Chronicles of the Gracious Gut - Tale 5 - Guild Requirements

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Heston wants to join the guild known as The Gracious Gut. Unfortunately, he's a little under-sized to fill the role. However, one very well-suited member is more than happy to help him slip into something a little more appropriate.

This is a YCH story for Basil, staring Heston, the kobold/dragon from Hungry for Glory: Side Quest 3. We both were rather fond of him and decided he needed to show up again somewhere.

Lynels are the intellectual property of Nintendo. Please don't sue me.


Lynel, Kobold, Dragon, Various Species, Muscle, Muscle gut, Chubby, Pregnancy, Male Pregnancy, Hermaphrodite, Unbirthing, Endosomatophilia, Birth, Hyper, Cum Inflation, Vore (soft), Transformation, Gender Shifting

~ ~ ~ Story Sample ~ ~ ~

"Please! You can't just turn me away! I know I can help somehow! I really believe in what this place is trying to do and I want to be a part of it!" Heston cried out.

The little rusty-red kobold was practically begging as he poked his head up over the edge of the help desk. A tall, chubby bull looked down at him from behind it, slightly unamused by the little lizard's insistent nature.

"Look, kid. It's great that you wanna help. It really is. But I don't see how we can use you, unless you wanna handle paperwork or something. I'm sorry." the bovine said.

"Please! I can do so much more! I know I can!" the kobold begged.

His loud cries for compassion were starting to draw attention from the rest of the guild hall. The Gracious Gut was not really known for being without customers or members. The bull sighed and lifted his gaze, looking around to see if there was someone else he could dump the loud little guy off on. He wasn't trained to handle this sort of situation. Given how this was only the latest instance, he might need to look into it at some point. Heston was the third volunteer this month he had to turn away. Just as he was about to give up and tell the kobold to just go home, he spotted someone promising.

A large tauric creature that appeared to be a mix of species--feline, equine, and even a little caprine--slowly clopped his hooves across the stone floor, heading for the 'arrival and disembarkation' area. He was absolutely huge, bulging with muscle, but also certainly looking like he hadn't ever missed a meal in his life. He wasn't dense or rock-hard in appearance, but actually somewhat soft, like he might be terribly comfortable to curl up against in a warm, compressive hug.

The huge fellow's upper torso was bulging tremendously, wiggling with passengers. His lower half was similarly heavily laden, showing that he had to be carrying at least twice as many in his lower belly as his upper belly. The enormous creature was covered in short, dark, chocolate fur while a fiery red mane surrounded his head. It was so voluminous and flowing that it seamlessly transitioned into a beard that hung down just past his chest. The lynel was something to behold.

As he walked, the bull noticed he was going to pass close enough to the help desk that he might be of use. The sizable bovine lifted a paw and waved to the dark creature hoping to catch his attention.

"Hey! Ken!" the bull called out.

A pair of bright blue eyes turned to fall on the fellow calling out for him. A toothy smile was his response. What ordinarily would have been a fearsome visage was quite friendly, even welcoming. Not even the two gnarled horns that curled up and back from his forehead could diminish his inviting appearance. It clashed with what his species was known for.

"Hey Angus! How've you been? Gonna finish up your tour on the help desk then get back out there ferrying customers soon?" the swollen lynel asked.

"Here's hopin'. I miss it. Hey, got a favor to ask. I got a little guy here lookin' to learn more about the guild. I figure who better to teach him than Mr. Rising Star? You got the time to show him around?" the bull asked.

"Sure! Always got time ta take folks on a tour!" Ken, as he had been called by the bovine behind the desk, lowered his gaze and smiled down at the kobold, "Hey buddy! Come with me! I'll show you everything you need to know!"

For a brief moment, Heston felt like he was just being pawned off. The initial sight of the lynel had left him rather intimidated, but his rather affable demeanor quickly squashed that impression. A hint of hopefulness rose up within the little lizard and he nodded, scampering towards the big four-legged creature.

"Great! Thanks! I'm Heston by the way! Nice to meet you!" the rusty-colored kobold said.