Satisfying the In-Laws

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This is a fun, kinky, non-canon story about Shayna's dad, Kye-ven (a character owned by Thellos, a character who happens to also be Ivory's father) visits the Treetop Inn and meets his daughter's boyfriend… husband… power-bottom. You know, I don't think I've ever actually properly defined their relationship. It's got a lotta fuckin' in it, that's for sure.

Kye-ven's an intimidating fellow; large, powerful, head of a huge clan of dragons (and always looking to expand his family even more). When he arrives to size up Smokey to see if he's worthy of his daughter, Smokey nearly pees his pants.

I'm not too sure how well I've written Kye-ven's personality since Thellos wasn't consulted on how to write the big blue dragon-dad for this situation so… just slap it under non-canon and it's fine.

Ivory and Kye-ven are (C) Thellos/Ivory


Dragon, Dragoness, Hermaphrodite, Hyper, Size Difference, Cock Vore, Endosomatophilia, Incest, Unbirthing, Pregnancy, Impregnation, Cum Inflation, Vore (soft)

~ ~ ~ Story Sample ~ ~ ~

"Are you sure there isn't some other way we can accomplish this? I mean... I don't want to offend but... this is a little extreme, isn't it?" Smokey asked, staring up at another blue dragon.

It wasn't just 'another' dragon. It was a much taller blue dragon; one of great import no less. He gazed down hard at the shorter, younger drake while an angelic white dragoness stood just next to the nervous innkeeper. She had an arm crossed over her chest and a palm resting over her eyes. She was just a little embarrassed by her boyfriend's timidness. She had warned him what the meeting would be like. Apparently, that had not been enough to prepare Smokey for what he was facing now.

"My boy, where I come from, this is par for the course. Now, I appreciate the fact that my sweet little girl has taken a shine to you. I'm also impressed with the level of hospitality you show at this little resort of yours. It's quite an establishment you've got. However, I have to wonder how it is that you are not better prepared for the ritual," Kye-ven said then turned to his daughter, "Shayna, did you not explain the situation to him?"

The dragoness made a shrug gesture as she brought her gaze up to meet her father's.

"I tried. But, as you can see, he's a little on the easy side to fluster. It's kind of cute usually. Once we get him in the middle of things, he'll loosen up and lean into it. I promise." Shayna explained.

"I should hope so," the ancient beast said, turning his eyes back to Smokey, "I'm still just a bit puzzled as to why it is you have been involved with my daughter for so long and you still have yet to produce any grandchildren for me."

"It's um... It's a little complicated," Smokey said, fighting to keep from showing a visible tremble, "Honestly, I didn't think time was too big a factor. I mean... I'm still pretty young, and Shayna's as near as it matters to immortal."

He had good reason to be nervous. It wasn't until a few months ago that Shayna explained to him that her father was the very dragon now visiting his inn. For one thing, he was very old, far older than Shayna was, and she could measure her lifespan in the number of civilizations that had risen and fallen. For another, he was exceptionally large. Shayna herself was a little over four and a half meters tall when she let herself stand at her full height. Kye-ven was almost another full meter taller than her. She would only come up to his shoulder when standing unimpeded.

In his 'presentable' height which he used to keep from frightening guests, Smokey only came up to roughly around the bigger dragon's knee. Then there was Kye-ven's breeding. He was royalty, which the frightened innkeeper had only just found out about from Shayna those months back when she mentioned her father wanted to meet him. It wasn't all that surprising that the angelic lady was descended from a noble family, but it just so happened that her father was an avatar of Bahamut. That meant he was fearsome in combat.

Smokey wasn't exactly known for his fighting skills. He wasn't a warrior by any stretch of the imagination. There was a reason he preferred the title 'innkeeper' after all. Now he stood facing his beloved's father, an actual avatar of the dragon god Bahamut. Ivory had given him some idea of what the rest of the family was like, but this was on a whole other level. It meant he would have to be extra careful not to do or say something stupid. One did not incur the wrath of a creature such as this and live terribly long.

"Age is irrelevant. Time is irrelevant. I want my grandchildren. It is a point of family pride. Since you have failed to give my daughter any offspring, and you have not been able to bare her any young yourself, it falls to me to take matters into my own paws and ensure that you two procreate. If you are not comfortable with our ways, then perhaps my daughter should select a different mate." Kye-ven said, crossing his arms across his muscular chest.

Shayna frowned and stamped her paw on the ground ever so softly. She didn't want to come off looking like a petulant child. She also didn't want to upset her father. He was still terribly powerful. If he decided Smokey wasn't worthy, he could just snatch her up, whisk her away, and arrange it so that she would never return. That would not do.

"Father, please! There is no need for that kind of talk. He's just... new to all of it." Shayna said.

The taller blue fellow raised an eye ridge, not taking kindly to his daughter's tone.

"Little one... mind your words. I am already not in the best of moods learning that this coupling has gone on so long without any visible result." Kye-ven said, his voice rumbling with traces of anger.

Shayna dipped her muzzle and blushed, not usually so easily ruffled while in her father's presence.

"My apologies, father." she said.

"This small one must be quite interesting for you to come so close to raising your voice at me when I suggest that you leave his company. Has he put some sort of spell upon you?" the great drake asked.

"He is important to me, if that's what you mean." Shayna answered.

"And... your daughter has aided me in ways I could never hope to repay. In all honesty, my lord... I have a difficult time understanding why she has such great affection for me. To put it bluntly, she's way out of my league!" Smokey said, adding a bit of a nervous laugh at the end.

That did not have the expected result.