Royalty is Expected to Entertain

Part 1 of "The Prince Who Would Be Queen"

Awesome covert art by Bobert Ottah
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This story and the artist's account contain adult content.

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Kaz was the belle of the ball. She always dressed in the finest clothing, conducted herself with grace and elegance, and could easily put a less than gentlemanly suitor in his place with biting wit. However, this princess was rather extraordinary. There was a certain practice of hers that while not exactly secret, didn't get talked about too much. Her mother, court, and kingdom all seemed quite content to let her continue this practice of hers since it seemed to make her quite happy. Who knew a prince could be such a dazzling and gracious princess?


Tigress, Tiger, Horse, Rabbit, Dragon, Badger, Anal, Belly Worship, Cross Dressing, Digestion, Effeminate, Endosomatophilia, Mild Transformation, Oral, Prince, Princess, Queen, Reformation, Royalty, Story Development, Transvestite, Vore (soft)

~ ~ ~ SAMPLE PREVIEW ~ ~ ~

Rochelle threw the most wonderful balls. There were always four every year, drawing in nobles, the well to do, and even royalty from the surrounding nations. If one did not attend, they usually suffered tremendous envy missing the social event of the season. Anyone who was anyone made every effort to be there. After all, there was a young member of the royal family who needed marrying off.

"You must come to one of the smaller gatherings. They're held more frequently, at least once a month. It's a much quieter affair," a svelte tiger in a lovely gown of champagne and cream purred smoothly, then grinned as she leaned in to insinuate something of a scandal, "And far more intimate."

"As much as I would love to attend, I fear I can only get away to be present for the larger gatherings; matters of state being what they are and such," a kindly, portly badger replied with a chuckle, "Though I will concede the reality that any such party to be blessed with your presence, your grace, would be an absolute delight and I count myself among the less fortunate when not in your company. You've grown into a fine young lady, Kazimiera."

"Thank you, uncle. You are terribly kind to lavish me with that silver tongue of yours." the feline giggled.

The badger wasn't truly related to her, but they had always been close. The Duke of Anfel had been one of the queen's oldest friends, and he had taken a shine to the princess. He would bring her gifts from his travels and sit with rapt attention as she detailed her own exploits growing up in the castle.

"I offer only the truth, my dear. I have not a single doubt that you will grow to be as fine a queen as your mother. If you'll excuse me, dear, I've the rounds to make. Before I'm off though, has anyone caught your eye this evening?" the badger leaned in close while scanning the room.

It was filled with all manner of aristocracy; men and women in the finest of clothing, sipping glasses of bubbled wine or something stronger, lightly partaking of the finger foods being carried about on silver platters. It was one of the more popular gatherings, filling the grand hall to an almost uncomfortable level. But that was how Rochelle, and her daughter Kazimiera, liked to see the palace. Full of life.

"A few have drawn my attention, yes. I'm still deciding who I should approach to make my escort this evening. None have truly stood out to me yet. You know how it is among the nobility, always trying to ingratiate themselves." the tigress rolled her eyes softly.

"Well, I'm sure you'll find someone who will provide you an entertaining time. I should be off to make the usual appearances. Do send me a letter letting me know how you make out this evening," the badger took the young lady's hand, clad in a delicate, lace glove, and offered it a tender, fond, little kiss, "And I must say, your necklace is looking extraordinary today, it suits you quite marvelously."

"Oh uncle!" Kazimiera laughed, then leaned in to offer the badger's cheek a kiss, "You only say that because it gives you an excuse to gaze a little too long at an area where eyes should not linger in polite company!"

"Perhaps, but only when I know I would not insult someone who is so deserving of having all eyes upon her. And while the necklace is striking, it is as nothing compared to the one who wears it." the Duke offered the princess a knowing wink, then stepped away, waving his free hand to the woman.

"Thank you, uncle. You do me such kindness with your words." Kazimiera said, her voice too low for him to properly hear above the din of the ball.

She didn't need him to hear. Nor did he feel the need to ask what she said. There was an unspoken bond they shared. She wished she could spend more time around the kindly older fellow. So much bile and venom came from a great many sources that he was a balm on a number of the verbal abrasions the princess received. He had helped her develop something of a sort of armor against it, and for that, she was grateful.

Once she was alone, the tigress resumed her search through the crowd, spotting the three candidates she had been monitoring throughout the evening. One was a tall, thickly-built boar. He was handsome, and she did enjoy a larger partner, one who could intimidate the others. But while he appeared confident and boisterous around other men, he showed a rather pronounced degree of timid-ness around the fairer sex. It was endearing to an extent, but perhaps too much work for the princess to contend with given her current mood.

Another was a creature of the sea clad in grey hide, and a prince as well. His short, light auburn locks seemed incongruous with his species, as did the two fin-like protrusions that clearly were meant to be in place of actual ears. Kazimiera always found sharks quite fascinating, and this one was no exception. He was slim of build--meaning he would be fast in the water--and decorated for acts of gallantry. It showed he had no fear of putting himself to the hazard to defend others. He conducted himself in quite the proper manner. So much so that it looked as through he would be trapped in conversation for at least an hour. Given the way the other ladies looked at him, it was clear he was to remain locked into his more political discussion rather than contend with the flighty hearts of noble girls only interested in getting married off to someone high of station.

He would have been an ideal partner for the rest of the evening, but Kazimiera wasn't interested in the degree of attention that stealing a prince away from his audience would draw. She would need to learn about this handsome fish though. He seemed the sort she would like to cultivate a long term friendship with. If only for the benefit of the kingdom.

That left her with only one remaining candidate, a stallion who was the son of a count. Their ward was far to the east and south, where more conservative philosophies were the prevailing thoughts of the land. Those sorts were usually terribly fun to tease and entice, to probe and see just how deeply those conservative values ran. And often, they ran only as deep as the political landscape required. He was handsome, yes, but his family's reputation and lower stature had earned him only a small circle of sycophants. He would be easy to pull away, and only little gossip would be conjured by it.

Her target was decided.