Food, Fireworks, and Fun

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Como was just a smallish dog holding down a booth at his boss' festival. Caitlyn and Brianna were police officers assigned to patrol the festival. Of course, being tantalized by all the sights and sounds, to say nothing of the potential tastes, was eating away at their resolve; Brianna very much more so than Caitlyn. Thankfully, the boss, Kioku, was terribly kind to offer the two cops a chance to enjoy the festival more than simply walking through it.

This is a commission for Bobert Ottah, who was kind enough to provide me with cover art back in February.


Dog, Tiger, Tanuki, Dragon, Hyper, Muscle, Large Breasts, Fat, Muscle gut, Inflation, expansion, Growth, Muscle Growth, Breast Growth, Cock Growth, Ball Growth, Muscle Worship, Bally Worship, Alcohol, Magic, Cum Inflation, Cunnilingus

~ ~ ~ Story Sample ~ ~ ~

Como's nose was filled with the scent of the carnival. Fried foods and almost cloyingly sweet drinks were the predominant aromas. The more subtle scents came from the more upscale booths that were situated on the far side of the fairgrounds. The crowd promised to drain all of the best places of their goodies before the short dog could get a chance to make his way over after his shift. Maybe someone over there would be kind enough to save him a little something before they ran out. It wasn't terribly likely, but he could always hope.

"Hey there, pupper." said Caitlyn.

The sudden voice startled Como. He yelped in surprise and jerked his head in the direction of the tigress who had spoken. His ears had flapped up, trying to stand on end, but failing to since he wasn't that sort of breed. They did manage to lift up higher than the two, tiny, black horns just barely poking out of his hair.

"Don't do that!" the canine whined.

"Aren't you supposed to be paying attention? You know, trying to draw in potential customers? Why aren't you giving everyone your shpeel or wearing a red and white striped jacket and boater hat? What did they call those guys again?" asked Brianna.

"A sideshow barker," Como said, wanting to cut his eyes at the other lady, "Yeah, I get it, I'm a dog. Barker. Ha ha. Very funny."

"Really!? A barker!? Oh honey, you're missing your calling!" Brianna said, then burst into a cackle.

Apparently the tanuki had not been trying to make an actual joke. At least, not until she realized she was missing out on a decent one. Once it was revealed to her, she jumped in on it with both paws.

"Bree, go easy on him. He's got it hard enough working the carnival when it's this busy." Caitlyn said.

"Hey, he's not the only one working." the tanuki replied.

"Wait, you're both on duty? Why are you here then?" Como asked.

The two police officers turned back to peer at the short, tawny-furred dog and gave him a look as if to ask if he was serious. The tigress lifted a paw to push her cap up away from her forehead before leaning in a little closer.

"Honey, who do you think provides security around here? Rent-a-cops?" Caitlyn asked.

"That's usually how it works. The boss prefers private security most of the time." the dog answered.

"Well, we got a call asking for a couple of units to patrol the parking area and a few uniforms walking the grounds in addition to your 'private security'. So, here we are." the tigress said.

"Yeah, of course they send me to walk the grounds. I can't stop to eat anything while I'm on duty, and holy shit this place has some great looking stuff. I could smell it a mile away before we even got here." Brianna added.

"Just try to keep your mind on the job and not so much on the food." the striped feline said.

"But you know how much I love this kind of cuisine!" her partner shot back with a whine.

"Cuisine? Honey, ninety percent of it is deep fried, and forty percent is covered in sugar, with a lot of overlap." Caitlyn said.

"I know! That's what makes it good!" the tanuki replied with a huge grin.

Como just stood there as the two police officers bantered back and forth. He ended up leaning forward on the wooden counter of his booth a little, chin propped up, elbows on the unfinished surface. They could just stand there and chat all night as far as he was concerned. They were friends of his, certainly, but that didn't stop him from getting a good look when he could afford the opportunity.

Both Caitlyn and Brianna were considerably larger than the dog. He was below average as it was, but the two ladies were well above the mean when it came to their height, as well as a few other attributes. The tigress was terribly strong. Her physique was thick and muscular, suggesting anyone who attempted to break the law in her presence was likely to end up in a world of hurt. Brianna was similarly strong, though she was of a softer build. She was also in possession of a rather enormous stomach, one she was quite proud of. She had been hoping to add to it while at the carnival.

The dog occupying the booth just stood there drinking in the curves of both the ladies and quietly wishing he could disappear into the cleavage of either one of them. They would be able to hide him pretty easily, maybe let only his head stick out. It was probably inappropriate to actually do so, but they never held it against him when he fantasized a little.

"Hey, hound boy... aren't you supposed to be working?" Caitlyn asked.

"I am working. I'm holding down the fort, making sure my stall has someone in it to help customers if they want to give me any of their money." Como said, gently slipping into sarcasm as he spoke.

"Right, give you their money. What's the game here? I don't think I've seen this one before." Brianna said.

"Oh it's just one of the less common fair games. This one, five dollars gets you five chances to throw a little ping pong ball covered in velcro to try and hit the bullseye. You can hit one of three zones and win a better prize the closer you get to the center. It's instead of darts. Supposed to be safer. The thing is, it's got to stick. If it falls off, no prize. If it hits and rolls out of the center into the next zone and stops there, that's where your prize is." Como explained unenthusiastically.

"Huh, sounds pretty straightforward. I'm guessing it's not as popular as the others because it's not as exciting?" Brianna asked.

"That and it's a scam. The velcro is so worn it only sticks maybe half the time. And of the times it does stick, it almost always rolls." the dog said unhappily.

"Honey, it's a carnival. Of course it's a scam." Caitlyn said with a grin.

"Yeah, but I just wish I could give out some really good prizes more often. I feel like a heel 'cause I'm ripping everyone off, and it feels even worse when it's a little kid." Como said.

"What is this I hear about one of my games being unfair, especially to children?" said a new voice that had snuck up on the trio.