Line of Succession

Part 3 of "The Prince Who Would Be Queen"

Awesome covert art by Bobert Ottah
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Kaz had finally gotten back into the swing of things, which eased Rochelle's fears a bit. Still, the queen had other concerns to focus on. This just meant she didn't have to have her attention split. Choosing between her child and her kingdom was always an impossible choice. Hopefully, Kaz's return to good humor might help solve the other little problem both tigers were puzzling over. And as it so happened, there was someone who just might be interested in assisting.


Tiger, Gryphon, Shark, Rabbit, Boar, Zebra, Dragon, Cross Dressing, Vore (soft), Endosomatophilia, Digestion, Reformation, Lesbian, Oral, Fellatio, Public Sex, Cock Vore, Anal, Unbirthing, Gender Transformation, Mild Hyper, Cunnilingus, Size Difference, Cum Inflation, Breast Growth, Pregnancy, Male Pregnancy, Hermaphrodite, Lactation, Nursing

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

"Before we move on to body language and gestures, are there any questions about clever word play?" Kaz asked.

The room was host to a class of fifteen, all present to learn from the tiger about the fine art of how to engage with others in social gatherings. It had started off as a means to build confidence for those who were lacking, but it very quickly grew to include understanding the nuance of foreign cultures, where to draw the line when using charm, how to gracefully exit an unpleasant conversation, and other such skills that may not be terribly commonplace.

It had been an interesting few classes so far. And the notion had been far more popular than the princess had assumed it would be. Many young men and ladies came from quite a long ways to partake in this master class in socializing. The striped feline felt a swell of pride seeing how intrigued her students were. A paw rose above the rest, belonging to an avian woman Kazimiera knew quite well.

"You have been teaching us about how to craft our words in a way that is more pleasing to the ear. Will you be speaking about how to strike with venom while still using a voice of honey?" asked the gryphon.

"No, Lady Titania," Kaz said, keeping her voice measured and even, "Such a thing is unbecoming of a lady or a gentleman. Yes, we are all guilty of using such a skill from time to time, but we must fight against it. It is up to each of us to make the choice that we be better than lowering ourselves to such an act."

The feathered lady frowned and sat back down, displeased with the answer she got. She had hoped to gradually expose a side of the feline that might make her fellow students grow disenchanted with her. The tigress had gracefully and elegantly sidestepped the attempt. It had been the latest in a line of such attempts. Clearly Titania was here against her will.

"If I might interrupt," called out one of the young men, a ferret from a sea-fairing island nation, "While I agree that it is not becoming, I feel there may be times when such a skill could be useful, for instance to scold someone who is behaving dreadfully."

The gryphoness smirked, hoping that perhaps it might actually steer Kaz down the path she had asked for. The princess adjusted her posture, using a proper, rigid stance to assert authority. It was a subtle, gentle gesture, and it caught the attention of the class.

"Yes, such a situation could potentially rear its ugly head. However, I have found that more often than not, the best means of fending off such hateful behavior is with grace, humility, and tact. Very often, a situation that might appear to require a dropping of one's manners is better resolved by keeping them up. Such a person is likely trying their best to force you to show your lack of civility. By denying them what it is they seek, they grow frustrated. Either they will reveal their true intentions and be shunned by the rest of those present, or they will surrender and concede the battle of wits," Kaz explained, stepping forward to place a paw gently on the ferret's shoulder, looking him in the eyes, "Trust in this, there is an old saying, 'kill them with kindness', and it is entirely appropriate."

The young man nodded, finding the answer quite satisfactory. The rest of the class nodded along with him, showing that Titania's efforts were not only thoroughly squashed, but the lesson itself had been directed almost entirely upon the very behavior she had engaged in by asking the question.

"I see. Yes. That does sound like a far more preferable course of action." the ferret said.

"It is indeed. Now, can anyone tell me anything special they noticed about how I answered?" Kaz asked, artfully moving directly into the next lesson.

"You assumed a posture of authority, a regal stance one could argue, using your body language to tell the room that your words should be heeded." called out a voice from in the back of the group.

The tigress lifted her gaze to find the source, discovering it was someone she had seen at many of her mother's functions, one who she had not had much more than a passing encounter with.

"Yes, that is correct, your highness," Kaz said with a smile, "Everyone, it is my pleasure to introduce Prince Geoffrey of the house of Hakata. Sire, I was beginning to worry you might not join us."

The prince bowed his head softly as the rest of the class stood and bent at the waist or curtsied before him out of respect. It would be terrible if someone were in attendance and forgot their manners in that moment.

"Yes, I must apologize. I allowed myself to get overly involved in some trivial matter, and before I realized what had happened, a great deal of time had passed. I hope I have not missed too much of the lesson." Geoffrey said, taking a seat near the front.

"Not at all. We had only just finished learning about artful use of language. If you are interested in covering the matter, I can provide you a private tutoring session after we are done for the day." Kaz replied.

"That is terribly kind of you. Please do not trouble yourself on my account." the prince said.

He was a gracious fellow, smiling warmly at the feline. Under the wrong circumstances, that smile could have appeared menacing. Geoffrey was a shark, possessing a set of fearsome, razor sharp teeth. And yet, his countenance was that of a friend rather than one wishing to seek harm for others. His grey skin was smooth and matte, showing no sheen one would expect from another specific aquatic creature of similar build. There were curious, faint markings across his hide, ensuring that the rich slate hue would be broken up and not left a single, monotone shade. His dark hair was short and stood on its own, giving it a slightly messy appearance, the sort that many attempted to manufacture, but could never quite accomplish.

His eyes were a rich, dark brown, almost black, pairing with his locks quite nicely. His slim build suggested a fit frame that no doubt came from a lifetime of swimming. His wardrobe was modest for a prince, presenting no flashy or gaudy decoration in favor of practicality, while still carrying a regal sense about it.

"Very well, we can discuss it later. For now, I would like for everyone to pair off so that we can practice uses of body language. If you are nervous practicing with a specific person, just take a breath and remind yourself we are all here to learn. There is to be no judging." Kaz said.