Bump in the Night 4 - Tips Appreciated

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Eric was having a slightly disappointing day at the 'Coffee Cuties Cafe'. It was for one simple reason. Cameron wasn't there. He was easily distracted by all of the work, and a few of the customers, but he did miss enjoying his time with the boss. Of course, Quinn and Mark were happy to help when they could. As fortune might have it, a customer with a rather sizable belly of her own happened to wander in. With no real reason other than wanting to please his guest, Eric made her drink, and did it with great zeal. Little did he realize just what kind of impact his excellent service would have on the deer he was serving, or himself for that matter.

This is based on an idea conjured by Riddle August. It just so happened that his idea fit quite nicely in with 'Bump in the Night' so I folded it into the series.


Human, Deer, Fairy, Rabbit, Cheetah, Gecko, Hyper, Hermaphrodite, Pregnancy, Male Pregnancy, Unbirthing, Endosomatophilia, Inflation, Pregflation, Oral, Breast Growth, Lactation, Male Lactation, Anal, Cum Inflation

~ ~ ~ Story Sample ~ ~ ~

"Here's your latte ma'am." Eric said, handing a very warm paper cup to a somewhat imposing she-wolf.

She looked at the human and then the drink, taking it as she let show only the barest hint of a lip curl. Eric was used to the reaction. He was one of very few humans around, and some didn't much care for their food being prepared by these squishy, pink things that had no fur, feathers, scales, or blubber. Oddly enough, they didn't mind elves, but humans seemed to be a bridge too far for a select few.

The lupine lady sipped the drink carefully, not interested in burning her mouth. Once she had enough of the steamy liquid past her lips, she smacked softly, rolling the caffeinated dairy-based beverage around to give it a proper taste. After a moment, her eyebrows rose and she nodded, offering the human an approving nod.

"Not bad, not bad at all. Might have to come back sometime soon." she said.

"Please do! We'd be glad to have you!" Eric replied, keeping his brightest smile on as he spoke.

Usually the brew at the 'Coffee Cuties Cafe' was well above average. That alone was reason enough to come and sample the goods. Another reason was to come and stare at the staff. They had a way of catching the eye of the public, given that the owner had hired only a select group of young men. They were all of slender build and tended to be on the more attractive side. When asked about this, Cameron said it was as much for him to enjoy looking at the staff as it was for the customers. It was impossible to tell if he was joking when he gave that answer or not.

The she-wolf turned and took her leave after dropping a couple of dollars into the tip jar. Eric breathed a soft sigh of relief when he saw that. Usually, those who didn't care for humans were less apt to tip when he or a couple of the other non-animal staffers happened to be behind the counter. At least the wolf had been the only one so far that day. It had been a little on the slow side, but that was to be expected with the holidays having only just passed. And because of that, Cameron had taken the day off.

That disappointed Eric quite a bit. He had hoped to get a little 'personal time' with the elf again. But everyone deserved a little time off from time to time, especially the owner. It didn't hurt that he was sporting a larger than normal tummy. Ever since he managed to smuggle away that cute black dragon and his girlfriend, Cameron had been having a bit more difficulty than usual contending with how sore his feet got. He assured everyone he would get used to it, but until then, he opted to take it a little easier than usual. It meant there was one less tummy for Eric to appreciate.

Thankfully, several of the customers had been able to help him get his fix. One curious group consisted of a pair of feathered dinosaurs and a couple of rabbits. Three of them were quite heavily swollen, but oddly the one of the four that lacked a bulging middle happened to be one of the three ladies. The boy rex was sporting the largest tummy of the group while the two bunnies were certainly not far from his size, proportionally speaking. The lady rex--who had been kind enough to order for the whole table while they sat and rested their legs--took note of the human's interest and just smirked at him.

