Daddy Needs a New Cubicle

A new stand-alone short story!

Awesome covert art by Bobert Ottah
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Ephram was a big guy. He had a hard time squeezing in most places thanks to his stature. And thanks to his belly. But then that belly of his was hiding an interesting secret. It was the kind of thing he wasn't exactly itching to tell anyone at work about. Gossip wasn't a friend after all, and if those who participated in the practice caught wind of his hidden doings, then surely it would spread like wildfire.


Horse, African Wild Dog, Canine, Muscle, Muscle Gut, Hermaphrodite, Pregnancy, Male Pregnancy, Unbirthing, Endosomatophilia, Size Difference, Mild Hyper, Oral, Cum Inflation, DILF, Dad Play

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

Ephram grunted as he squeezed his way out of the elevator. He had gotten to work at the busiest time. Usually he preferred getting in a little earlier than this, missing the rush. It wasn't that he was averse to crowds, it was just that he tended to not fit in crowded elevators terribly well. The tall horse took up a lot of room after all. He was easily the biggest employee at the office, taller than everyone else and sporting an impressive physique. But what really made it difficult when there wasn't much room left in the elevator was his stomach. It protruded quite a ways from the rest of him, seeming somewhat incongruous with his otherwise muscular frame.

Getting in before everyone meant he didn't run the risk of mashing anyone into a wall by accident. Today though, he was sure the person who had gotten stuck behind him was enjoying it. Clearly their lack of complaint signaled that they didn't mind having a toned horse rump practically shoved in their face. At least the bus ride in had been quiet. Usually someone would sit next to him and want to inspect his tummy, give it a rub, even ask him when he was due. It was slightly annoying, but at the same time, it was also somewhat endearing. Usually, he just wanted to ride in silence and close his eyes. It afforded him an almost meditative state of mind.

Work was stressful enough without needing to worry about awkward interactions with strangers on the way to the office or headed back home. Thankfully, the relative peace and quiet of his cubicle was nearly within reach.

The big, russet equine stepped out on to the floor where the cubicle farm stretched out before him. It wasn't an ideal situation, but it afforded him a modestly comfortable living. A quick glance around told him everyone else who had arrived before him was busy either already working or chatting away about some latest bit of gossip. He was free and clear to make the dash to his desk before anyone could stop him. He didn't like being dragged into gossip. It almost always ate up more time than promised and it never could hit the mark of being both timely and accurate.

With a grunt, the big stallion powered forward, keeping his gaze towards the floor so as to avoid eye contact with anyone. He navigated his way through the 'maze' of cubicles until he reached his. He turned to try and slide into his little box where he lived while on the clock. His belly dragged strongly against the edge of the entrance while his back caught on the opposite side. He grumbled softly as he realized he was bound to get stuck if he wasn't careful. Ephram calmed himself, took a breath, sucked in his gut as much as he felt he needed, then scooted further in. That did the trick.

The discount rolling office chair was spun about to catch the horse's broad rump. He dropped himself carefully into it, not wanting to simply plop down onto the over-encumbered thing. He had already broken two others doing that. The arms of his seat pressed in against his sides, making him grunt as he twisted and turned to get into a comfortable posture. Soon, he was right where he needed to be. With a sigh, he dropped his backpack atop his desk. He preferred such a bag versus a briefcase. It had much more versatility, and with it slung on his back, it was much more difficult for someone to try and snatch. Not that muggers would think of him as a target worth trying. Not someone as big as him.

Ephram opened the bag and reached in, retrieving a brown paper sack emblazoned with the logo of a local cafe. He had stopped to get breakfast, and he was eager to devour it. Just as he was about to open the sack and retrieve its contents, his phone buzzed in his pocket. With a grunt of exertion, the big fellow leaned to one side and tried his best to shove a hand into his pocket. It took some doing, thanks to the tight squeeze of fitting in his chair. When the black, sleek device was retrieved, he woke it up to see a text waiting for him. It was paired with an image of a smiling canine with large, rounded ears, and a somewhat abstract pattern of coloration.

"Hey honey, settled in yet?" read the message.

It was Sam, his boyfriend. The African wild dog had texted to see if he had made it to work without incident. A little smile crept across Ephram's muzzle seeing that his partner had been thinking about him. The horse had been thinking about his short, svelte lover too. He tapped away at the screen to write his response, struggling a little to get the letters he wanted. His fingers were just too big for the current phone. He really needed to get one with a bigger display. Unfortunately, he still had a couple of months before he could upgrade.

"Settled in safe and sound. Even managed to snag breakfast on the way in." Ephram wrote back.

He put his phone down and turned his attention back to the warmth radiating out from the paper bag tempting him with the delicious scent of his egg and cheese croissant sandwich. He got far enough to remove his treat from the bag and even unwrap part of it, aiming to take a bite. Before he could, a sharp sensation caused him to jerk. His teeth clacked as he clenched his jaws shut, unfortunately without being able to sink in around the delicious smelling morsel in his hands. The horse snorted softly as he leaned back in his seat. He put his sandwich down and closed his eyes, breathing slow and deep. Something had happened that had forced him to work to center himself. There had come a rather intense bit of stretching from somewhere deep down inside him.

A presence was making itself known under his short pelt. Ephram's white button-down shirt was stretched softly in a few odd directions as his belly turned about. One of his weighty palms moved to cup against the active swell of his abdomen. That alone had not been what had startled him. What had jerked him away from his breakfast so rudely was the feeling of something passing from the great, domed mass of his gut further down. Something was trying to slip out of him. He knew exactly what it was and why.