Drink Responsibly - for Bobert Ottah

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Bobert and Rachel were out on date night. That was an interesting prospect when the otter was so small and the tigress was so very large. She could put drinks away like no one's business, really drink pretty much anyone under the table. Tonight though, the course of events were more 'drink the otter under her gut'. And while under there, things happened, things that usually should not happen in public, but they did it anyway. Alcohol had a nasty habit of impairing one's judgement after all.

This is a commission for Bobert Ottah who in exchange drew cover art for me (The Prince Who Would Be Queen series). He's super sweet and unbelievably patient since I had the rough draft written back in the first half of January, and I only just now proofed it and published the final version. Need to get back on top of being better about my writing/proofing/publishing schedule. Anyway, enjoy!


Tiger, Otter, Size Difference, Hyper, Muscle, Muscle Gut, Inflation, Alcohol, Belly Worship, Unbirthing, Endosomatophilia, Cum Inflation

~ ~ ~ Story Sample ~ ~ ~

"Wow, it's pretty busy in here tonight." Bobert said.

The otter was squeezed in against the thigh of a very tall and rather broadly curved striped feline. Rachael just looked down at him and gave him a pat on the back with a paw so large she could wrap her fingers all the way around his head and conceal it completely if she so chose.

"Well, it's 'Ladies' Night' after all. C'mon. I think I see a couple of seats at the bar." the tigress said, ushering her short, slender otter boyfriend into the densely packed watering hole.

The bar in question, 'Cremer House', was a rather popular local haunt, drawing in all manner of life seeking some means of quenching one's thirst. Of course, there were other draws, but that was the main one. And they had a rather impressive selection of libations. The oddly matched pair made their way to the seats the striped lady had spotted. She took her seat atop one of the stools, only just barely fitting where she was without knocking over the person to her left. The other seat, just to her right, was promptly taken by Bobert. He only just managed to squeeze himself atop the remaining stool in question.

She loved it when she got the chance to compress her little lover into a tight spot like that. It wasn't clear if that had been Rachael's plan all along, or if it was just a happy accident. No matter the case, the otter was pressed up against the wall by the lady's thick, well-cushioned hip. Some of her fur was sticking out above the waistband of her pants. That was another thing she enjoyed making happen; forcing clothing to not quite fit. And there was a lot of her for all that clothing to desperately try to cover. Her shirt was doing its best to keep her rather profound chest contained. All of this usually meant she drew more than a few stares, and tonight was no different.

However, for Bobert, he couldn't see anyone else. His field of vision was comprised of a sliver of the bar top, a little of the wall he was mashed against, and almost nothing else but his girlfriend's bulky yet soft body. She had effectively occupied almost all of his senses, making sure he wouldn't forget she was right there. He could complete the set if he dared to slip his tongue out and give her a little taste. And how could he forget? Even if she wasn't keeping him pinned in place, he would likely be leaning in as tightly on her as he could squeeze. She was incredibly huggable after al.

"The only two seats left in the house, huh?" Bobert asked.

"Near as I could tell," Rachael said as she winked down at him, "I'll get us some drinks."

"Okay," the otter replied, "Just try to go kind of easy on it tonight, okay? Let's not get completely sloshed right away."

"Oh you're no fun." the tigress shot back. She lifted a massive paw and quickly captured the attention of the bartender. It wasn't just Bobert who couldn't help but pay such close attention to her. Anyone who didn't notice such a big, tall, exceptionally curved woman walking in had to be blind. The bartender took the lady's order and went about filling it. Within only a few minutes, he returned, carrying a sizable mug for the almost-entirely-concealed otter, and an exceptionally large one for the big tigress. That was part of the appeal of the place. They served drinks the right size for Rachael.