Lessons in Etiquette

Part 2 of "The Prince Who Would Be Queen"

Awesome covert art by Bobert Ottah
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Kaz's experience with the count's son had not been a terribly pleasant one. It left the tiger feeling unsure and ever so slightly dejected. When Queen Rochelle was ready to hold another gathering of the court, the princess had been retired and the prince had been pressed into service. Just what would it take for Kaz to get his spark back?


Tiger, Doe, Crow, Boar, Gryphon, Rabbit, Cross Dressing, Nudity, Vore (soft), Endosomatophilia, Oral, Cum Inflation, Implied Digestion, Implied Reformation, Cunnilingus, Fellatio, Oral, Cock Vore, Lesbians, Transformation, Breast Growth

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

"Oh you simply must come to the High North some time, your grace. It is truly beautiful. The snowfall has already covered much of the land. Just picture white as far as the eye can see. It's quite remarkable!" a young lady in a rather fetching gown said, smiling brightly at the tiger.

"Yes, it does sound quite striking. It's something we do not see much of here, the snowfall of the far north." Kazimer said before sipping his drink.

He had been imbibing perhaps a touch more than he should have, but it helped deal with his discomfort. He rather disliked his formal attire as a prince. It was incredibly rigid, stuffy, and showed such a lack of artistry. He felt like he belonged in a military formation, and he hated that.

"Yes, I'm sure not. It's far too warm here. Though I should like to see you enjoy your first proper snowfall. The cold is quite bracing, stiffens the nerves." the high bred canine lady said, stepping in closer as she spoke.

It was clear what she was after. Kaz took it all in stride. It was what was expected of him, so he did his duty, entertaining the ladies who offered him their attention. This one was especially bold in her body language and insinuation.

"I should like to think so. I do believe I've never faced genuine cold before. I doubt I would have the pelt to contend with such. It would be worth the exposure and experience I think." Kaz said, trying to keep the conversation somewhat clinical, but doing so diplomatically.

Often it came off as seeming oblivious, a quality that could appear endearing without annoying the other party. And he was doing so quite well.

"Oh, I'm sure you would do better against the cold than you might think, your highness. And should you find the weather not to your liking, there is one thing I find the cold is excellent for. It has a most exceptional power to drive two bodies to share company. And warmth." the well manicured dog took another step closer, batting her eyes at the striped feline.

"Oh yes, I can see the romantic nature of it. A marvelous excuse to wrap one's self up in the arms of another. I fear however I would not be terribly enthusiastic company. I find I've never been terribly fond of prolonged exposure to a chill. It took some rather impressive doing to find a reliable method to heat my bath so that I wouldn't catch my death." Kazimer said, then took another sip, maintaining only a limited degree of interest.

"Then you need someone who knows something about how to keep warm in times of great cold." said a wolf of striking height.

She was quite attractive, though the more muscular physique she possessed compared to the other ladies gave her a more intimidating appearance. Kaz wasn't thrown by that, but more the idea that she might wish to take the dainty lady's place in his bed. He could only imagine how rough she might get when properly motivated. Her thick accent placed her further east than the slender lady.

"Were I to visit the frozen lands, yes, I might agree that would be a concern one would need to consider. I count myself fortunate to have such generous and selfless guests so willing to come running to my aid should I find myself with a shiver. Ladies, if you will excuse me, I believe my glass is nearly empty. If I am to continue to entertain, I should like to ensure that I am properly hydrated." Kazimer bowed his head lightly and slowly backed away from the two ladies.

They curtsied politely, then turned to look at one another. It was clear they knew one another. The tiger recognized their regard for one another as directly competing for the his affections. Other men in Kaz's position might have found that to be a desirable problem, but he found it to be tiresome. It always devolved into a contest of who could seduce the target best. He knew better than most because he had been on that side of it many times before. And he wanted nothing to do with being the target of their 'affections'. Really it was little more than superficial desire.

That bothered the prince. His time as his 'sister' had taught him a great deal about the motivations of men as well as women; how they all had some form of agenda. It was never simply a matter of wishing to enjoy the company. There was always a greater, deeper, more complex web to navigate. And he had been trained in his practice to navigate those webs quite well.

