

"Well, let me just get the rest of the way undressed and then you can have your breakfast." the blue said with a smirk.