The story she told, though brief, was terribly fascinating. It left the young man quietly wishing he could somehow arrange to sport a belly not unlike what Ally's friends were enjoying. She had been a regular for quite a while. She came to write from time to time, and Cameron would occasionally chat with her. No doubt, the elf served as some form of inspiration. When the group's drinks were prepared and handed over, Eric confessed his envy of the gravid trio. It made him blush brightly and Ally decided to see if she could make him just a little bit redder.

"If you want, I could hook you up with my handsome little egg factory. I'll bet he wouldn't mind loading that cute butt of yours with a couple dozen rex-fresh eggs." she said.

Her attempt had been successful. Eric's cheeks turned a brilliant crimson and he averted his gaze, unable to help but grin at the notion.

"That... that... sounds... like it would be fun... but... I don't think I'm ready to be a dad!" he stammered.

Ally just shrugged and scooped up the tray of four drinks and small stack of pastries meant for her group.

"Hey, it's whatever you're comfortable with. If you'd rather not, that's fine. But if you change your mind, just lemme know." the rex lady said before returning to her table.

There the young man was left to stand and watch. He sighed quietly as he let the idea of having a tummy rounded out with eggs drift about in his head. It wasn't at all an unpleasant thought. But he didn't know if they were supposed to hatch, and he wasn't going to take a risk on an unknown like that. The other two young fellows who were staffing the shop with him that day cleaned what little there was needing cleaning after the quick burst of orders and vanished into the back to contend with some matter of stocking. No doubt it was only an excuse to fool around. Cameron had instituted a policy that made such activity perfectly acceptable, so long as it was in a specific, designated location. They didn't need the health department coming down on them for violating sanitation guidelines. So Eric was left to handle the counter all alone.

He didn't mind. They were between rushes, and there wasn't much needing doing right at that moment. It afforded him a brief respite. He spent it letting his gaze drift through the store, eyeing not just the gravid rex and bunnies, but a select few others who were sporting sizable middles. Ever since Cameron made a deal with Brice, the owner of 'Bump in the Night' next door, they had seen a marked increase in customers sporting such weight. Either they worked at the neighboring club, or others who were more than happy to patronize such an establishment. They had begun supplying the club with their wares, which had brought a crowd over. Cameron had referred to the effect as 'cross-pollination'. That little addition in their business meant the owner would likely need to hire more cute boys to fill the orders for the club while the cafe was closed in the evening.

He stood there watching over his customers, appreciating the tummies that were present while also keeping an eye out for those who might be in need of a refill. He was so engrossed with his 'patrol' that he almost didn't notice when the door opened again. When he dragged his attention over, he was struck by a sight he wondered how he could have even tried to miss. And his interest was impossible to misread.

"Hello, I'd like a large hot chocolate please." said the exceptionally gravid deer batting her eyes softly at the human.

"Y-y-y-yes ma'am! W-w-w-would you l-l-l-like whole or skim milk in that!?" Eric asked, fighting desperately to get his stammer under control.

"Someone likes what he sees, but he's worried he might get in trouble for leering," the doe said with a grin, "Don't worry, I won't slap you. Take a good long look. Just don't scald the milk. And whole will do just fine."

She even went so far as to lean towards the counter, putting her palms down on the surface so that she could squeeze her bust together between her arms. The effect that followed was that she looked almost about to spill out of her sweater. Her stomach below wasn't the largest that Eric had ever seen, but it was quite vast. It reminded him of just how big Cameron got when he dialed down the compression on his gut. The doe was significantly taller than the elf though--not even counting her antlers--which gave the impression that she wasn't all that swollen compared to the absent owner. It was a curious trick of the eye.

"Can I get a name for the order?" the young man asked as he let his gaze linger on the cervine lady's cleavage.

He felt like he might be able to fall in there and just nestle in for warmth. It looked so inviting and cozy between those two exceptional mounds.

"Ida. And you better be careful. Lean too close and I might just decide to shove your face in there. Then who would make my cocoa?" the doe asked.

"R-r-right, sorry ma'am! I'll get right on that!" Eric said, snapping to attention.