He meandered his way through the smaller crowd, compared to the last great ball, the one that saw him learn his lesson with Nicholas the hard way. Three parties like this had come and gone, and all three had been spent with him having laid his 'sister' to rest in the wardrobe for the time being. It made him uneasy. He could negotiate the party as a prince just fine, but that he was being pursued as a prince was something he didn't terribly enjoy.

"You appear to be quite bored." came a new feminine voice.

Kaz felt his lips tug into a smile as he turned to lay eyes on a formidable woman, a doe dressed more simply than most of the ladies present. But then she didn't feel the need to flaunt herself or draw attention. She had already claimed victory in her own hunt.

"I fear I may have lost a bit of my edge when it comes to practicing my charms on the fairer sex." Kaz said.

"That's to be expected when you spend so much of your time as a member of it," the doe chuckled, "How are you this evening, your highness?"

"Please, you've no need to call me that. I'll make you a deal. I won't call you 'your grace' if you don't call me 'your highness' or other such unnecessarily formalities. And I am quite well enough, thank you." the tiger said, leaning in to offer the cervine woman a delicate, chaste little kiss on the cheek.

"Were you wrapped up in one of your elegant gowns, I would be inclined to believe you. Such is not the case, so I'm left to wonder. I've not seen the Prince in quite some time. Have you finally decided to try and play the field? Capture the heart of some young lady from a noble house?" the doe asked.

"It is a concern that has been put forth, yes. I must attend to my duties as a member of the royal family and secure the continuation of the line. My usual practice seems to hinder that effort." Kaz said.

"I'm sure it does. The court seems to be lacking in unmarried girls who would be interested in marrying a man who looks better in a dress than they do." the woman laughed, offering the tiger a knowing wink.

"You are far too kind, Ezra. It's only a shame you were already promised to another before we met. I might have made a stronger effort to win your affections. We could have shared a wardrobe!" the feline offered his own laughter.

"Yes, that would have been quite convenient! Though it might have been slightly confusing to the children! Now, I've many others I should make an appearance with. My husband has said he would like to have dinner with you and your mother sometime soon to discuss the finer details of the trade agreement. He asked me to put the little bug in your ear so that you might be prepared for such dull and dry conversation." Ezra quickly shifted topics, only able to focus for so long given that politics demanded a lady in her position be as sociable as possible.

"Please tell Samuel that I look forward to it, even if it's not the most exciting subject." Kaz said.

"And would you be attending as the prince, or the princess?" came another voice, one that made the tiger stiffen slightly.

"Your majesty," Ezra bowed her head slightly as Rochelle approached, "A pleasure to see you. I was just informing your son of the evening the Lord Krentz has requested."

"Thank you, Ezra. I had forgotten to do so myself. I shan't keep you, I know you've appearances to make." the tigress said, dipping her head politely.

"My lady." Ezra said as she curtsied, then turned to depart.

Kazimer lifted his chin slightly as he watched the deer disappear into the crowd. He knew the conversation was about to turn stiff and somewhat unpleasant. Her question earlier could have been taken more cutting than it was. He took it to be the joke she had likely intended and let it slip away quietly.

"I see you've been working very hard not to get too deeply invested in conversation with any of the ladies who happen to be unattached." Rochelle said.

"It doesn't take much work at all when they are not at all interested in the more interesting and pressing affairs of state. So many of them only wish to discuss fashion, luxury, or the pastimes of nobility." the prince answered.

"That bad, hmm?" the queen asked.

"I'm afraid so. It took everything I had in me to maintain a polite facade and pull myself away from Lady Rothrim half an hour ago. She simply would not stop going on about her dress and how it was oh so much more radiant than-"

"Than the one you wore at last month's gala, yes. She pinned me down and went through the same routine with me. I do so very much like Lord Krentz and he has made such a good match for Ezra, but oh how very much I do wish she had not been promised to him. The two of you would have gotten on famously. I could just picture the two of you together, the two most splendid and dazzling ladies at any gathering," Rochelle said, then let out a quiet sigh, "But, such as it is, one must work with what one has."

"Yes, try to make the best of it. One is expected to entertain, and one cannot deny what is expected." Kaz said, keeping his gaze fixed amongst the crowd.